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( )1、A、 B、 C、

( )2、A、 B、 C、

( )3、A、 B、 C、

( )4、A、 B、 C、

( )5、A、 B、 C、


( )6、 A. Not at all. B. Never mind C. Of course

( )7、 A.One day B .twice C. Once a week

( )8、 A.I hope so B. Take it easy C. That’s all right

( )9、 A. Beer B. Pears C. Dumplings

( )10、A. He will go to Shanghai B. He has been to Shanghai C. He has gone to Shanghai


( )11、A. Cooking B. Reading C. Playing sports

( )12、A. Three B. One C. Two

( )13、A. About one and a half years B. About half a year C. About one year

( )14、A. In the shop B. In the school C. In the park

( )15、A. Reading English magazines

B. Talking with others

C. Listening to English programs on the radio


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( )16、Jack and his parents will spend their vacation in .

A. Dalian B. Hainan C. Tianjin

( )17、Jack will .

A. visit some places of interest B. visit some old friends C. buy some clothes

( )18、 is leaving with Jack on the same day.

A. Jack’s father B. Jack’s mother C. Nobody

( )19、Jack’s father is staying there for days.

A.5 B.6 C.7

( )20、Jack’s mother will come back on .

A. Thursday B. Monday C. Sunday




( )26、Mr. Black came to China in fall of 1990.

A. a B. one C. an D. the

( )27、-----Would you like tea?

A. any, bottles of orange B. some, bottles of orange

C. any, bottles of oranges D. some, bottle of orange

( )28、Your father and I both think necessary for you to tidy your own bedroom.

A. that B. it C. that is D. we are

( )29、-----He hasn’t been to the U.S.A.


A. So has I B. So I has C. Neither have I D. Neither I have

( )30、The little girl doesn’t know the art club.

A. whether to join B. if to take part in C. whether to take part in D. if to join ( )31、Since last year, the number of our classmates 80.

A. have increased by B. have increased to

C. has increased by D. has increased to

( )32、-----Which is my eraser?

-----I’m not sure. The red one ___ be yours.

A. may B. must C. can D. should

( )33、She likes singing. So she is often heard ___ in classroom.

A. sing B. sang C. sings D. to sing

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( )34、----How many eggs can I have, mum?

----____ , dear. The doctor said you shouldn’t eat anything until this evening.

A. Nothing B. None C. No one D. Nobody

( )35、My mother has a beautiful dress. She ___ it for three years .

A. has had B. has bought C. had had D. bought

( )36、----Kangkang , what do you think of Project Hope?

-----It’s wonderful! A lot of poor children can __ get a good education from it.

A .help B. be help C. be helped to D. helped

( )37、could you tell me ___ they have dealt with the broken bike ?

A. why B. where C. how D. what

( )38、Please pass me the dictionary ____ cover is red .

A. who B. which C. whose D. what

( )39、-----Would you mind looking after my pet dog ?

-----_____ I have to go to the hospital.

A. Not at all B. Of course not C. Certainly not D. Sorry, I can’t

( )40、____ Saturday ____ Sunday is OK. I’ll be free in these two days.

A. Either; or B. Neither; nor C. both; and D. One; the other


According to the Xinhua News, from September 17,2008,Chinese government decided to give up the rules of food with no checking. Many people said yes it. The officer said that these days, the food safety accident about milk of Sanlu made the government give it up. Chinese government said that all the food checked to keep the food and people healthy. The rule of food with no checking in 1999 was given up from that day.

“I think 46 the companies get the food with no checking, they will 47 check their food. It gives them the chance of the food of poor quality,”an old man said in the shop.“I hope our government gives it up, but also some strong rules to manage the companies,”a young woman told us.“The important point is our government should send officers the companies and check their food every time,”a shop owner said. A young expert of food safety said,“The department of government should take the food the shop or supermarket and check, not ask them to send. In that way, we can get the checking.”

But in order people’s health, the government asks the officers to check all the food they are sent to the shop or supermarket. That means all the food must be checked before they are sold.

( )41、A. for B. to C. of D. about

( )42、A. to decide to B. decide C. decide to D. to decide

( )43、A. must B. must be C. may be D. may

( )44、A. safe B. safely C. safety D. unsafe

( )45、A. make B. makes C. was made D .made

( )46、A. if B .that C. whether D. before

( )47、A. never B. often C. sometime D. always

( )48、A. to make B. make C. making D. makes

( )49、A. should B. must C. not only D. only

( )50、A. make B. makes C. making D. to make

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( )51、A .for B. of C. up D. to

( )52、A. to B. off C. up D. from

( )53、A .real B. really C. true D. truth

( )54、A. keep B .to keep C .keeping D. to keeping

( )55、A. before B. after C. as soon as D.while



( )56、After reading the form, we know this is .

