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21、Mike is planying _____soccer and his sisiter is planying ____piano.

A. the,the B. the,x C. x,the D. x,x

22、Tom looks___in a new sweater.

A. happy B.dirty C.suny D.listen

23、Tom and I ____ music now。

A.are listening B.are listening to C.listening D.listen 24、Turn right___the ___crossing,you can find the hotel..

A.on;two B.in;first C.at;second D.to;nineth

25、John sits between Kate and _____.

A. I B. me C. my D. mine

26、Look!There are a lot of people and cars on New Street.It`s a_____street.

A.lazy B.busy C.easy D.quiet

27、There ____ an apple and some oranges on his desk.

A.be B.is C.are D.am

28、Welcome___our new house.

A.at B.to C.for D.from

29、let me ____ you the way___the supermarket.

A.to tell,to B.to tell,at C.tell,to D.tell,at

30、—_____can I get to the airport? —Take a taxi.

A.What B.When C.Why D.How

31、____,where is the park?

A.Hi B.Hello C.Excuse me D.Excuse

32、I want to find a house______many trees around it .

A.With B.have C.has D.there are

33、Is there____elephant in the zoo? ----Yes,____elephant is from Africa. 1

A.an,/ B.an,the C.a,the D.an,an

34.---Isn’t the panda cute? --______,I like it very much .

A.No,it isn’t B.No,it is C.Yes,it is D.Yes,it isn’t

35、My brother's work is interesting ____kind of difficult.

A.or B.and C.with D.but

36、Thank you ___me the way to the station.

A.for tell B.tell C.for telling D.tells

37、I____my eraser ,but I can’t_____it .

A.look for ,finding B.am finding ,look for C.am looking for,find

D.find ,look for

38、--Look!What is Tom doing ? --He’s ____TV.

A.seeing B.looking C.looking at D.watching

39、The students ____writing Chinese .

A.isn’t B.aren’t C.don’t D.can’t

40、Those are my shoes .Please_______ .

A.give it to me B.give then to me C.give me it D.give me them

41、Thanks_____the great photo ____your family .

A.of ,of B.for ,for C.of ,for D.for ,of

42、That____relaxing .

A.sounds B.sound C.is sound D.sound is

43、____is the weather ____in Shanghai ?

A.How ,like B.What ,like C.How ,about D.What ,/

44、Who's cooking ?--_____ .

A. Linda does B. Linda is C.Linda has D.Linda’s

45、His family are all ____vacation now .

A.at B.of C.on D.for

46、The old man is ____a book!

A.reading B.looking C.seeing D.watching

47、--Hello !____Ann,Is that Linda speaking ?


A.This is B.I’m C.That is D.She is

48、_____the park ,you just have to take a bus .

A.Get to B.To get C.To get to D.Getting

49、The traffic isn’t busy .Why not _______the street now ?

A.across B.walk cross C.cross D.Getting

50、When we study carefully in class ,time ____.

A.go easily B.goes easy C.go easy D.goes easily



It is six forty in the morning. The children are coming into the classroom. A girl is opening the windows. Some are laughing and talking. Some are listening to them. Some are reading books. Some are doing their homework. Miss Lin is standing behind the teacher’s desk. She is writing on the blackboard. Sue and Anna are wearing their new dresses today. Ann is cleaning her desk. Mike is helping her. They all look happy. What are Bill and Bob doing? Oh, dear! They are still playing basketball.

( )51、It is________ .

A.in the afternoon B.Saturday C.6:14 D.6:40

( )52、What are the children doing ?

A.Watching movies B.Talking to Miss Lin C.Mike is cleaning Ann’s desk

D.Cleaning the classroom

( )53、--Do Sue and Anna wear new dresses ? --_____

A.Yes ,they are B.Yes ,they do C.No ,they are not D.No ,they doesn’t

( )54、--Is Miss Lin standing or sitting on the chair ? ---______

A.Sitting on the chair B.Yes ,she is C.No ,she isn’t D.Standing

( )55.Which is Not right? _______

A. Mike is writing on the blackboard. B. Two students aren’t in the classroom

C. Bill and Bob are still playing basketball. D.All the students look happy.



Seumas is a very busy man. He is 60 and he has a lot of jobs. He is a postman, a police officer, a taxi driver, a school-bus driver, a boatman,and a sales assistant, a cook and a milkman. Also he and his wife, Margaret, have a shop and a small hotel.

Seumas lives and works on an island (岛)near London. Only 120 people are on the island but in summer 150 tourists(旅游者)come on Seumas's boat every day. So Seumas gets up at six and makes breakfast for the people in the hotel. At eight, he drives the island's children to school. At nine, he gives letters(信) to all the houses on the island. He also sends(送) milk to them. Then he helps in the shop. He says., "Margaret likes to be busy, too. We are busy and we don't like watching TV in the shop." He says. "I cook the dinner and Margaret heips. At ten, we have some milk and them we go to bed. Perhaps(可能) our life isn't very interesting, but we like it."

