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Module 1
Unit 1

Nice to meet you.

Our Goals:
Task: ? 1. Listening: to understand the conversation about self-introduction ? 2. Speaking: to give a briefintroduction, including name, age and hometown

Acticity1: Listen and check the number of speakers.

? How many people are there in the conversation? ? There are three. ? Who are in the conversation? ? Betty, Lingling and Daming.

Acticity2: Listen again and check the words you hear. class name friend teacher hello too

China 1. Ms Li is from________, Wuhan. 13 2. Lingling is ________years old. 12 3. Daming is ________ years old. 4 4. Tony is in Class_______, 7 Grade______. America ? 5. Betty is from___________.

? ? ? ?

Activity: Fill in the blanks:

1. Miss Li is a ________. teacher She is _________. Chinese student 2 LingLing is a _______. friend She is a _______ of Betty.

Beijing 3 Daming is from ________.He is ________years old. twelve

student 4. Tony is a _________. England He is from _________. 5. Ms Li, LingLing and Daming are all Chinese _________.
6. Lingling, Daming and Tony are all________________. studentss

Language points:
1.What about you? 1). 去游泳怎么样? What about going swimming? 2). 去购物怎么样? What about going shopping? What about doing?= How about doing?

2. Welcome to Class 4 Grade 7! 1). 欢迎学校。

Welcome to our school. 2). 欢迎来到我们国家。 Welcome to our country. Welcome to…


Choosing the correct answer

1 Ms Li is from Wuhan.
2 Lingling is twelve years old.

(F )

3 Daming is thirteen years old .
4 Tony is not in Class 4 . 5 Betty is from America.

( F) (F)
( T)

A: What’s your name, please? B: _______ Are you Chinese? A:_________________ B: How old are you? A: ________________.How about you? B: _________________ A: Nice to see you. B:_________________

1. What’s your English name? My English name is… 2. Where are you from? I’m from … and I’m … 3. How old are you? I’m … 4. What’s your hobby? My hobby is … I like… I like…too. 5. What can you do? I can … but I can’t …

1.What’s his/her English name? His/Her English name is … 温馨提示: 2.Where is he/she from? his/her为形物代, 意思为他/她的, He/She is from … he/she为人称代 词主格,做主语。 3.How old is he/she? He/She is … 4.What’s his/her hobby? His/Her hobby is …He/She also likes … 5. What can he/she do? He/She can …

My English name is … I‘m … I’m from… My hobby is … I also like… I can … But I can’t … I’m happy to…

My partner is … His/her English name is … He/She is … He/She is from… His/her hobby is… He/She can … But He/She can’t … He/She …

name , age ,country, class….

? Introduce you to your new friends

1. 很高兴见到你. Nice to meet you . 2. 玲玲来自英国.她是个学生. Lingling comes from England. She’s a student. 3. 我是中国人.我十二岁.

4. 你

来自哪里?我来自美国. Where are you from ? I’m from

I’m Chinese. I’m twelve years old.

1.根据句意和首字母提示完成单词。 (1) W________ are you from? I’m from Wuhan. (2) She is from Beijing. She’s C__________. (3) Wang Hai is my friend. He’s twelve y____ old. (4) Nice to _________you. 2. 用所给单词的适当形式填空: (1)It’s my ______ (one)English lesson. (2) What ________(be)your name? (3) How old _______ (be) Tim and Tom? (4) Where ______ (be) you from? I____(be) from Shanghai. (5)Wang Hui is thirteen ___________(year)old.

Module 1
I’m Wang Lingling and I’m thirteen years old.

Unit 2

Our Goals:
Task: ? 1. to read and find information about people ? 2. To talk about your friends ? 3. to write about your friends

Task One
? Dialogue game

Task Two

Reading and answering

Questions: 1.What’s Daming’s English name? David 2. Is Lucy Lingling’s English name? Yes, it is 3. How old is Tony? 13 4. Is Wang Hui from Beijing? No, he isn’t

5. Where’s Lingling from, Beijing or Shanghai? Beijing

? Introduce the boy and the girl in the photos

? Introduce your friends or family members or….

Sentence-making 1. 他是我的朋友。 2. 伦敦是英国的首都。 3. 大明的妈妈是上海人。 4. 剑桥不是一个大城市。 5. Betty是美国人吗?

read team tea meet bee see Chinese me keyboard sit listen dictionary live

peach need he



friend twelve parent weather health



blackboard match international factory


? Please finish writing the report of ? Please remember the words ? Please read a loud

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