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题(无答案) 人教新目标版




1. A. Yes, I did. B. Sorry, I don’t know. C. What about you?

2. A. My cousin.

B. He is 2 years older than I

C. We watched a talk show at home.

3. A. It has the worst service.

B. I go there myself.

C. Because it’s the closest to my home.

4. A. Yes, she usually does that.

B. At least 3 times a month.

C. I have lunch at home

5. A. It was too expensive

B. A large bowl of noodles.

C. I don’t like ice –cream.

6. A. Song Zuying. B.I don’t mind them. C. No, I don’t.



7. A. By train B. By bus. C. On foot.

8 A. Every day. B. Twice a week. C. Three times a week.

9. A. Movie world. B. Sun Cinema. C. Town Cinema.

10. A. He often goes shopping

. B. He often goes to the park.

C. He often goes to the movies.

11. A. It was fantastic B. It was new C. It was terrible.

12. A. China B. The USA C. The UK

第三节: 短文理解(12分).



13.What is Cindy interested in?

A. Music B. History C. Geography

14.What does Cindy think of history?

A. Interesting B. Difficult C. Easy

15.What does Cindy know?

A. The longest river and the biggest country

B. The biggest country and the highest mountain.

C. The longest river and the highest mountain.

16.What do Cindy’s classmates think about her?

A. Good-looking B Clever C. Outgoing



17. When did they do the survey?

A. Yesterday B. The day before yesterday

C. Last week

18. How many students read English every day?

A. 8 B. 10 C. 6

19. Why do 20% of the students read English in the morning once a week?

A. They think it’s boring

B. They can always get up early.

C. They don’t like English.

20. Why don’t 10% of the students read English in the morning?

A. They think it’s boring

B. They don’t have time.

C. They don’t need to read it.

II 单项选择 (共20分)

21.Thanks for ______me.

A. helps B. helping C. helped D. Help

22.What did you do yesterday evening, Gina ?

I ______Titanic 3D in the UME Cinema.

A. watch B. watched C. am watching D. will watch

23. We______ in a small village 5 years ago.

A. live B. lives C. lived D. are living

24.The teacher asks us______ play soccer in the street.

A. to not B. not C. not to D. didn’t

25.I know the junk food isn’t good ______ us.

A. for B. at C. to D. With

26.The math problem was so hard that ______students could work it out.

A. very few B. only a little C. quite a few D. very a little

27.Lily is _______than I am.

A. Funny and outgoing B. more funnier and outgoing

C. funnier and more outgoing D. more funny and outgoing

28.Gina is ______better at math than Tim.

A. more B. much C. very D. a lot of

29.Jessica is not______ good at sports _______her sister.

A. much, than B. a little, as C. as so D. so, as

30.I think China’s talent show is one of the _______movie stars in China.

A. popular B. popularest C. more popular D. most popular

31.Our teacher will have _______ to tell us.

A. important something B. important nothing

C. something important D. important anything

32._______ does your brother exercise? Twice a week.

A. How soon B. How long C. How often D. How many

33. My shoes are cheaper than ______.


A. you B. your C. yours D. your one

34. Eating ______ food is good for your ______.

A . health, healthy B. healthy, health

C. healthy, healthy D. healthily, healthy

35.Look, my skirt is ______beautiful than yours.

Oh, yes. But it’s______ more expensive than mine.

A. more, more B. much, much C. much, more D. more ,much

36. Of all the classmates, Mike is _______ .

A. tall B. taller C. tallest D, the tallest

37.Anna is the same ______me. We______ _smart.

A. as, both are B. as, are both

C. from, are both D. From,. both are

38.Is it very cold today, Nancy ?

Yes, it’s getting_______.

A. cold and cold B. more cold and cold

C. more and more cold D. colder and colder

39._______she was tired,_______ she didn’t stop writing.

A. Although ,but B. Though, / C. But , / D. Though, but

40.What does he______ soap operas ?

He can’t _______.

A. think of, stand it B. like, mind them

C. think of ,stand them D. think, love it

III.完形填空 (每小题2分,共20分)

From Monday to Friday, most people are busy working or studying. But in the evenings and weekends, they are 41 and enjoy themselves. Some watch TV or go to the cinema, others 42 doing sports. This is decided by their own interests. There are many different ways to spend our free time. Almost everyone has some kind of hobbies; it may be something from 43 stamps to making model planes. Some hobbies are very 44 , but others don’t cost any money at all. Some collections are worth(值) a lot of money, others are valuables(有价值) only to their owners. I know a man who has a stamp collection worth thousands of dollars. A short time ago, he 45 250 dollars on an unusual fifty-cent stamp. At that time , he was very 46 about it and thought the price was all right. On the other hand, my youngest brother collects 47 . He has almost 100 of them , but I don’t think the movie tickets are worth any money.48 , they are quite valuable to my brother. 49 makes him happier than to find a movie ticket for his collection.

That’s what a hobby means, I think . It is something we 50 doing in our free time. The value in dollars is not important , but the happiness it gives us.

41. A. serious B. Clever C. Funny D, free

42. A. care about B. join C. join in D, take care of

43. A. collecting B. collect C. collects D, collected

44. A. expensive B. cheap C. beautiful D, interesting

45. A. paid B. bought C. spent D, took


46. A. sad B. happy C. angry D, nice

47. A. stamps B. movie tickets C. pens D, model planes 48. A. So B. However C. Because D, But 49. A. Nothing B. Everything C. Anything D, Something 50. A. have B. need C. enjoy D, want IV.阅读理解 (每小题2分,共30分)


51. If you want to watch a football game, the best programme for you would be _______. A. TV play B. Sports C. Around the world D. Talk show 52. The programme of ______ will let you know much about western countries. A. Sisters B. Around China C. Around the world D. On TV next week

53.If you want to know something about tigers, elephants and monkeys ,the best programme for you is __________. A .Around China B. Animal World C. TV play D. Foreign arts


John was ten years old and was a very lazy (懒的)boy. He had to go to school every day. He didn’t like school and didn’t want to do much work. His parents were doctors. They hoped that their son would become a doctor when he grew up. But one day John said to his mother, “When I finish school, I want to be a dustman(清洁工).”

