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仁爱英语2013—2014上学期七年级期末 (2)

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-_-_--_-_--_-_--_-_--_-_--_-_--_-_--:---号线试---考---- - -- - -- - -- - -- -_-_--_-_-_--_--_-_--__封_-_-_--_-:---名----姓--- -- - -- - -- - -- - -_--_-_--_-_--_-_--_-_-__密-_-:---级---年-----------------------仁爱英语七年级上学期期末英语测试卷

出卷人: 校验人:

注意事项:1、本试卷共×页。满分120分。 2、考试时间120分钟。3、考试方式:闭卷 4、答案统一写在答题纸上,考试结束后试卷与答题卡一并收回。 一、听力(共30分)

Ⅰ.听录音,选择能回答你所听到的问题的正确答案。听两遍。(共5小题, 满分5分)

( ) 1. A. She is Miss Gao. B. Alice. C. His name is Peter.

( ) 2. A. He’s in Class 4. B. He’s very old. C. He’s thirteen. ( ) 3. A. He’s twelve. B. She’s in Class 1. C. He’s in Class 2.

( ) 4. A. She’s at school today. B. A teacher. C. He’s on the playground.

( ) 5. A. It’s under the bed. B. They are under the bed. D. He’s under the bed.

Ⅱ. 听录音,选择与你所听到的内容相符的图画。听两遍。(共5小题, 满分5分)

6. ( ) 7. ( ) 8. ( ) 9. (


10. (



( )11. How is Peter today?

A. He’s not happy. B. He’s fine. C. He’s happy. ( )12. What’s the girl’s name?

A. She’s Lily.. B. She’s Sally. C. She’s Millie. ( )13. Are Lily and Nick classmates?

A. No, they aren’t. B. They aren’t classmates C. Yes, they are. ( )14. Who’s the boy on the right in the photo?

A. He’s Andy’s twin brother. B. He’s Lily’s cousin. C. He’s Lily’s twin brother. ( )15. What’s Joe’s uncle?

A. He’s a teacher. B. He’s a doctor. C. He’s a student.

Ⅳ. 根据你所听到的短文内容,选择正确答案。听三遍。(10分) ( )16. Where does Kate work? A. In a shop. B. In a school. C. On a bus. ( )17. What does she have for breakfast? A. Some bread and milk. B. Some cakes and milk. C. Some chocolates and Coke.

( )18. How does she go to work? A. By bike. B. On foot. C. By bus. ( )19. How many hours does she work on a weekday? A. Nine. B. Eight. C. Six. ( )20. What does she like? A. New shoes. B. New clothes. C. New school.

二、英语知识运用(共35分) Ⅰ. 基础选择( 20分):

( )1.These books are _____. _____ are in _____ bags.

A. my. You, You B. My, Yours, your C. mine, Your, Yours D. mine, Yours, your

( )2.Would you like _____ your mother cook supper?


A. helping B. to help C. help D. helping

( )3.Let Tom _____ right away.

A. go home B. to go home C. goes home D. goes to home

( )4.---May I have some milk?

---Sorry, we have _____ left(剩下).

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( )5.Tom with his classmates _____ an English lesson now.

A. has B. have C. are having D. is having

( )6 .Could you_____ a message _____ him?

A. take, to B. give, to .C. leave, from D. give, for ( )7.She is _____ the blackboard, but she can’t _____ the words on it.

A. looking at, see B. seeing, look at C. seeing, see D.

looking at, look at

( )8.We would like some meat and fruit _____ lunch.

A. to B. in C. of D. for

( A. ask, to call B. ask, call C. to ask, call D. to ask, to call

( ) 10.Look at the boys. They _____ games at school.

A. play B. playing C. are play D. are playing ( . B: Nice to see you, too. A. Nice to see you. B. How are you?

C. How do you do! D. See you later

( ) 12. A: Here you are. A. That’s right. B. Let me see. C. Thanks. D. Yes , I like it (

B: He’s tall.

A. Is the boy tall or short? B. Is the boy tall?

C. Is the boy short? D. How old is he ? ( ) 14. A: Would you like an egg and some fish?


A. No, please, I’m full. B. That’s a good idea.

C. No, thanks. D. You are OK

( ) 15. A: Thank you, Kangkang.


