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-_-_--_-_--_-_--_-_--_-_--_-_--_-_--:---号线试---考---- - -- - -- - -- - -- -_-_--_-_-_--_--_-_--__封_-_-_--_--:---名---姓--- -- - -- - -- - -- - -_--_-_--_-_--_-_--_-_-__密-_-:---级---年-----------------------景洪市普文镇中学2012—2013学年上学期七年级期末


出卷人:王海 校验人:邹高军 刘金梅 冯海亚 罗萍 李丽珍

注意事项:1、本试卷共4页。满分120分。2、考试时间120分钟。3、考试方式:闭卷 4、答案统一写在答题纸上,考试结束后试卷与答题卡一并收回。 一、听力(共30分)



)1. A.

B. C.


)2. A.

B. C.


)3. A.

B. C.


)4. A.

B. C.


)5. A.

B. C.


( )6. A. I’m in Class One. B. I’m in China. C. I’m in Grade Seven. ( )7. A. It’s Tom. B. It’s Mike’s. C. It’s new. ( )8. A. They are very kind. B. Yes, I think so. C. I want to visit China. ( )9. A. Where is the fish? B. Thank you. C. I don’t think your fish is very nice. ( )10. A. Good idea. B. OK, going fishing is my favorite.

C. Yes, I’d like to.

Ⅲ.听对话,根据问题选择正确答案。每组对话读两遍。(5分) ( )11. What does the shirt look like?

A. New. B. Old. C. Nice.

( )12. What’re on the tree?

A. Apples. B. Bananas. C. Oranges.

( )13. What does John have for breakfast?

A. Rice and vegetables.B. Fish with vegetables. C. Milk and bread.

( )14. Where does her mother work?

A. In an office. B. She teaches English. C. In a school.

( )15. What does the man want?

A. He would like a red jacket. B. He would like a white jacket. C. He would like a yellow jacket.

Ⅳ.听短文,选择正确答案。短文读两遍。(5分) ( )16. Jim is ____ years old.

A. 14 B. 13 C. 11

( )17. Jim’s father is ____.

A. a driver B. a teacher C. a farmer

( )18. Jim and Susan are in ____.

A. the same grade B. the same school C. different schools

( )19. Jim is in ____.

A. Grade Seven B. Grade Eight C. Grade Nine

( )20. Jim’s family is from ____.

A. China B. England C. America


二、英语知识运用(共35分) Ⅰ.单项选择。(15分)

( )26. —Hi, Tony. ____ is my friend, Jack.

—Hello, Jack! Nice to meet you. A. He B. That C. This D. It ( )27. —____ bike is this?

—I think it’s Sally’s. A. What B. Whose C. Where D. Who ( )28. —What does your brother look like?


A. Yes, he is tall. B. He is 20 years old. C. No, he isn’t. D. He is tall. ( )29. Miss Wang teaches ____ English. We all like ____.

A. us; her B. we; her C. our; her D. we; she ( )30. —What about something to drink?


A. Not at all. B. That’s right. C. All right. D. You are welcome.


( )31. —Is this ____ schoolbag, Michael?

—No, it isn’t. ____ is here. A. your; My B. your; Mine C. yours; My D. yours; Mine ( )32. —Boys and girls, welcome to my home and ____.

—Thank you.

A. help yourselves B. help yourself C. helps yourself D. help you ( )33. —How do you spell your name, please?


A. P-E-T-E-R, Peter. B. This is Peter.

C. I’m Peter. D. You can call me Peter. ( )34. —Peter, we are good friends. We can help ____.

—Yes, you’re right. A. other B. each C. each other D. every other ( )35. —____

—It’s ten to eight. A. What’s this? B. What’s the time? C. What do you do? D. How do you like it?

( )36. —____

—She is a nurse.

A. Who is your mother? B. Is your mother a nurse? C. Where is your mother? D. What does your mother do? ( )37. —____

—Some rice, please.

A. What about something to drink? B. Would you like to have lunch with me? C. May I take your order? D. Can I help your order?

( )38. —What would you like ____?

—A glass of water, please. A. drink B. have C. to drink D. to eat

( )39. —____ do you go to school in the morning?

—At 7: 30. A. What B. What time C. How D. Where

( )40. —Let’s go fishing this afternoon.


A. Good idea. B. Yes, I’d love to. C. I like fish a lot. D. No problem.



( )41. Nice to meet you. A. They’re 30 yuan.