A. a studying plan of Jim Green B. a teaching report of Jim Green

C. a school report about Jim Green D. a working plan of Mr. Xiang

( )57、Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the form?

A.P.E. B. Chinese C. Maths B. Both A and B

( )58、From this form, we know that Jim’s best subject is .

A. science B. French C. geography D. English

( )59、From this form, we know Jim is not so good at .

A. science and geography B. maths and history

C. history and French D. music and English

( )60、According to the form, which of the following is NOT true?

A. Jim doesn’t like pop music

B. Jim doesn’t do well in science

C. Jim can do better if he works harder next term.

D. Jim learns two foreign languages in school.


A movie actor went to visit a friend in another town. He walked around the town for a long time trying to find his friend’s address, but he could not find it. Soon he was lost.

He decided to ask for directions. There was no one in the street but he could see a shop on

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the corner. He walked towards it.

The shop was very small. It sold only newspapers and cigarettes. There was a notice in the window. This notice said,“Business For Sale.”

The movie actor went into the shop. There was an old man sitting behind the counter. He looked at the movie actor very carefully. Then he said,“You’re the man who’s going to buy this shop.” The movie actor laughted.“No,”he said,“I’m lost. Can you tell me how to get to Third Street?”The old man stood up and walked to the door. He pointed down the street.“Go down the street to the traffic lights, then turn right. Take the next left. Third Street is the first street on the right.”“Thank you very much,”the actor said and walked away. A few feet from the shop, he stopped walking. He was a very man, and he thought,“The old man looked at me very carefully. He knows who I am.. Perhaps he wants my autograph.”He turned and walked back to the shop. The old man was still sitting behind the counter.“You know who I am, don’t you?”he said to him.“Yeah,”the old man said,“I told you. You’re the man who’s going to buy this shop.”“No, no,”the movie actor said.“I’m a movie actor. Did you see my last movie?”“Yeah, I saw it,”the old man said,“And believe me, if you are smart, you will be the one to buy my shop.” 根据短文内容选择最佳答案。

( )61、Why did the movie actor go into the shop?

A. He didn’t know his friend’s address.

B. He could not find where his friend lived.

C. He was visiting a strange town.

D. He wanted to buy some cigarettes.

( )62、What did the movie actor think the old man probably wanted?

A. to sell him his shop

B. to give him a present

C. to ask for his autograph

D. to tell him where his friend lived

( )63、The Chinese meaning of the word“vain”in the passage is

A.健忘的 B.富有的 C.自负的 D.聪明的

( )64、Why did the old man think it would be a good idea for the movie actor to buy his shop?

A. He wanted to sell it to him

B. He thought the actor would make more money from being a shopkeeper than from


C. He was old and wanted to train a new person.

D. He thought the actor wanted to change jobs.

( )65、Which of the following maps best describes the location of the movie actor’s friend’s

house in the story?




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66、I’m tired of (watch) television. Let’s go out for a walk.

67、Lots of people travel to (south) cities for their holidays.

68、The child always wins the first prize at school.

He is the (proud)of his parents.

69、If you want to make yourself (understand),you should speak clearly and slowly.

70、Mr. Zhang has some (difficult) in communicating in Japanese.



71、The signs“→”and“←”and pull.

72、Though he hasn’.

73、 of saving.

74、In the office, besides the woman in red there are another two (陌生人)

75、How about (品尝)the dumplings made by my mother?


!I’m afraid I have to say goodbye to you,


Kangkang: ’ll miss you very much.

Maria: Me, too. Thank you for your kind help during my stay here.

Kangkang: It’ ?

Maria: The day after tomorrow.

Kangkang: I’ll prepare some presents for you.

Maria: It’s very kind of you. Thank you.


Maria :OK, I will. Your phone number is 13993265100,right?

Kangkang: Yes. I’m sure we’ll meet again.




New rules and behavior standards for middle school students came out. Middle school is 第 6 页 共 10 页


Tell the truth. Have you ever copied someone else’s work on an exam?Don’t do it again! That’s not something all honest student should do. If you have played computer games for two hours in your room, don’t tell your parents you have done homework.

