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Nice to meet you! middle school excuse me first name

last name/family name I see have a good time in the first photo

in the next picture What about... /How about....? Thank you for your help thank you/thanks for.... telephone number/phone number an ID card play computer games in the school library

ask the teacher for it call me some keys I must find it call sb. at lost and found a set of keys in English an eraser a photo of your family on the sofa under the chair in your schoolbag between the desk and the bookcase tape player model plane soccer ball come on I think

I don’t know Let’s go Let’s = let us let sb do sth We are late! Bill has it let me get it let’s play play sth with sb. I’m tidy play basketball play ping-pong/table tennis play volleyball play soccer/ football let’s play basketball. That sounds good go to the same school I love sports

It’s easy for me play baseball play tennis tennis racket every day play/do sports watch TV like to do sth. /like doing sth

I like bananas next week think about eat well one last question

watch sth on TV ice cream some tomatoes some photos lots of=a lot of healthy food have/eat chicken have/eat breakfast have/eat lunch have/eat dinner(supper) how much Here you are You’re welcome have a look at bag for sports two dollars seven yuan what colour at a good price birthday party speech contest a pair of happy birthday See you!

father’s birthday basketball game school trip school day this term art festival how old fifteen years old favourite subject

That’s for sure English teacher after that from...to... want to do sth

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