( )42. Where does your brother work? B. I want a skirt for my daughter. ( )43. What can I do for you? C. Some milk, please. ( )44. Would you like something to drink? D. Nice to meet you, too. ( )45. How much are the pants? E. He works in a hospital. Ⅲ.选择与划线部分意思相同或相近的选项。(5分)

( A.Are you busy B. Do you have time C. Do you have no time ( A. How do you think of B. What do you like C. What do you think of ( )48.—What time is it?—It’A. thirty B. twenty C. a quarter ( )49.—May I speak to Maria?—Sorry, she isn’t A. at school B. at home C. out ( A. very much B. a little C. at all


My uncle is a farmer. He has ninety trees on his farm. My uncle and my can’t pick(采摘) all the apples in fall(秋天). they ask my parents and me to them every year. It’s Sunday. My parents don’t go to and I don’t go to school. So we’ll go to the We get up early(早) in the old clothes. My father buys many kinds of food for my uncle’s in a shop. She likes them very much. My uncle and aunt us many apples, too. I like to work on the farm. ( )51. A. apple B. orange C. banana D. family ( )52. A. mother B. sister C. brother D. aunt ( )53. A. If B. So C. But D. And ( )54. A. look B. buy C. help D. take ( )55. A. work B. shop C. school D. home ( )56. A. office B. hospital C. home D. farm ( )57. A. evening B. afternoon C. morning D. Sunday ( )58. A. her B. his C. she D. hers ( )59. A. son B. daughter C. father D. parents ( )60. A. take B. bring C. get D. give



Mr. Lee is from China. Now he lives in the U. S. A. He speaks Chinese and English. He speaks English very well. Many people study English in a school in New York. Some students come from Japan and Italy(意大利). Others come from Brazil(巴西) and India(印度). Mr. Lee works in the school. He likes the students very much and the students like him, too. He helps them with their English. Li Ming is a student from China. He speaks Chinese to Mr.Lee, but Mr. Lee speaks only English to all the students. Their English is very good soon(很快). Mr. Lee is a good teacher.



( )61. Mr. Lee is from the U. S. A. but he lives in China. ( )62. Mr. Lee is a teacher in a school.

( )63. All the students are from the U. S. A in the school. ( )64. Mr. Lee dosen’t like his students.

( )65. Mr. Lee and Li Ming speak Chinese each other.


根据名片内容,选择正确答案。 ( )66. Wang Tao works in ____.

A. SDTV Station B. Pudong No.1 Restaurant C. Renmin Hospital D. Shuntong Taxi Company

( )67. We can call Xu Guoqing at ____.

A. 0531-76453210 B. 0755- 6357617 C. 13872205368 D. 15823017699

( )68. If your friend is ill (生病的), he can call ____.

A. Wang Tao B. Xu Guoqing C. Xia Zhanhui D. Liu Yong

( )69. You can’t get in touch with (与??联系) ____ by Email.

A. Wang Tao B. Xu Guoqing C. Xia Zhanhui D. Liu Yong

( )70. Liu Yong lives in ____. He is a ____.

A. Ji’nan; worker B. Shanghai; manager C. Shenzhen; doctor D. Tianjin; driver


Rose’s mother wants to take Rose to the zoo today. Many kinds of animals are in the zoo. So Rose is very happy. Rose and her mother go to see the tigers and lions first(首先). Tigers and lions are scary(令人害怕的) so they lives in strong cages(笼子) in the zoo. And they eat much meat every day.

Rose sees two big elephants and a baby one. The elephants are very kind to people. Rose rides(骑) on an elephant and she is glad. Some cute pandas are in the zoo, too. They are a little shy(害羞). So people need to be very when they go near(走近) them. Look! Five giraffes(长颈鹿) are there. They have long necks. They are from Africa(非洲). They like eating grass(草) and leaves(叶子) very much.


( )71. Rose’s mother ____, so Rose is very happy today.

A. buys her a new skirt B. cooks nice food for her C. takes her to the zoo D. goes for a picnic with her

( )72. Rose and her mother go to see ____ first.

A. tigers and lions B. pandas C. elephants D. giraffes

( )73. Tigers and lions eat ____ every day.

A. grass B. meat C. leaves D. bananas

( )74. The word“quiet”may mean ____ in Chinese.

A. 大方的 B. 匆忙的 C. 喧闹的 D. 安静的

( )75. ____ is NOT right.

A. Tigers have to be in strong cages in the zoo. B. Rose sees three elephants in the zoo. C. The pandas are from Africa. D. The giraffes don’s eat meat.



76.Who is the man____________________(穿黄衣服的 )? 77.It’s time to __________________________(吃午饭). 78.Would you like to____________________(去野餐)? 79.Can you _________________(讲汉语).

80.________________(多少钱) are these pants?

Ⅱ. 根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空。(5分)

_ (baby). They are happy. 82. This isn’85. ___(they) Chinese teacher.


请你以David的身份给Mary写一封信, 介绍你自己和你家人的情况。你可以谈


谈他们的工作和他们所喜欢的食品。信的开头已经给出。你需要用下面的提示词: family, happy, teacher, doctor, fish, chicken, vegetables。要求60-70词。

Dear Mary,




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