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山东省肥城市王庄镇初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 7 Will people have robots(第4课时)导学案

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八年级英语上册 Unit 7 Will people have robots(第



继续学习形容词副词最高级的用法 【重点、难点】

1.熟练掌握以下词汇: scientist, already, made, factory, simple, human, shape, snake, possible, seem, impossible, housework, hundreds of , be able to,over and over again,fall down,look for,for example,look like,wake up ,bored,such


(1) He thinks that it will be difficult for a robot to do the

same things as a person.

(2) They think that robots will even be able to talk to people

in 25 to 50 years.

(3) Some will look like humans, and others might look like

animals (4) We never know what will happen in the future!







1. 人类的仆人_______________2.帮忙做家务______________3.制造小

汽车_____________4.反复的_________________5.不同意某人的观点_____________6.许多,大量________________7.突然倒下_____________8.寻找_________9.看起来像人类___________________ 10 .醒来 __________

2. 句子:

1) 他们反复地做简单的工作。

2) 使机器人确实像人一样思考会非常困难。


3) 有的机器人会看起来像人,有的可能看起来像动物。

【 课堂活动】





【 当堂达标】 1.He is happy that he _____in a tall apartment next year.

A. live B. lives C. will live D. will living

2.—Will there be more people in 100 years, do you think? —_____,I hope.

A. No, there isn’t B. No, there aren’t C. No, there won’t D. No, they won’t.

3.I hope I have _____free time. I don’t like to keep busy. A. more B. less C. many D. much

5.I _____rockets to the moon when I grow up. A. will put B. will fly C. will take D. will be fly

6.If there are _____trees, the air in our city will be _____ cleaner.

A. less; more B. more; more C. more; much D. much; more 7.I predict he will be an engineer _____ten years because he is so interested in making things.

A. in B. after C. later D. for

8.There were many famous predictions that never_____.

A. come true B. came real C. came true D. be true

9. It ______ that everyone _______ to laugh.

A. seems; loves B. seem; love C. seems; love D. seem; loves

10.In ten years, John _______an astronaut.

A. is B. will be C. was D. will

11 .How many people _______there fifty years ago.

A. will B. were C. are D. will be

12.In AD 20 000,what_______the world be like?

A. is B. will C. was D. are

13.There is_______ meat but_______ cakes on the plate. Please have one.

A. a little; a few B. a few; a little C. few; little 2

D. little; a few

16.—I think that China will win the World Cup one day.

—I_______. The Chinese team is becoming stronger and stronger.

A. agree B. disagree C. don’t agree D. think

17.I will have many different _______.

A. kinds of goldfishes B. kind of goldfishes

C. kind of goldfish D. kinds of goldfish

18.Every day he makes me_______ early and __________ in the morning.

A. to get up; run B. get up; to run C. to get up; to run D. get up; run


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