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试卷分值:100分 考试时间:90分钟 命题人:郑朝晖 审题人:赵春雯

I. 听力 (15分,每题1分)


( )1. A. I always have a good time at school.

B. I always have a good time at home.

C. I never have a good time at school.

( )2. A. My favourite subjects are Chinese, Art and Science.

B. My favourite subjects are Maths, Art and Science.

C. My favourite subjects are Maths, English and Science.

( )3. A. We have our morning break at 9:50 a.m.

B. We have our morning break at 9:40 a.m.

C. We have our morning break at 10:30 a.m.


( )4. A. I want to be an engineer when I grow up.

B. I was an engineer when I was young.

C. I became an engineer in my dream last night.

( )5. A. After school, we make great music at home.

B. After school, we make great music with each other.

C. After school, we make great music at different places.


( )6. Where is David from?

A. He is from the UK. B. He is from the US. C. He is from Japan.

( )7. What is Julia’s sister?

A. A singer. B. A nurse. C. An art teacher.

( )8. How can they get to the zoo?

A. By bus. B. By bike. C. On foot.

( )9. What does the man usually do on Sunday evening?

A. He reads the paper. B. He goes to the park. C. he rests all day.

( )10. What does the girl say about Emma?

A. She arrives at school on time mostly.

B. She is always late for school.

C. She is never late for school.


( )11. How old is David?

A. 10. B. 13. C. 16.

( )12. What's Tom's favorite sport?

A. Basketball. B. Soccer. C. Baseball.

( )13. Why does Mary want to go to China?

A. Because she wants to see pandas.


B. Because she wants to learn Chinese.

C. Because she wants to see Jackie Chan.

( )14. What languages can David speak?

A. French and Chinese. B. English and Chinese. C. French and English.

( )15. What does David like doing in his free time?

A. Going to see a movie. B. Going swimming. C. Singing songs.

II. 单项选择:(25分,每题1分)

i. 在四个选项中,选择与所给单词的划线部分读音相同的词。(5分)

( )16. ( )17. ( )18. A. B. D.( )19. ( )20. ii.选择与划线部分意思相近的选项。 (5分)

( A. hava a good time B. by yourself C. play well D. make friends with

( A. things I must do B. things I like doing in my free time

C. things I hate doing D. things my teacher ask me to do as homework

( A. never B. often C. not often D. always

( A. gives B. shows C. asks D. protect

( A. cleans B. makes...dirty C. makes...die D. keeps...safe iii. 选择最佳选项。(15分)

( )26. ---Do you have _______ e-friend?

--- Yes, I have one from ________.

A. an; Germany B. an; German C. a; Germany D. a; German

( )27. --- I usually go to school ________ bus. How about you?

--- I go to school ________foot.

A. by; on B. on; by C. by; by D. on; with

( )28 ---It’s really hot today. What drinks do we have in the fridge?

---Let me see. There is some ________.

A. noodles B. cheese C. potatoes D. orange juice

( )29. ---_______ your sister go to your school?

---No, she ______.

A. Does; isn’t B. Does; doesn’t C. Do; isn’t D. Do; doesn’t

( )30. ---_______ do you visit your grandparents?

---About twice a month.

A. How often B. How long C. When D. How

( )31. Every day, Sam ______ up early and ______ morning exercises.

A. gets; doing B. get; do C. gets; does D. getting; doing


( )32. ---We only have a 10-minute break.

---__________ it is!

A. What short B. How short C. What a short D. How a short

( )33. ---In my school, lunch is from 11:40 _____ 12:20.

---Well, lunch in my school starts ______12:00! That’s too late! I’m always hungry!

A. and; at B. to; at C. at; to D. at; /

( )34. ---Are there _______ shops near here?

---Yes, there is one ______ the school.

A. some; far from B. some; close to C. any; far from D. any; close to

( )35. ---There _______ a lot of pollution on Earth.

---I agree. We must stop ______ the Earth. It’s our home.

A. is; pollution B. is; polluting C. are; pollution D. are; polluting

( )36. ---Does Lily love going to school?

---Yes, she is _______ late for school.

A. always B. never C. often D. usually

( )37. Tom, Jack and I often _______ different kinds of after-school activities.

A. take part in B. takes part in C. join D. pay attention to

( )38. ---It’s important ______ us _______ the Earth for our future.

---Let’s take action now!

A. of; to protect B. of; protecting C. for; to protect D. for; protecting

( )39. ---What does your brother look like?


A. He has short hair. B. He likes reading.

C. He comes from China. D. He enjoys watching TV.

( )40. ---Sam, would you like to come to my birthday party?


A. Yes, I like. B. Yes, I’d love to. C. No, thanks. D. No, I don’t.

III. 完形填空:(10分,每题1分)

One Friday morning, Chen Hua gets up late. When he gets to the (41)________of the classroom, Mr. Gao, his math teacher says, “You are (42)________again. How many times are you late this (43) _________?”

