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2012七年级英语期中测试题 2

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(考试时间:120分钟 满分:150分)

命题人:龚艳 审题人:孔志红



第I卷 (选择题 共85分)



B. 听问题,选择合适的答句。每段对话听两遍。(5分)

( ) 6. What does Jack want to do first ?

A. Play computer games . B. Play football with SusanC. Do his homework

( ) 7. When do Andy and Mike play football ?

A. On Monday. B. On weekdays. C. At the weekends.

( ) 8. Where are Kate’s glasses ?

A. On the table. B. Under the chair. C. In the bag

( ) 9. Who is visiting the woman now ?

A. The woman’s friends. B. The woman’s father. C. The woman’s mother.

( ) 10. How many hours is the zoo open ?

A.7 hours B. 10 hours C. 5 hours



( ) 11. Where’s Ann going ?

A. The zoo. B. The bank. C. The school.

( ) 12. Who is using the car now ?

A. Ann B. Tom C. Alan


( ) 13. Where is Amy from ?

A. China B. England C. America

( ) 14. What isn’t Amy good at ?

A. English B. Chinese C. sports

( ) 15. How does Amy like her life ?

A. She enjoys it. B. She doesn’t like it. C. She has no idea.


( ).16.Simon’s father is _________.

A.Peter B.Helen C.Lake

( ).17.Lucy’s mother is ____ years old.

A.forty-one B.forty-four C. twelve

( ).18._______ looks like the father.

A.Helen B.Lucy C.Simon

( ).19.Simon and Lucy are in _______.

A. the same school B.No. 3 High school C. No. 2 Middle School

( ).20.The father and the mother are ____.

A.from China B.teachers C.students


( )21. Miss Fang is ______ English teacher. ________ is a good teacher.

A. our; Her B. my; He C. a; She D. an; She

( )22. ______ Monday afternoon, they play basketball after class.

A. In B. On C. For D. At

( )23.They usually have _______at 6:30 a.m.

A.a breakfast B.breakfasts C.the breakfast D.breakfast

( )24.What’s the date today?

A. Monday B.Sunny C.Fine D.November 18th

( )25. Let’s _____ some dumplings for the Spring Festival.

A. making B. makes C. make D. to make

( )26.--- _____ does Uncle Wang go fishig? ---Sometimes.

A. How much B. How long C. How often D. How far

( )27. ---______ he ______ from Beijing? ---No, he ______.

A. Is, come, isn’t B. Does, come, isn’t

C. Is, come, doesn’t D. Does, come, doesn’t

( )28. His son often ______with me after school.

A. walks to home B. walk home

C. walk to home D. walks home

( )29. We like talking _______ each other _______ interesting things after school.

A. with, about B. with, with

C. about, about D. about, with

( )30.---Happy birthday,Jim! ---_______, Amy.

A. Thank you B. Happy birthday C. That’s all right D. OK

( )31.Can I borrow some books _______you?

A.to B.from C. For D.of

( )32.The shop ________from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

A.opens B.open C. is open D. is opened

( )33.---How do you go to school every day?---________.

A.By bikes B.By bike C.On bike D. By a bike

( )34.--Is your brother’s name Tom? --- Yes , ____ is.

A. its B. he C. she D. it

( )35.Tom likes helping others, so he is a ________boy.

A.careful B.clever C.helpful D. cute


Mr. Bush comes from . He now works middle school in our city. He has sixty students. He often says his class is too big and it is hard work for him to ___38_ with every He doesn't drinking milk. He likes playing basketball, but he play well. His son and I

( ) 36. A. America

( ) 37. A. for

( ) 38. A.say B. American B. on B. talk

C. a America C. in C.tell C. drink D. a American D. to D.speak D. drinking D. much ( ) 39. A. to drink B. drinks ( ) 40. A. very much B. very C. many

( ) 41. A. like ( ) 42. A. isn't ( ) 43. A. be ( ) 44. A. My

B. likes B. aren't

C. liking C. don't C. is

D. to like D. doesn't D. are D. Her

B. am B. Your

C. His

( ) 45. A.teachers B.doctors C.workers 四、阅读理解(每题2分,共40分)


D. classmates

A. Red Star B. Harry Potter C. Dongjin D.Saturday

( )47.You can watch the film at _______.

A. Guangming Cinema B. Dongjin Cinema C. Hongxing Cinema D. Dafang Cinema

( )48.You can see the film__________

A. at 4:00 p.m. On Saturday B. at 6:30 –8:30 p.m. On Monday C. at 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. On Saturday D. at 6:30 –8:30 a.m. On Sunday

( )49.Mr and Mr. Read have two sons. They are both 12 . If they four want to see the film,

how much should they spend?

A.Thirty-two yuan B. Forty-two yuan C. Thirty-six yuan D. Forty-six yuan

( )50.Kate is nine years old, Jim is eleven years old and Simon is twelve years old.Who

can’t go to see the film?

