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2013外研版英语七年级上册 Module 7 Unit 3

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1. How do I write my homework on the computer? 2. What do I do next?

3. Where do I write the name?

Match the questions with the answers. 1. Where do you save your homework? 2. When do you use a computer? 3. How many emails do you write every

4. Who do you write to?

a) I write to my friends. b) I save my homework in a document. c) I use my computer after school. d) I write three or four emails.

Keys: 1. b 2. c

3. d

4. a

Complete the conversations. — Where do your grandparents live? — They live in Australia. 1. — _________ save my document? How do I — Click “save” and “OK”.

2. — What does he do with his computer? ______________
— He sends emails.

3. — When does she use her computer? ________________ — She uses her computer every Sunday. 4. — ________________ emails to? Who do you write — I write emails to my friends. How many emails do they send 5. — _____________________________ every day?

— They send ten email every day.

Complete the sentences with the correct
form of the words in brackets.

doesn’t see 1. Tony __________ (not see) his uncle,
but he ______ (send) emails. sends

2. We ____ (use) the Internet on use
don’t play our computer, but we ___________

(not play) games.

3. Daming ___________ (not use) a doesn’t use computer to do his homework, but she plays ______ (play) music. 4. She ________ (make) travel plans makes doesn’t buy on the Internet, but she ___________ (not buy) tickets. 5. We ___________ (not have) a don’t have computer at home, but we ______ use (use) the computer at school.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words from the box.
check like plan talk use

1. Tom _______ his email every Saturday. check use 2. I have a computer, but I don’t ____ it. 3. Come to my office. Let’s _____ for plan our holiday.

4. My mother doesn’t _______ computer like games. 5. I can _______ to my friends on the talk Internet.

The first computer
My name is ENIAC. I am the first

computer in the world. I was born in 1946
in America. I am very big, about one and

a half times the size of a classroom. I am
very heavy — 30, 000 kilos!

Work in groups of three. Write

questions about students and


Name 1 Name 2

Do you have a computer at home? Do you use a computer for your homework?

Work with the whole class. Make a survey about students and computers. Use the notes you made in Activity 6 to help you. Seven students have a computer at home. Five students use a computer for their homework …

一、特殊疑问句的构成:是由“疑问 代词或疑问副词 + 一般疑问句”构成 的。 二、特殊疑问词: what (询问事物) how much (询问价格) what time (询问时间, 尤其是钟点) what kind of (询问种类)

why (询问原因) who (询问人) where (询问地点) 注意:特殊疑问句不能用yes或no来回 答, 而应根据它所询问的内容直接作答。 1. How do I write my homework on my c

omputer? 我怎样在电脑上写作业?

2. How do I save the document?

我怎样保存这个文件呢? 3. What do I do next? 我下一步该做什么? 4. How do I print the document? 我怎样打印这个文件? 5. How many emails do you send? 你发送多少邮件?

6. How often do you use a computer? 你多久用一次电脑? 7. What do you usually do on the computer? 你常常在电脑上干什么?

A. 完成句子:

1. 请打开灯,天太暗了。
Please _________________ the light. switch on /turn on

It’s too dark.
2. 怎样保存文件的? ________ I ___________________? How do save the document

3. 她朋友通常在电脑上做什么? What does her friend usually do _____________________________? on the computer?

4. 他通常使用电脑做作业。
He ______________ the computer usually uses

to ________________. do his homework

5. 最后,把打印机和电脑连接起来。

_______, ________ the printer ____ Finally connect to
the computer.

6. 你发送多少邮件?
How many do you send ___________ emails ____________?

B. 根据首字母提示完成短文: Lingling wants to write her homework ut on the computer. (1) B____ she doesn’t

know (2) h____ to do it. Daming is ow
helping her. (3) F____, use the mouse and irst

click “new document” to (4) o____ it. pen

Next, use the (5) k________ to write her eyboard

homework in the new (6) d________. ocument ave Then, click “ save” to (7) s____ the
document and write a name it in the (8) b____. Then (9) c____ “save” again. ox lick Finally, click “print’ and “OK” to (10) p_____ the document. rint

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