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Unit 10
By the time I got outside, the bus had already left.

Section B 3a

? 1、熟读本节课新单词并说出意思。 ? announce, Mars, convincing, panic , authority ,set off , ,reveal, hoax ,flee, spaghetti ,farmer ,girlfriend, marry, thrill, ending, embarrassing, a piece of ? 2、找出含有过去完成时的句子并翻译。 ? 3、归纳marry的用法。 ? 4、简单复述短文内容。 ? 5、感知恶作剧对人们造成的影响。

Show what you have learned by yourself

1.Read out all the new words in 3a 2.Write out the past forms and the past participles of the verbs. 3.Find out the sentences using the Past Perfect Tense.

1.land – landed—landed 2.announce—announced—announced 3.stop—stopped --stopped

4. set— set --set 5.sell—sold— sold 6.flee—fled—fled

? 1. In 1938, a radio program by actor Orson ? 2.By the time the authorities revealed that the story was a hoax, thousands of people had fled from their homes. ? 3. One April Fool’s Day,a reporter in England announced that there would be no more spaghetti because the spaghetti farmers in Italy had stopped growing spaghetti. ? 4.By the time people realized that story was a hoax, all the spaghetti across the country had been sold out.
Welles announced that aliens from Mars had landed on the Earth.

Do you know April Fool’ Day ?
愚人节也称万愚节,是西方社会民间传统节日。 节期在每年4月1日。愚人节与古罗马的嬉乐节(3 月25日)和印度的欢悦节有相似之处。从时间的选 择上看与“春分”(3月21日)有关。在这期间天 气常常突然变化,恰似是大自然在愚弄人类。对 于愚人节的起源众说纷纭。有种说法认为这一习 俗源自印度的“诠俚节”。诠俚节规定每年3月31 日这天,不分男女老幼,可以互开玩笑、互相愚 弄欺骗以换得娱乐,这点与愚人节相似。

? Listen to the second story and make a choice. ? (C )1. When did the story happen? ? A. on New Year’s Day B. on Children’s Day C. on April Fool’s Day ? (B )2. Who announced that there would be no more spaghetti? ? A. A teacher . B. A reporter . C. A farmer. ? (B )3. Many people ran to their local ____ to buy as much spaghetti as they could. ? A. school B. supermarket C. hospital


Read the third story, and Write “T” or “F” to the statement. 1. The story happened in April Fool’s Day.


2.He wanted to marry his girlfriend, so he invited her to the TV show.

3.His girlfriend refused him.


Can you use “marry”?
? Use marry, get married, get married to ,be married to fill in the blanks. got married ? 1.They ___________ last year. got married to ? 2.Jim ___________ Lucy last year. ? 3.We have been married for three years. _____________ marry ? 4.John is going to________ Jane.

? 用下列单词填入适当的位置 ? marry married girlfriend ending both April

? A famous TV star once invited his _______ girlfriend April onto his show on _____Fool’s Day. He ask her to ______him. She was thrilled, because marry married she really wanted to get_______ . However, when she said “Yes”, he replied “April Fool!” That little joke didn’t have a very happy both ending _______ . The TV star lost _______ his girlfriend and his show.

Read the first story, and answer the questions.
? 1)When did the story happen ? ? ______________ In 1938. ? 2)What did Orson Welles do ? ? He announced that aliens form ? Mars had landed on the Earth. _____________________
? 3)Who revealed that the story was a hoax? The authorities. ? _____________________ ? 4)How many people fled from their homes ? Thousands of people. ? _____________________________

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1)这个问题引起了热烈的讨论。 set off The question ________ ________ a lively discussion. 2)许多人跑向超市,尽可能多地购买意大利面条。 Many people ran to their local supermarket to buy as ______ much spaghetti _______ they could. as 3)他跑得如此快以至于赢得了这场比赛。 that so He ran __________ quickly ______ he won the race. 4)你们何时结婚的? get married When did you _______ _________? 5)对不起,我们卖完了所有的盐。 sold out I’m sorry. We have ________ ________ all the salt.


Thanks for listening!

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