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( )1 Paper and printing _____________ in China.

A were both invented B was invented C are both invented D is invented ( )2. --- ______ I know about Tom, ______ I like him. --- So do I. That’s because he never cares about others.

A. The more, the more B. The more, the less C. More, more D. More, less ( )3. --- Was anyone killed in the flood?

---- Yes. It is reported that ______lost their lives and many more became homeless. A. hundred of people B. two hundreds of people C. several hundreds people D. hundreds of people ( )4. -----_________ is it from here to Australia?

---- I’m not sure, but I know it’s on the other side of the earth. A. How far B. How long C. how many D. How

( )5 The teacher asked his students ___________ all the new words before class. A looking for B looking up C to look for D to look up

( )6 After the dinosaur _______ some eggs, it_____ on the ground to have a rest. A. laid, lay B. lain, lain C. lay, lay D. lay, laid

( )7.I have spent twenty minutes ____ the work. I’m afraid I need ______minutes to finish it. A. doing, ten more B. doing, more ten C. to do, ten more D. to do, more ten ( )8----Do you know where coffee was from first?

----It was said that coffee ______in Africa a long, long time ago. A. discovered B. invented C. was invented D. was discovered

( )9.The big hen ______ down and began to _______ eggs. A. lay, lay B. lay, laid C. lied, lay D. lay, lie

( )10. .----How long have you _______the watch made in Japan? ---Two years. A. bought B. borrowed C. had D. sold

( )11–Waiter, I’d like some Yangzhou Fried Rice.(扬州炒饭) –Sorry, sir. Yangzhou Fried Rice _________ only for lunch and dinner. A serves B served C is serving D is served ( )12. Just a moment, I have ________ questions to ask you. A few more B more a few C a few more D more few ( )13 I don’t know which museum I should ______. A go through B walk in C go across D go to

( )14 Some people were made ________ Baghdad(巴格达) for Turkey by the war. A. leave B. leaving C. to leave D. left ( )15 Those workers were made ______ at night. A work B to work C working D worked ( )16 I’ve never heard of the dinosaurs _________ feather. A filled with B covered with C full of D made of ( )17. How long have you ___________?

A. put it on B. dressed it C. worn it D. tried it on

( )18. We are very happy that the 2008 Olympic Games _______ in Bejing. A. will be held B. will hold C. are holding D. hold ( )19. _______was ________ on August 1, 1927.

A. The PRC, found B. The CPC, found C. The PLA, founded D. The CYC, founded

( )20. The big bowl was used for ____________ wine _____________. A. keep, warmly B. keeping, warmly C. keep, warm D. keeping, warm 二、完形填空。10%

In recent(最近) years, computer games have become more and more popular in many cities and towns. A lot of small shops and restaurants along busy__!__ have changed into _2_ game house in order to get more money. These places are always crowded with __3__, especially young boys.

In the computer games houses, people __4__ a lot of money competing(竞赛) with the machines. It’s __5__ for one to win against a computer, but one can make progress(进步) after __6__ again and again. People have a kind of gambling psychology(赌博心理) when they play computer games. The more they lose, the more they want to__7__, and at last they even cannot live without it. For some school boys, they have no __8__ in their lessons. When class is over, they rush to the nearby computer games houses. Some of them can get enough money form their parents. But some of them are not __9__ enough to get the money. They begin to steal(偷) __10__ students’ money and become thieves.(小偷) ( ) 1 A rives B cities C markets D streets ( ) 2 A pingpong B ball C computer D sports ( ) 3 A people B boys C women D girls ( ) 4 A take B win C cost D spend ( ) 5 A easy B hard C important D wonderful ( ) 6 A try B tired C trying D to try ( ) 7 A miss B win C do D buy\ ( ) 8 A interest B secret C mind D duty ( ) 9 A clever B happy C difficult D lucky ( )10A other B any C several D all 三、阅读理解。10%

Before windows were used, old houses in Northern Europe and Britain were very dark. Their great rooms were high, with only a hole in the roof(屋顶) to let out the smoke form cooking fires. As time went on people began to make the holes bigger in order to have more light and air in their homes.

The first English window was just a small opening in the wall. It was cut long, to let in as much light as possible, and narrow(窄的), to keep out the bad weather. However, with the window cut long, more wind than light would come in. This is why it was called “The wind’s eye”. And the word “window ” comes form two ancient(古老) words for “wind” and “eye”.

( ) 1 A long time ago, old houses in Northern Europe had _______. A only one door B no rooms C no windows D one window ( ) 2 The hole in the roof was used to _______.

A have light only B let the smoke out C help people cook D let wind in ( ) 3 The first English window was ________. A a biggest hole in the roof B long and wide C an opening with glass D long and narrow

( ) 4 With the window cut long, people got more light in their house and at the same time____ came in. A more wind B more sunshine C less air D a lot of rain ( ) 5 Now windows are used to __________.

A make houses look more beautiful only B let in more light only C keep us warm D let in light and keep out the wind 四、词形变化。

1When you see the sign “No ________” in the library, you can’t smoke. (smoke) 2Can you explain the dinosaurs’ _____________? (disappear) 3Window XP is used for ___________ computers.(person) 4Tomorrow is my uncle’s _____________ birthday.(forty)

5The man had an accident but now he is out of _______________.(dangerous)

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