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九年级英语全册《Unit 11 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are(第三课时)》导学案

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九年级英语全册《Unit 11 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are




1、请同学们先认真阅读学习目标,然后仔细研读课本P89 (1a—2c),看完后将所学到的东西进行归纳,画出重要知识点,用红笔做好疑难标记。


3. 用以上形容词谈论一些你熟悉的场所。 Eg. Xiangshan park is very big and beautiful. And it’s very interesting ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________


1. Finish 1a on your book. 2. Write sentences about these places according to 1a. The restroom is _____________________________________________________________ The museum is _____________________________________________________________ The restaurant is_____________________________________________________________ The park is _________________________________________________________________ The subway is _______________________________________________________________ The mall is _________________________________________________________________ 3.Talk about some places in Jinxi like supermarket, hotel restaurant bookstore and so on . ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


A:Excuse me, can you tell me where I can buy some books? B: I think you can go to Hope Book store. The store is very big, and it has all kinds of books. A:___________________________________________________________________________ ? B: __________________________________________________________________________ .【小 结】



一、单项选择 ( )1. Could you tell me how the library?

A. getting to B. to getting to C. to get to D. do I get to ( )2. There is always something . A. happening B. to happen C. happened D. happen ( )3. Could you tell me there are any museums around here? A. where B. what C. that D. if ( )4. My friend usually in the mall. She likes shopping so much. A. hands out B. makes out C. goes out D. hangs out

2. Lucy got the first prize again because she is always h_________ . 3. I didn't go to bed u ________ my mother came back from work. 4. Why not send a m ________ to your mother to say "Happy birthday"?

5.1 usually get up at a ________ six every day.

6. —Which would you like to drink, tea or coffee? —E ________ is OK.

1. Is there a good restaurant ________(eat) around?

2. I’d like to buy some _________(write) paper. 3. You can take the elevator to the ________(two) floor.

4. Look! There is an old man ________(sit) under the tree. 5. Jane prefers ________(be) outside to staying at home on weekends.


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