A. Not at all. B. Of course. C. I think so. D . Don’t say that ( )16.-What’s your favorite______? Basketball A. sport B. color C. subject D. movie ( ) 17.-May I help you?-. A. No, you can’t. B. Yes, please. C. Yes, you can. D. Sorry. ( )18.____the man? He is Kate’s father.- A. What’s. B. Who’s C. Whose’s D.How’s

( )19.-What color is it?-It’sIt’s A. a, an B.an, an C. an,× D. ×, an ( )20.- -I’m A.do, seeing B. are, looking C. do, watching D. are, reading

Ⅱ.完形填空( 10分) :仔细阅读下面对话,在A, B, C, D四个选项中选择一个最佳答案。

One afternoon a young woman walks__1___ a hat shop. The boss(老板) smiles and says to her, “Good afternoon, madam.” “Good afternoon,” the woman answers. “There is a green hat__2___red flowers on it in your ___3___. Will you please take it out of there?”

“Yes, madam,” the boss says, “I’m happy to do that __4___you.” Usually women look at a lot of ____5___before they buy one, and the boss gets very tired. “Good,” he thinks, “I can ___6___ this hat very quickly today.”

“Do you want it in a box or ___7__your head, madam?” he asks.

“Oh, I don’t want it,” she answers. “ I_____8____want you to take it out of your window. I pass (经过)your_____9___every day, and I don’t like to __10____the ugly(丑的) thing there.”

( )1. A .to B. into C. with D. by

( )2.A.with B. has C. have D. for

( )3. A. door B. wall C. window D. table

( )4. A. to B. for C. about D. help

( )5. A. clothes B. shirts C. trousers D. hats

( )6. A. sell B. sells C. to sell D. selling

( )7.A.from B. in C. on D. with

( )8. A. really B. only C. can D. must

( )9. A .school B. park C. room D. shop

( )10. A. look B. read C. see D. watch



从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话,有两项多余。 A: Good morning. Can I help you? B: OK. A: Apples? All right. Here you are. B: Thanks. A: Yes. How many oranges do you want? B: A: Sure. Here you are. B: A: Let me see. Twenty yuan, please. B: Thank you.

11._______ 12._______ 13._______ 14._______ 15._______



My mother is a teacher, too. She is a teacher of English. I don’t have a sister or a I am a Chinese boy. My name is Li Fei. I am a student. My father is a teacher. brother. But I have two little friends in my family. They’re Xiaoxiao, aand Lele, a good bird. I love my father and my mother, I love my Xiaoxiao and nice dog, Lele, too.

根据短文内容( ,判断正(T)误(F)。

( )1.There are three people in my family. ( )2.My mother is a teacher of Chinese. ( ( )3.I have a brother.

)4)5.This is an English family.

.I don’t have a sister or a brother. (B)

根据名片内容,选择正确答案。 ( )6. Wang Tao works in ____.

A. SDTV Station B. Pudong No.1 Restaurant C. Renmin Hospital D. Shuntong Taxi Company

( )7. We can call Xu Guoqing at ____.

A. 0531-76453210 B. 0755- 6357617 C. 13872205368 D. 15823017699

( )8. If your friend is ill (生病的), he can call ____.

A. Wang Tao B. Xu Guoqing C. Xia Zhanhui D. Liu Yong

( )9. You can’t get in touch with (与??联系) ____ by Email.

A. Wang Tao B. Xu Guoqing C. Xia Zhanhui D. Liu Yong

( )10. Liu Yong lives in ____. He is a ____.

A. Ji’nan; worker B. Shanghai; manager C. Shenzhen; doctor D. Tianjin; driver

( C)

I have a good friend. His name is Jones. He has a nice, brown coat. He loves it very much, but his wife does not like it, because it is old. She often says, “Give it to a poor man.” But Mr Jones always says, “No, I like this coat very much.”

One day, Jones is smoking. Suddenly a cigarette(香烟) falls on it and makes a hole(洞) in it, so Mrs Jones says, “Please don’t wear it again, throw it away.” Mr Jones takes it to a small tailor(裁缝). “Please make another coat like this one.” The tailor makes the coat very carefully. Then he lights(点燃) a cigarette, and makes a hole in it in the same place just like the old one. When Mr Jones goes to fetch(取)it, he is very surprised.

( )11. Why doesn’t Mrs Jones like the coat? Because .


A. it is nice and brown B. it is not nice

C. it is very old

( )12. What does Mr Jones always say? He says“___________ .”

A. I like this coat B. Give it to a poor man

C. No, I don’t like this coat.

( )13. makes a hole in the coat.

A. Mr Jones B. Mrs Jones C. A cigarette

( )14. What does Mr Jones ask the tailor to do? He asks the tailor to .

A. make a new hole in the coat B. make a new coat just the same as the old one

C. make more money

( )15. Who do you think is foolish (笨)?_________.

A. The tailor B. Mr Jones C. Mrs Jones




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