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Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center


1. Can you play____violin?---No, I can't. But I play _____table tennis.

A.a;/ B.the;/ C.the;a D.the;the

2. They never have lunch at school,_______?

A.have they B.haven't they C.do they D.don't they

3. How is the weather in Shenzhen?

It_______often_____in autumn here.

A.don't, rain B.isn't, rain C.doesn't, rain D.does, rains

4. We are all very tired. We want to have ___break now.

A.a B.an C.the D./

5. We often do morning_______at 8:50 at school.

A.exercise B.an exercise C.exercises D.exercising

6. We make great music______in our Music Club.

A.together B.all C.both D.around

7. Li Hong______classes from 8 am. To 4:40 pm.__________.

A.have.....every day B.in having....everyday

C.has....every day D.has....everyday

8. Do you go to school_______bike or_______ his father's car?

A.on....in B.by....on C.by.....by D.by....in

9. Would you like to ________ our English written competition next week? ---Yes, I'd love to.

A.join B.attend C.play D.take part in

10. Would you like to attend Miss Yu's lecture?


A. I'd like B. I'd love to C. I would D. I do.

11. "Children, please help _______at home". Grandma said to us.

A.myself B.ourselves C.yourself D.yourselves

12. You asked him to read a lot and ____ did I,_____he read only a little.

A.neither...to B.but...but C.so....but D.or....so

13. He often helps me ____ my maths.



Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

A.studying B.on C.with D.in

14. School usually ____on 1 September.

A.is going to begin B.begins C.begin D.beginning

15. I arrived ____Shenzhen yesterday, so I feel very tired now.

A.at B.on C.in D.to

16. Remember _____turn off the lights when you leave the room, please.

A.at B.on C.in D.to

17. My brother enjoys________basketball in his free time.

A.play B.to play C.played D.playing

18. He ____ do his homework at home. He likes to finish it at school.

A.doesn't to B.don't to C.don't D.doesn't

19. _____Sundays, I usually have math lessons.

A. In B. On C. At D. For

20. What made her _____interested?

A.such B.quite C.too D.so

21. The story_____ interesting.

A.listens B.hears C.sounds D.is sounded

22. _____ you like your new school?

---Yes, I like it because there ____ many sports fields in it.

A. Are, is B. Do, are C.does, like D. Do, does

23. _____is your school from your home? ----It's ten minutes' walk.

A. How far B. How long C. How often D. How soon

24. What changes ____ you like to see?

A.are B.will C.would D.can

25. The Browns_____ watching football games now.

A.does B.is C.are D.doesn't

26. ______exciting the end of this story is!

A. What a B. How C. What D. What an

27. ______ fine weather it is!

A. What a B. How C. What D. What an



Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

28. We often do some ____ and morning exercise in te morning.

A.jog B.jogging C.joged D.jogs

29. I have ____ brothers_____sisters.

A.not...or B.no....or C.any....or D.no any ....or

30. Which of the underlined part in each word is different in sound?

A.helps B.likes C.sizes D.maths

二. 在各题A,B,C三个选项中选出一个与句子中划线部分意思相近的词或词组。

31. A.attend you B.join you C.join in you

32. A.at the end B.at the end of C.at last

33. A.similar B.different from C.difficult

34. A.not often B.never C.all the time

35. A.thirty-five to ten B.ten past thirty-five C.twenty-five to eleven


For many students, school life is very interesting and __36__. They can learn all __37__of

knowledge and enjoy themselves __38__the same time. At school, there are many teachers. They teach the children many ___39__subjects. Many children have no sister__40__brothers at home. They can meet a lot of students and make friends__41__them at school, so they don't feel lonely. But for other students, school life is ___42__and painful. They have so many classes to have at school and they have so __43__homework to do after school. They don't listen to the teacher___44__in class, so they find

study___45__. Also, they don't like to talk or play with other children. They can't enjoy the happiness of school life.

36. A.lovely B.colourful C.friendly D.well

37. A.kind B.type C.kinds D.types



Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

38. A.at B.in C.for D.on

39. A.difficult B.different C.same D.similar

40. A .and B.and not C.or D.nor

41. A.with B.to C.at D.without

42. A .boring B.bored C.interested D.funny

43. A .many B.a lot C.much D.lot of

44. A .careful B.careless C.carefully D.carelessly

45. A.easy B.difficult C.interesting D.simple

四.阅读理解 20%

This is Peter's schedule of a week.

