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7A Unit2导学案(2)

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英语导学案 (7A Unit2)

课题: Reading I

课 时 目 标

1. To know a player named Li Hua.

2. To let students use the words and the drills to introduce their favourite players.

课 前 导 学





4. ……的一个新的成员

5. 黄河足球俱乐部




课 堂 活 动

Step 1 Revision

Review the lesson which we learned last time

Step 2 Presentation

Ask students to say after the teacher .

Step 3 Practise and act out

Ask students to practise themselves in groups and act out .

Step 4 Presentation

Step 5 Practice

Step 6 Presentation

Step 7 Practice

Step 8 Listening

1. Listen to the tape and repeat it , then finish Part B1 on P21.

2. Listen again with books closed. Get Ss to follow.

Step 9 Practice

Step 10 Demonstration

1. Read the text together for further understanding.

2. Divide the class into four groups, each group reads the introduction about one student. 1

3. Read the article individually, then finish Part B2. For the False information, let Ss correct it.

4. Finish Part B2 on P21, check the answers.

课 堂 反 馈


( ) 1. Liu Xiang comes Shanghai but now he in Beijing.

A. from; lives B. in; live C. at; live D. from; live

( ) 2. Each member hopes to the next match.

A. play at B. play in C. play by D. play of

( books, but Bob enjoys TV.

A. read; watch B. reading; watching

C looking; watching D. reading; looking

( football player.

A. the favourite B. favourite

C. her favourite D. her the favourite

( ) 5. Daniel and Simon are good badminton A. play B. player C. players D. plays


. He was born in Shanghai in 1980. He is as 2.26 metres(米). He plays basketball for Houston Rockets in the USA. . They think he plays very 2

, to music. He loves animals. He likes dogs .

food is sausage and tomatoes.


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