“A dustman?” his mother asked. She was very surprised. “That’s not a happy job. Why do you want to be a dustman?”

“Because I only have to work one day a week,” John answered. “One day a week?” his mother asked. “What do you mean?”


“Well,” John answered. “I know that the dustman only come to our house and work on Wednesday, because I only see her on that day.”

54. John did not want to do much work at school because_________.

A. he was lazy B. he didn’t like the teachers

C. he was good at lessons D. his parents would help him

55. John’s parents wanted him to become a doctor because __________ .

A. they are doctors B. he is lazy

C. it’s not busy D. they are busy

56. John wanted to be a dustman because he thought ______________ .

A. it was the easiest work

B. it was the most interesting work

C. it was much better than to be a doctor

D. a dustman didn’t have to work every day


57. Xia Ming worried about ______.

A. his classmates B. his life C. his study D. his magazine

58. Thumbelina gave ______ examples in the letter.

A. one B. two C. three D. four

59. Thumbelina wrote about those famous people _______.

A. to make Xia Ming feel better

B. to make Xia Ming laugh


C. to show how much she knows

D. to let Xia Ming make friends with them

60. “Tomorrow is another day.” tells us ______.

A. it’s the weekend tomorrow

B. Xia Ming can get good grades tomorrow

C. there are new hopes in our lives

D. Xia Ming will get up early tomorrow .


For many people of Norway(挪威),skiing(滑雪) is the best way to have fun in winter. Almost everyone can ski. Children learn to ski after they learn to walk. Long long ago in Norway , there were no buses, trains or cars. People had to find a way to walk over the deep snow. Skis were the right answer!

Although they love winter, the people of Norway are also happy to see summer come. They enjoy the out-door activities at any time of the year. In summer they swim and sunbathe near the beach. Some people go hiking and go mountain climbing. Sail-boating is also very popular during the warm sunny summer months.

The Norwegians(挪威人), like people everywhere, find many in-door ways to have a good time. During the long winter they also enjoy movies. They like to read books from the libraries in all seasons. Family life is very important to the people of Norway.

61.In winter, ______ is the most popular sport for Norwegians to have a good time.

A. skiing. B. skating .C. swimming D. running

62.Long long time ago, Norwegians skied for ______.

A. having fun

B. crossing the deep snow

C. making money

D. doing exercise

63.How many activities can you find in the passage?

A. 6 B. 7 C. 8 D. 9

64.The writer wants to tell us about ______.

A. skiing

B. the life of Norwegians

C. out-door activities

D. weather in Norway

65. Which sentence is right?

A. Norwegians like winter, but they don’t like summer.

C. Norwegians also like indoor activities.

D. Norwegians are serious.

6 B. Norwegians don’t think family life is very important.


V 任务型阅读(每小题2分,共6分)

Sandwich(三文治) was an Englishman. He lived in the 18th century. Sandwich was rich, but he liked to play cards for money. He often played for 24 hours, and didn't even stop to have his meals. He ordered his servants(仆人) to bring him some meat and bread. He put the meat between two pieces of bread and held the food in his left hand while he played cards with his right hand. People liked Sandwich’s idea, and from then on they ate bread and meat as Sandwich did.

From the name of the man, Sandwich, we have the name of the food “sandwich” today.


66、What did Sandwich like to do ?


67、Why did Sandwich let others bring him something to eat ?


68、How did Sandwich eat bread and meat when he played cards ?



69. Jim is taller than the other two.(改为同义句)

Jim is _________ _________ of the three.

70.I think Miller’s is the best.(改为否定句) I Miller’s is the best.

71.I can’t stand Animal World.

______ do you _____ of Animal World?

72.Lily is 10 years old .Lin Hua is 11years old.(合为一句)

B. When?


B: Sure, I’d love to.

A: By the way, can Jim join up?

B: _______76

A: Then how about Bill?

7 Lily is _____ ______ Li Hua. VII口语运用(每空1分,共5分) A; What’ s today? B: _______73 A; Oh, the day after tomorrow is Saturday. How do you plan to spend your weekend? B: I’ve no idea. How about you ? A. I’ m going to play football.______ 74

B: He can’t , either. His mother is ill. He has to look after her in the hospital. A: _______77 Oh, who can play with us then?

B: Maybe Andy, John, Tim and Tom.

A: That’s good. I will call them this evening.



VIII 短文填空(每小题2分,共16分) When I had something difficult to do, I often asked my mother for 78 .But she always said, “Do it 79 ,dear!” I thought she was the laziest mother in the world! I wasn’t happy at all. For 80 ,one day, I want to invite some friends to my home. My bedroom was dirty. Books were everywhere. And I didn’t make the bed. I asked my mother to help me clean it, 81 she still said, “Do it yourself, dear!”

Because of my “lazy mother”, I have to wash my clothes and clean my room. I have to help my parents 82 housework. I even have to go to the dentist by my myself. It’s really difficult 83 me to do everything myself, but I learn a 84 .

As time goes by, I understand my mother. She makes me clever and hard-working. What a great mother! A 85 mother is worth(值得)100 teachers ! Don’t you think so?

78______ 79_____ 80______81______82_____83________84______85______

IX 书面表达(15分)

假设你是Jenny, 请你写一封信件给你的美国笔友Tom 的信,介绍你和你最好的朋友


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