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山东省肥城市王庄镇初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 7 Will people have robots(第3课时)导学案

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八年级英语上册 Unit 7 Will people have robots(第





1.熟练掌握以下词汇:astronaut, rocket, space, space station, fly, took, moon,take the train


(1) A:What do you think your life will be like in ten years? B: I think I’ll be an astronaut.

(2) A: Where will you live? B: I’ll live on a space station.

(3) I’ll fly rockets on the moon.

(4) Maybe there will be flights to other planets.






(1) 谈论他人上班或上学的交通方式应该用什么句型?请用三种时态形式


一般过去时:-______ _______you get to school? -I _________(take)the train to school.

一般现在时:-_________ _________you get to work? -I_________(get)to work by bike.

一般将来时:-_________ _________you get to work? -I_________(fly)to work.

(2)谈论他人居住地点应该用什么句型?请用三种时态形式表示出来。 一般过去时:-_________ _________you _________? -I_________(live) in an apartment.

一般现在时:-_________ _________ you _________? -I _________(live)in a house.


一般将来时:-_________ _________you _________? –I_________(live)on a space station.

(3)表示自己现在的职业用:I_______ a/an…预测自己将来的职业用:I______ ______a/an…

【 课堂活动】





【 当堂达标】

Life in the future will be different from life today. Between then and now many changes will happen. But what will the changes be?

The population is growing fast. There will be many people in the world and most of them will live longer than people live now.

Computers will be much smaller and more useful,and there will be at least one in every home. And computer studies will be one of the important subjects in schools then. People will work fewer hours than they do now and they will have more free time for sports,watching TV and traveling. Traveling will be much cheaper and easier. And many more people will go to other countries for holidays.

There will be changes in our food,too. More land will be used for building new towns and houses for all the people. Then there will be less room for cows and sheep,so meat will be more expensive. Maybe no one will eat it every day. Instead,they will eat more fruits and vegetables. Maybe people will be healthier. Work in the future will be different,too. Robots will do dangerous and hard work. Because of this,many people will not have enough work to do. This will be a problem.

1.In the future there will be ______.

A.much more fruit B.fewer people

C.less vegetables D.less people

2.Every family will have at least a ______ in the future.

A.robot B.cow C.TV set D.computer

3.In the future people don't have to ______.

A.work long hours B.work fast

C.walk on foot D.eat meat

4.People may not eat ______ as much as they do today.

A.fruit B.fishC.meat D.rice

5.One big problem in the future is that ______.


A.many people don't have to work

B.many people will not be able to find work

C.people have to work fast

D.all the work will be done by robots


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