( )41,How many jobs does Seumas have

A. 12 B. 10 C. 8 D.6

( )42,Does his wife like to be busy

A. Yes B. No C. I don't know. D.Perhaps not

( )43,What time does he get up

A. At 6:30 B. At 7 C. At 8 D.At6

( )44,What nationality(国籍)are they

A. American B. British C. Chinese D.Japanese

( )45,Which is right .

A. Seumas is busy but his wife isn't. B. They don't watch TV.

C. Their life is not exciting, but they like it. D.Only Margaret cooks the dinner



There is an old tiger in the forest. He doesn’t want to look for food now. He often asks other animals to get him something to eat.

One day, he sees a monkey and says, “I am hungry, monkey. Go to the village and get me something to eat.” “ I can’t do that now, tiger,” the monkey says, “There is another tiger over there. He will not let me get anything for you to eat. I am afraid of him.” “What?” cries the old tiger. “Take me to that tiger. I will talk to him.” The monkey and the tiger get to the bridge over the river. “Now look down at the water.” Says the monkey. “Do you see the tiger?” “Yes, I do,” cries the old tiger. “I will eat him.” With these words, the tiger jumps into the river.

( )1 An old tiger lives ____.

A. in the zoo B. in the garden

C. in the forest D. on the farm

( )2 How many tigers and monkeys are there in the story?

A. Two tigers and two monkeys. B. Two tigers and one monkey.

C. One tiger and two monkeys. D. One tiger and one monkey.

( )3 Why does the tiger ask the other animals to get him food?Because ____.

A. they are afraid of him B. only they can look for some food

C. they are his friends D. they like to do so

( )4 The monkey ____.

A. goes to get something to eat B. gets to the bridge with the tiger

C. knows there is another tiger D. tells the tiger to jump into the water

( )5 Which of the following is right?

A. The tiger is very clever. B. The monkey eats the tiger. 5

C. The tiger eats another tiger. D. The tiger jumps into the water.


It's sunday today. it is a nice day. Mr.Smith is with his family. There are four people in his family, Mr.Smith,mary and jim.there are walking on a bridge Mr.andMrs.Smith are looking at the bridge.There are some boats in the river,but mary is not looking at the boats. She is looking at a big ship.It is going under the bridge. What is jim doing?Oh, he is looking at a plane.It is flying in the sky. they are having a good time(正确A错误B).

( )66.There are four people in Jim’s family .

( )67.Mr and Mrs Smith are sitting in a boat .

( )68.Jim is not looking at the big ship .

( )69.A big ship is going under the bride .

( )70.They are very happy .



71. G___have long necks and they are very tall .

72. we can borrow some books from the school l____.

73. Tim is on duty today.Look!He c_____ the blackboard.

74. Why not to go to the park f____?

75. I know Tom is studying in his f______home .

76.Are there any r_____ on Jinan Road ?

77、Do you like e_____ every day ?

78、The elephant can walk for a long time and nerer get l_______ .

79、Please go a_____ Long Steet and it’s on the right .

80、I like these picture very much ,because they’re so b______ .


81、Look!My mother _______(sit) on the sofa .

82、Thanks for ________ (join) us in reading books for children .

83、My friend _________(dance) under the tree there now .


84、Larry usually ________(relax) 20 houre every day .

85、It’s _________(rain) outside ,so I don’t want to go out .

86、Let’s _________(buy) some oranges .

87、Jim goes to the Sea World and ______(enjoy) his day .

88、My father and I often _____(play) soccer on weekends .

89、He doesn’t want _______(learn) Japanese at all .

90、Tracy likes _________(make) kinds of soup for parents on the weekend .

六、句型转换 (10分)

91、What’s the weather like today ?(同义句)

______the weather today ?

92、Bill likes dogs because they’re very friendy .(同义句)

_____ _____ Bill like dogs ?

93、Koalas come from Australia .(同义句)

____ ____ Koalas come from ?

94、Mrs White shops with her husband .(用 now 改写句子)

Mrs White ____ ______ with her husband now .

95、There are some books here .(变一般疑问句,并作否定回答)

_____ ____ _____ books here ? No ,_____ _______ .

96、The students are cleaning the room .(对划线部分提问)

______ _____ the students _______ ?

97、Bteey dose her homework at home .(作否定句)

Bteey _____ _____ her homework at home .

98、Jane lives across from a hotel .(对划线部分提问)

_____ ____ Jane _____ ?

七、根据汉语提示完成下列句子 。(10分)

99、当冬天来临时,天经常下雨 。

It often ______ when _____ comes .


I’m ______ a great time _____ my ______ in ______ .



This piece of music ____ ____ of _____ .


He is ____ with _____ ____ family ____ New York .

103、—你能告诉她给我电话吗? —当然,没问题。

—Could you tell her _____ _____ me back .

—Sure,no _______ .

104、你的暑假怎么样 ?

_____ yours summer vacation ______ ?

105、露西住在一个吵闹的街区 。

Lucy lives in a _______ ________ .


请介绍现在东营的季节,气候,人们的穿着和正在做的事 。词数60左右 。

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