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1. We are allowed _______ part-time jobs after school. A. having B. to have C. had D. to having 2. Schools don’t allow _______ answers in the exam.

A. copy B. to copy C. copying D. copied 3. The boy is too young. He is not _______ to go to school. A. old too B. too old C. enough D. old enough

4. While listening in class, you should concentrate _______ your teacher. A. at B. to C. for D. on

5. I’ll come back late. But don’t _______ for me.

A. fall asleep B. wake up C. go to bed D. stay up 6. The flowers need _______.

A. water B. to water C. watered D. watering

7. The teacher is strict _______ every student and _______ everything he does. A. in; with B. on; with C. with; in D. with; on 8. Liza said that she met an old friend in the street_______ and they wanted to go to see a film _______

A. the other day; another day B. the other day; one day C. another day; one day D. another day; the other day 9. The difficulty is _______ we don’t have enough time. A. that B. which C. why D. what 10. Tom’s parents are _______ from Nanjing.

A. all B. either C. both D. neither 11. Please keep our classroom _______.

A. clean B. cleaning C. to clean D. cleaned

12. There _______ a pair of shoes under the bed. The shoes _______ mine. A. is; is B. is; are C. are; is D. are; are 13. I don’t know _______ next.

A. what to do it B. what to do C. hoe to do D. which to do 14. Do you think the skirt looks beautiful _______ me? A. in B. with C. on D. for 15. In fact, we have to _______ a decision by ourselves. A. go B. make C. do D. get 16. The limited time has _______ this job. A. get in the way of B. get in the way C. got in the way D. got in the way of

17. Only in that way _______ able to keep healthy.

A. we will be B. will we be C. will be we D. we be will 18. _______ a professional lawyer is the woman’s dream. A. Be B. Is C. Being D. Do

19. Tom does his homework _______ Lily.

A. as carefully as B. as careful C. so careful as D. so carefully as

20. Mr. and Mrs. Green find _______ good for their health to take a walk after supper. A. this is B. that C. this D. it

21. Don’t worry, sir. I’m sure I can run _______ to catch up with them. A. fast enough B. enough fast C. slowly enough D. enough slowly 22. I like both of the skirts. I really don’t know _______ A. to choose what B. to choose which C. which to choose D. how to choose

23. ----Jenny hasn’t paid for her leather jacket, has she? ----_______. Her cousin will pay for her.

A. Yes, she has B. No, she hasn’t C. Yes, she did D. No, she didn’t 24. ----Goodbye, Jim. Please say hello to your mum for me. ----_______.Thank you!

A. I will B. You are so nice C. No problem D. The same to you 25. The doctor _______ the man and found nothing serious with him. A. looked after B. looked for C. looked at D. looked over

26. ----Did you and your friends ride your bike to the beach yesterday afternoon? ----Yeah. _______ we had.

A. How a fun B. What fun C. What a fun D. How fun 27. ----You see, China is becoming stronger and stronger now.

----Yes. That’s why Chinese _______ to more and more American kids these days. A. are taught B. is taught C. has taught D. have taught 28. The prices of the things in this shop are much _______ A. cheap B. cheaper C. high D. higher

29. Scientists will have to _______ new ways to solve the water problem. A. catch up with B. keep up with C. come up with D. make up with

30. We should be good to the people _______ are weak and poor. A. there B. they C. which D. who 31. Can you describe _______?

A. what your friends is like B. how your friends like C. what does your friend look like D. how is your friend like 32. Math _______ my favorite subject. A. be B. is C. am D. are

33. ----Shall we invite our teacher to the party?

----That’s a good idea. But I _______ think she _______ come. A. don’t; will B. /; won’t C. won’t; will D. do; won’t 34. I can’t _______ any good advice to give her.

A. think for B. think of C. think up D. think over 35. It gives advice _______ what to do in lots of situations. A. about B. in C. of D. on

36. I really don’t know what _______ next.

A. do B. doing C. done D. to do 37. If I _______ a millionaire, I would help the poor. A. was B. am C. were D. is

38. He’ll send us a message as soon as he _______ in Sichuan. A. is arriving B. will arrive C. arrived D. arrives

39. _______ they arrived early at the airport, they nearly missed their flight. A. If B. Because C. As soon as D. Although

40. I’m waiting for my friend. _______, I’ll go shopping alone. A. If she comes B. If she will come C. If she doesn’t come D. If she didn’t come

41. Susan won’t at the airport on time _______ she hurried up. A. once B. if C. when D. unless

42. There’s a red car parking in our garden. Do you know _______ it is? A. what B. who C. whose D. whom

43. There is _______ big writing-table in the sitting-room. _______ table is for my father.

A. a; The B. the; A C. /; The D. the; /

44. ----The pen writes well though it doesn’t cost much. ----Let me have a try. So _______

A. it is B. is it C. does it D. it does

45. _______ cool it is to take a picture with Supper Junior M! A. How a B. How C. What a D. What

46. ----Where are you going to stay when you get to the town? ----I may live _______ in a hotel _______ in a friend’s house. A. both; and B. either; or C. neither; nor D. between; and

47. Betty goes to learn how to play the violin every day _______ Saturday and Sunday. She does housework on these days.

A. on B. during C. except D. from

48. All of us feel surprised that _______ a little boy can eat _______ much food. A. so; such B. such; such C. so; so D. such; so 49. ----Would your brother go for a picnic this Sunday ---- If I do, _______.