46. Where does Peter meet Sam?

A. At the airport. B. In the hospital C. At Dave's house. D. At Betty's house.

47. For how many house a week does Peter do his part-time job?

A. 5 hours B.6 hours C.10 hours D.12 hours

48. ____is ill in hospital.

A. Dave B. Dental C. Peter's uncle D. Betty

49. Betty's birthday is on ______.

A. Tuesday B. Thursday C. Saturday D. Sunday

50. Peter is going to have an appointment with Dr. Dental at ______on Thursday.

A.12:00a.m-5:00p.m B.10:30a.m-11:00a.m C.12:00 a.m-6:00 p.m D.2:00-4:00 p.m Everyone has ambitions. A student's ambition, for example, may be to achieve A grades. A player's



Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

ambition may be to win an important match. A businessman's ambition is usually to make a lot of money. But not all ambitions are about success. Some people just want to be good people. In my class, Ben's ambition is ti be a sports writer. He writes the sports reports for our school newspaper. He likes sports best. Swimming and football are his favorites. Mary's ambition is to be an artist. She is very serious about it and practices drawing every day with her best friends, Lily. It's important to her. Harry's

ambition changes every day! One day he wants to be an astronaut like Yang Liwei. Next day he wants to be a pop singer. Another day he wants to drive a racing car. But his mother would be happy if his ambition was to get up in time for school every day! What's your ambition , my friend?


51. According to the passage, everyone has ___ambition.

A.many B.the same C.his own D.no

52. Ben's ambition is _______.

A.to be a football star B.to be an artist C.to be a sports writer D.changeable

53. What does the world "serious"means in the passage?

A.careful B.careless C.good D.weak

54. Harry has many ambitions , but it is _____ for him to succeed.

A.easy B.important C.difficult D.good

55. Which of the following sentences is WRONG?

A. A businessman's ambition is usually to make a lot of money.

B. Not all ambitions are about success.

C. Harry's ambition changes every day!

D. If a student has an ambition, he must be a top man in the coming year.

主观题 35%


1. I can't write English very___________.(good)

2. I am very ______________in the interesting Animal World.(interest)

3. It's a good habit to keep a diary and write about your ___________(day) life in it.

4. The zoo__________at seven,so we can't see the animals.(close)

5. Fang Fang washes her face and _______her teeth at 7:15 am.(brush)



Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

6. Some of us take part in after-school______________(act)

7. My class was ___________yesterday, so I wanted to buy a new one.(break)

8. Lily____________(not like) to play table tennis with boys.

9. When the bell _______(ring) we run into the classroom and have lessons.

10. The Browns_________(be)watching the football games on TV now.

六.根据要求转换句型 10%。

1. My mother often has a meeting at the school.(改为一般疑问句)

______________your mother often________a meeting at the school?

2. I don't know.(改为同义句)

I have _________ __________.

3. 就划线部分提问)

How __________do _________students watch TV.?

4. My sister Lily likes to play the guitar.(改为否定句)

My sister Lily__________ ___________ to play the guitar.

5. 就划线部分提问)

_________ __________ does your brother go to bed before midnight?

6. Tom Jack and I take part in the school band practice.(改为同义句)

Tom Jack and I ________ _________the school band practice.

7. What's the difference between Primary School and Junior high school?(改为同义句) How is Primary School __________ _______________ Junior high school?

8. I aways have a good time at school.(改为同义句)

I always ___________ ___________ at school.

9. Lily always goes to school on time.(改为同义句)

Lily is _________ __________ for school.

10. She is a very clever girl.(改为感叹句)

_________ a clever girl she is !

___________clever the girl is!




Shenzhen Brilliant Personalized Education Training Center

A. The museum is still closed. We came here too____1____.

B. When does it ____2____?

A. At nine o'clock.

B. We have to ____3___for about ten minutes. Have you been here___4____?

A. Yes. Seven times.

B. Is it ____5___to visit?

A. Of course it is. You can see many things on show.


Sam is a ___1____ high school student. He loves going to school. His school is close to his home , so he always goes to school on ___2______ and is ____3_____late. He enjoys

studying______4____because he wants to learn about _____5____places in the world. He likes to play games with his best friends Tom and Jack during the morning______6______. Afternoon

classes_____7_____at 3:30 pm. Then he ___8____part in the school band _____9______with his

friends Tom and Jack. They make great music ____10____.Sam always has a good time at school.


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