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Unit 7单元检测

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Unit7 单元测试题


( )1.There _______ a robot in every home.

A.will have B.will be C.are D.are going to be

( )2.Last year I went to Beijing and ________ it.

A.fell in love with B.fell love with C.fall love in D.fell in love to

( )3.I will be an engineer ____ ten years.

A.after B.in C.at D.on

( )4.There will be less ________.

A.trees B.people C.pollution D.cars

( )5.It may take _________ years to make such robots .

A.hundred of B.two hundreds C.hundreds of D.hundred

( )6. He seems________.

A. happily B. happy C. happiness D. to happy

( )7.She plays ______ today.

A.the football B.the tennis C.the guitar D.piano

( )8.I think there will be _____ people and ______pollution.

A. less, fewer B. less, more C. fewer, less D.fewer, fewer

( )9.He will call me if he ________ in Beijing.

A.reaches B.arrives C.will arrive D.gets

( )10.Kids will study at home ____ computers ____ a hundred years.

A.in, on B.by, after C.on, in D.in, for

( )11. Wei Hua knows only ________ French.

A.a few B.a little C.little D.few

( )12.Paul always makes his sister ______.

A.crying B.to cry C.cried D.cry

( )13.He is so old that he can _____ himself now.

A.wear B.dress C.put on D.take off

( )14.Computers will ________ by most people in the future.

A.use B.used C. be used D.be using

( )15. We have to wear _____ uniform to school.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 16. Who ________ we ________ swimming with tomorrow afternoon?

A. will; go B. do; go C. will; going D. shall; go

( ) 17. We ________ the work this way next time.

A. do B. will do C. going to do D. will doing

( ) 18. Tomorrow he ___ a kite in the open air first, and then ____ boating in the park.

A. will fly; will go B. will fly; goes C. is going to fly; will goes D. flies; will go

( ) 19. The day after tomorrow they ________ a volleyball match.

A. will watching B. watches C. is watching D. is going to watch

( ) 20. There ________ a birthday party this Sunday.

A. shall be B. will be C. shall going to be D. will going to be


went away quickly.

26.A.was take B.was taking C.were taking D.were take

27.A.for B.of C.with D.from

28.A.arrived B.got C.got to D.arrived in

29.A.doesn’t B.didn’t C.don’t D.wasn’t

30.A.Because B.When C.So D.While

31.A.wait B.waited C.waiting D.waits

32.A.went into B.goes into C.go into D.to go into

33.A.a B.an C.the D./

34.A.off B.on C.out of D.into

35.A.found B.look for C.look after D.find out 36.A.walk B.walks C.was walking D.walking

37.A.is B.was C.were D.are

38.A.Luck B.Lucky C.Unluckily D.Luckily

39.A.very B.so C.too D.such

40.A.ask B.asking C.asked D.asks IV词语运用(本题15小题,每小题1分,共15分)

1. My father ______ a teacher 10 years ago, but now he ______ a policeman. (be)

2. People in our village built many tall ______ (build)last year.

3. Last Friday night, I ______ (have) a birthday party at home.

4. She ______ (be) 20 years old next month.

5. There ______ (not be) an English test the day after tomorrow.

6. China will build our own s______ station.

7. Do you like living a______ or living with others?

8. His handwriting is e______ worse than his little brother’s.

9. He likes to ______ (穿衣)casually when he eats with his friends.

10. It’s one of the biggest ______ (公司) in the city.

11. Tony looked for his pen e______ , but he didn’t find it.

12. Lucy helps her parents with h______ on weekends.

13. We should speak English as much as p______ if we want to learn it better.

14. Most people are afraid of ______ (蛇).

15. My father works in a ______ (工厂). He is a worker.

56. Tom works for a mobile phone _______________

57. The boy was_______________ to swim when he was very young

58. My mother told me that light travels faster than _______________

59. There are too many tall_______________ in big cities . People can hardly see trees or stars .

60. Mrs White doesn’t live with her family. She lives in New York_______________

B. 根据短文内容和所给中文提示,写出空白处各单词的正确形式。每空限填一词。

What will the life be like in 2050 ? Well , yesterday we did an ( 56) _______________(面谈)with Mr Black . Mr Black is a great (57) _______________(科学家)in Green City . He said (58) _______________(每样东西)would be free in 2050. And there would be lots of (59) _______________(机器人)in our life. They would work in (60) _______________(工厂). People would only do (61) _______________(简单的)jobs . They would help people do some

(62) _______________ (家务).And people would have longer vacation . People would have more time to take their pets like (63) _______________ (蛇)or dogs for a walk . And some of them would go to the (64) _______________(月球)for vacation .Mr Black said it would take us only a day to (65) _______________(飞行) there by rocket . I thought Mr Black ‘s predictions were great . I hope they can come true.

Ⅳ. 补全对话(5分钟,10分)

根据下面的对话情景,在空白处填上一个适当的句子,使对话的意义连贯、完整。 A: Look at this picture, what’s it?

B: Oh, it’s a robot!

A: You’re right. It’s the newest robot in the world.

A: It can help with housework.

A: Of course. Besides(除了) sweeping the floor, it can also take care of kids and old people. ____?

A: No, I won’t. I can’t afford it.

____? Is it very expensive?

A: Yes. It’s 50, 000 dollars. But we can have a look at it tomorrow. It is on show in the Science Museum.

A: What about at my home at 9: 00 a. m. ?

B: OK. See you then.

V、书面表达 (10分) 用英语写一篇短文,预测一下你未来的生活,词数在60词左右。

提示:1. 想像你未来会从事什么职业;

2. 想像你未来的生活会是什么样子;

3. 为了实现未来的生活,你现在应该怎么做;

4. 多用将来时态。

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