A. so does he B. so will he C. so he does D. so he will 50. The doctor _______ I spoke to told me not to worry. A. whose B. which C. whom D. him 二、完形填空

Is your schoolbag too heavy? The e-schoolbag will help you. It is said that e-schoolbags are going to be brought into __1__ in Chinese middle schools soon.

Heavy schoolbags have been a serious __2__ for a long time. But the schoolbag will __3__. An e-schoolbag is __4__ lighter than a usual schoolbag. Perhaps, the schoolbag should be __5__ an e-textbook. It is a small computer for students. It is as __6__ as a usual book, __7__ it can still have all the things for study, such as textbooks, exercise books and so on. They can be made __8__ chips(芯片) like stamps. The students can read the text page by page on the screen, take notes, or even send e-mails to their teacher. They only need to __9__ the right chip into the schoolbag. Then they can use it.

Some people say __10__ e-textbooks can be easily broken, while others say it is not good to students’ eyes. But only time will tell.

1. A. use B. useful C. used D. usefully

2. A. idea B. problem C. question D. answer 3. A. work it out B. work out it C. work out D. work 4. A. very B. much C. too D. little 5. A. call B. calls C. called D. calling 6. A. small B. smaller C. smallest D. bigger 7. A. and B. but C. or D. also 8. A. into B. from C. up D. of 9. A. bring B. put C. take D. go

10. A. if B. what C. that D. whether 三、阅读理解

Do you get enough sleep? With so much homework it’s often difficult to get the rest you need. But you need to try, because sleep keeps you healthy and it stops you getting fat.

Recently, a group of U.S. scientists did a study of kids sleep for just one extra hour each day, the chance of their getting fat is cut by about 30 percent.

Why? When people don’t get enough sleep, they become tired. When they are tired, they don’t exercise enough. Also, kids like snacks. If they are awake an extra hour or two each day, they have more time to eat snacks or other unhealthy foods

So, how much sleep should you get? Scientists suggest 10 to 11 hours a night for kids aged 5 to 12. For older kids, eight to nine hours will do.

1. How many reasons are given why people might get fat without enough sleep? A. 3 B. 2 C.1 D. None

2. If you are under 10, how long do the scientists advise you to sleep A. 10 to 11 hours B. 8 to 9 hours C. 8 to 13 hours D. as long as possible 3. Where was the study done by the scientists?

A. In China B. In Britain C. In America D. In Japan 4. What does “eight to nine hours will do” mean? A. Eight to nine hours’ sleep will be good and enough B. Eight to nine hours’ sleep will be long C. Eight to nine hours’ sleep will help get fat

D. Eight to nine hours’ sleep will help eat snacks and unhealthy foods 5. What does the passage talk about?

A. How to get long sleep B. how to keep fat

C. Enough sleep makes people healthy and slim (苗条) D. Long sleep makes people healthy and slim

are left handed. Why are people left-handed? The answer is the way the brain works. The brain has two halves---the right half and the left half. The right half controls (控制) the left side of the body. So right-handed people have a strong left brain, and left-handed people have a strong right brain.

The two halves of the brain are about the same size. But each side controls different things. The left side controls language, maths and logic (逻辑). When you remember new words, or when you put things in order, you use your left side.

The right side of the brain controls your love of art, color and music. It is also good at recognizing (识别) faces.

The right does not mean that all artists are left-handed and all accountants (会计) are right-handed. Some right-handers have s strong right brain, and some left-handers have a strong left brain.

6. The phrase “in common” in the first sentence means________

A. the same B. different C. strange D. beautiful

7. Whether people are right-handed or left-handed is mostly decided by ______

A. their parents B. their minds C. their short pants

D. the way the brain works

8. Each side of the brain ______

A. likes music and maths

B. controls the same things

C. controls different things

9. When you are singing, you are using your ________

A. logic thinking B. left brain C. middle brain D. right brain

10. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. If a man has a strong right brain, he must be an accountant

B. Not all the artists are left-handed

C. If a man has a strong left brain, he must be a left-hander

2. Tom wants a double room for two days at the Grassland Hotel. He should pay _______________. 3. Restaurants at the Happy Holiday Hotel open ________________. 4. If Tom wants to ride a horse, he should stay at ________________. 5. The double rooms at the Grassland Hotel are more expensive because they have ___________.

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