A. Jim B. Kate C. Simon D. All of them


Miss Liu is an English teacher. She is very young. She works very well and the students all like her. There are twenty-six boys and twenty-four girls in her class. Now some of them are playing on the playground. Jim and Bill are jumping. Sam and Mike are running. Lucy and Simon are singing. The other girls are playing games with their teacher. They’re happy. ( )51. Miss Liu is______.

A. a Chinese teacher B. very old C. an English teacher D. not good ( )52 There are _____ students in Miss Liu’s class. A. 26 B.40 C.24 D.50

( )53. The students are ______.

A. at work B. at home C. all happy D. in the classroom

( )54. Who is singing?

A. Miss Liu B. Lucy and Simon C. Sam and Mike D. Jim and Bill

( )55. All the students _________.

A. like Miss Liu B. are running

C.are playing games D. are jumping


Joan is an American girl. She lives in China now. She is in my class. Her parents work in China, too, but her brother works in the U.S.A. He often writes letters to them. Joan likes Chinese class very much, and likes speaking Chinese with us after class. Her father teaches us English well. We all like his class. Her mother is a nurse. On Sundays, Joan goes to the People's Park with her father and mother. Sometimes she goes shopping with her mother. They like the Chinese food very much. It's a happy family.

( )56. Joan is from ______.

A. China B. Japan C. the U.S.A. D. Canada

( )57. Joan likes speaking ________with us after class.

A. Chinese B. English C. French D. Japanese

( )58. Joan's ________ is an English teacher.

A. father B. mother C. brother D. father and mother

( )59. How often does Joan go to the shop?

A. Often. B. Never. C. Every Sunday. D. Sometimes.

( )60. Which is RIGHT?

A. Joan's mother is a good teacher. B. There are three people in her family.

C. They like to eat the Chinese food a lot. D. The family are all in China.


This is my school. There are many trees and flowers. The teaching building is big and tall. There is a big playground in our school. It’s very nice to have it. After 4:30 in the afternoon, many students come to the playground to play football and some students play table tennis in the table tennis room.

There are 1,200 students in 30 classes in our school. The students all like to study. The teachers in our school are very good. They help the students to study and sometimes play with them. All the students like them.

( )61. The teaching building is _____.

A. small B. old C. big and tall D. big

( )62. It’s very nice for this school to have ____.

A. trees and flowers B. a playground C. students D. teachers

( )63. There are at least (至少) _____ students in one class.

A. 45 B. 40 C. 75 D. 60

( )64. After class the students often go to _____.

A. their classroom B. their homes

C. the playground D. their homes

( )65.What may(可能) teachers NOT DO?

A. Give the students lessons. B. Play football and table tennis with the students.

C. Don’t like some students. D. Help students study

第II部分 非选择题(共65分)



1. /baik/________- 2./sp?:ts/___________ 3./greit/_________

4. /memb?/_________ 5. /'mju:zik/___________

B. 写出下列单词划线部分的音标。(5分)

/ / / / / / / / / /


1.We should learn from the two___________(hero).

2.______________(teacher) Day is on September 10.

3. I want __________ (buy) her a new book.

4.Yao Ming is a wonderful basketball player.He plays basketball very _______(good)..

5.It’s time for him ______________(play) tennis now.

6.He looks strong and he is very good at___________(run).

7. How many ____________ (library) are there in your school?

8. It takes me 2 hours ______________(do) my homework every day.

9.He enjoys_____________(go ) fishing with his friends.

10. Mr Wang teaches _____________(we) English.

11.After school, they often practice ___________(swim) in the club.

12.We always have a good time ______________( chat ) with others.

13.Would you like____________ (grow) flowers and vegetables in the garden?

14.My sister sometimes ____________(fly) a kite with me on the ground in our school.

15.She is our new English teacher. Let’s say hello to__________(she).


Here is something about Peter’s family. There are five people in his family. They are his father, his mother, his grandfather, his sister Kate and him. His father, Mr Brown, is a doctor.(1) _____ is thirty. Peter’s (2)_____, Mrs Brown, is a teacher. She is thirty too. Peter and his sister study in their mother’s school. Peter is in Class Two, Grade Eight. Kate is in Class Two, Grade ’s grandfather. He is very old. He walks his dog every morning. Where is Kate? Look! She is under that big tree.

1.在(1)(2)处填入合适的词或短语使句子完整。_________, ________

2.回答问题: Where do Kate and Peter study?




4.在文中找出He takes his dog for a walk every morning.的同义句。





My name is Simon. I study at No.1 Middle School. It’s a beautiful s___1____.There are30

classrooms at our shool. We h___2___ a big hall. We can have meetings there. We don’t have a l___3___, but we have a big and bright reading room. Students and t____4__can read a lot of books there. We have two p___5___ too. They are in f___6__of the hall. We often p___7___basketball and football there. We are happy at school. I g___8__ to school at 7 a.m. every day. I take a b___9__ to go to school.It’s not very far and it t___10__ me about ten minutes.



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