Do more at school. Good students love animals and care for other people. April is Bird—Loving Month in our country. Is your school doing anything to celebrate? You should work together, it makes it more fun for everyone. Have you ever quarreled with your teammates when your basketball team lost? Only working together can make your team stronger. Be friendly to the people you are with. Try to think of others, not only yourself.

Be open to new ideas. Have you ever though that people could live on the moon? Perhaps you’ll discover Earth II Everyone’s ideas are important. You should welcome them, because new ideas make life better for everyone.

Protect yourself. Has someone ever taken money from one of your classmates? Don’t let it happen to you. If you have to go home late, you should let your parents know.

Use the Internet carefully. The Internet can be very useful for your studies. But some things on the Internet aren’t good for kids, so try to look at Web pages that are good for you. You some:http://www.kids.eastday.com,http://www.chinakids.net.com.

81、请把(1)处划线部分合并为一句。The best students will have high marks Have good behaviors.

82、请把句(2)改成宾语从句。That way, you can learn more about animals and 83、请把句(3)译成汉语。84、请回答句(4)。85、As a middle school student, what do you think of yourself? .





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1、Maria is crying now. What’s wrong with her?

2、The woman in a dress is my aunt.

3、Which of the following is not a traffic sign?

4、Mr. Lee visited the Great Wall last month.

5、Today is May eighth,2010.


6、I’m sorry I’ve broken your cup.

7、How often do you play the piano?

8、I feel very terrible. Maybe I have cancer.

9、Which kind of drink do you like best?

10、By the way, where is Kangkang?


11、W:I prefer playing sports.

M: I don’t like it. I enjoy cooking and reading.

W: I like reading, too.

Q: What do they both like doing?

12、W: What instruments can you play, Tom?

M: I can play the violin and guitar.

Q: How many kinds of instruments can Tom play?

13、W: Your English is so good. You must have been to an English-speaking country, am I right?

M: Yes, I have lived in the U.S.A. for about one and a half years.

Q: How long has the boy lived in the U.S.A.?

14、M: Don’t pick flowers in the park.

W: I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.

Q: Where are they talking?

15、M: Hello, Zhang Yan, how do you learn English well?

W: I study by reading English magazines. How about you, Li Bin?

M: By talking with others. I think it’s a good way to learn English.

Q: What’s Li Bin’s way of learning English?



Jack and his parents are going on vacation to Dalian next week, but their plans are not the same. Jack is leaving on Monday. He plans to visit some places of interest. He’s coming back home on Friday. Jack’s father is going on Monday, too. He will stay there for six days and come back home on Sunday. He plans to visit some of his old friends. Jack’s mother has to work from Monday to Wednesday, so she will leave on Thursday. She like shopping and she will buy some

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beautiful clothes there. She’s coming back home with Jack’s father.


Welcome to Huatai Clothing Store!

Do you like pants? Here we sell pants for only $30! Do you like hats? Here we sell hats for only $5! Do you need bags for sports? We also have great bags for only $10!

For girls, we have night dresses in white and in pink for only $18!For boys, we have shorts for only $12!And that’s not all! Come to our store and see by yourselves.


(一)1—5 A. C A C B A 6—10 B. B C B A C

(二)11—15 B C A C B

(三)16—20 A A A B C

21、$30 22、hats 23、$10 24、pink 25、shorts


二、26—30 D B B C A

31—35 D A D B A

36—40 C C C D A

三、41—45 B C B A D

46—50 A A C C B

51—55 D D A B A

四、A)56—60 C D D B B

B)61—65 B C C B C

五、(一)A、66、watching 67、southern 68、pride 69、understood


B、71、push 72、alive 73、importance 74、strangers


(二)76、How times flies.

77、I’m sorry to hear that.

78、when are you leaving for Cuba

79、Please call me as soon as you are back home

80、I hope so

(三)81、not only, but also

82、how you can protect them


84、Yes, I can



A friend plays an important role in my life. When I am happy, my friends can share happiness with me. When I am in trouble, my friends will give me a hand. ……

One year ago, I was weak in English. I always failed the English exams. I was almost mad and wanted to give it up. But my friend LiuLi said, “Don’t worry, I can help you.” From then on, she stuck to talking with me in English. She taught me to sing English songs and encouraged me to give a speech in English in front of the schoolmates. Day by day, I began to like English and I’m good at English now.

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I think nobody can succeed without the help of his friends. As the saying goes,“One tree can’t make a forest.”

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