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九年级英语全册《Unit 11 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are(第二课时)》导学案

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九年级英语全册《Unit 11 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are



1、Revise how to ask and answer the way.

2、Learn the new words: fresh, block , oak .

3、Learn to talk about some place by telling its advantages and disadvantages.


1、请同学们先认真阅读学习目标,然后仔细研读课本P88 (3a—4),看完后将所学到的东西进行归纳,画出重要知识点,用红笔做好疑难标记。


the following questions by yourself.

1. Do you like to hang out(闲逛)with your friends when you are free?

2. Where do you usually hang out with your friends? 3. Is it a good place to hang out?

4. What’s its advantage?

5. What’s its disadvantage?


1. Read 3a carefully and answer these questions carefully. 1, Where do many young people like to hang out after school? _____________________________________________________ 2. How many people are interviewed in this passage? _____________________________________________________ 3. Does Yu Yue like to go to the mall? Tell us the reason.


4. Li Jun loves the mall, doesn’t he? Why? _____________________________________________________

5. What does Hu Peng say? _____________________________________________________


3. 模仿3b 编对话。

【小 结】


一、用that, if ,whom , what , where , why , which , how , when 或 who 填空。每个词限用一次。 1,Can you tell me ____ _ the cinema is ? 2. Can you tell me ____ _ Miss Gao will come back ? 3, Could you tell me ____ _ I can cook fish? 4. Jim told Li Feng ____ _ he would go for a holiday. 5. Lucy told me ____ _ they called this in English. 6. Why don’t you tell him __ __ took his watch away? 7. No one told me __ _ she cried . 8. People often ask me ___ _ I like being a twin. 9.The man asked ___ _ bus he would take.

10.Do you know ____ _ the man is waiting for here


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