“Three times.”says Chen Hua.“Why are you late this time?”says the teacher(44) ________. “Because I get up late.”

“Why don’t you go to bed (45)________?”asked the teachers.

“It isn’t my fault, Mr. Gao. The TV play is (46)________ at about eleven.”answers Chen Hua.

“Now, please give me your (47)________.”says the teacher.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do it.”says Chen Hua. “Why don’t you do it?”asks the teacher.

“Because the first part of the homework is too (48)________. I don’t think I need to do it. The second part is (49)________difficult for me to do. I can’t (50)________ it out. So I don’t do it.”answers Chen Hua again.

( )41. A. door B. window C. dest D. blackboard

( )42. A.sorry B. late C. early D. happy


( )43. A.time

( )44. A.angrily

( )45. A. late

( )46. A. starts

( )47. A. keys

( )48. A. easy

( )49. A. much

( )50. A. make B. day B. happily B. early B. begins B. homework B. difficult B. few B. work C. month C. sadly C. quickly C. over C. book C. hard C. little C. get D. lesson D. friendly D. well D. come D. band D. easier D. too D. complete

IV. 阅读理解:(30分,每题1分)

i. 阅读短文,选择最佳选项。(共4篇文章,共20小题,每题1分)


A. it needs four musicians B. it needs musicians who can play the guitar

C. the band is in Room 201 D. we can go there every Friday after school

( )52. If you like running, you must be interested in ______.

A. Shamrock Track & Field B. the Computer Club

C. Shamrock High School Band D. the Writing Club

( )53. If you are the teacher of the Computer Club, you may want to invite ______ to give a


A. Bill Gates B. Mo Yan C. Yao Ming D. Justin Bieber

( )54. If you want to be a writer, you can go to the club ______.

A. every Tuesday and Thursday B. every Friday after school

C. on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. D. on Mondays after school


( )55. What's the main idea of the passage?

A. It's the introduction of four different films

B. It is the introduction of four different clubs.

C. It's the introduction of four different jobs

D. It is the introduction of four different schools


( )56. What does Jack like doing?

A. Playing the guitar. B. Keeping secrets.

C. Making others laugh. D. Playing football.

( ) 57. Who can be Holly's friend?

A. Someone who is very quiet.

B. Someone who likes to talk about interesting things.

C. Someone who is good at all subjects.

D. Someone who is very cool.

( ) 58. Which is more important to Marie?

A. Telling jokes. B. Playing with her.

C. Helping her. D. Keeping secrets for her.

( ) 59. Who wants his or her friends to do well in all subjects?

A. Molly. B. Toby.

C. Jim. D. Sally.

( ) 60. Whose friend is Kelly?

A. Jim's. B. Toy's. C. Sally's. D. Molly's.


A Young Musician

How does it feel to win a singing competition? Josie Nelson knows.

Josie Nelson is a girl from Minnesota, US. She is the daughter of Linda

and Brian Nelson. She got the first place in the State Fair Talent



"I feel so excited," Josie Nelson said. "It's really hard to forget the feeling of just being there, singing and playing for everybody."

Josie Nelson started to learn singing and playing the guitar at the age of 8. She took part in two competitions and she won both.

But the two competitions are not the only big events in her music life. She also writes her own songs and performs(表演in the past years and she performed four of them on September 15.

“I just hope my songs and videos can inspire (激励) people to do things they like," Josie Nelson said.


( ) 61. How did Josie Nelson feel when she won the State Fair Talent Competition?

A. Sorry. B. Excited. C. Tired. D. Angry.

( ) 62. When Josie Nelson was 8 years old, she began to learn _________.

A. singing B. playing the guitar C. dancing D. Both A and B

( ) 63. What does the underlined word "raise" ______ mean in Chinese?

A. 升起 B. 筹集 C. 幻想 D. 购买

( ) 64. Which of the following statements about Josie Nelson is TRUE?

A. She won only one competition.

B. She performed two of her songs on September 15.

C. She hopes her music can inspire people to go for their dreams.

D. She thinks music can help her make money.

( )65. What's the passage mainly about?

A. A young talented girl.

B. The State Fair Talent Competition.

C. How it feels to win a competition.

D. Poor families.



Halloween falls on October 31st. It is one of the most favourite holidays for children in the US. They put on special clothes. Sometimes they dress like witches and ghosts. Sometimes they dress like kings and queens. They go to their neighbour's

house and knock at the door. When the neighbour opens the door,

the children say, "Trick or treat?" The neighbour gives them

chocolate or some fruit. Sometimes people don't give the children

any food. Then the children on them. They put

soap(肥皂) on their windows, or they draw pictures on their walls.

Children like this special day. They like their bags of sweets. Black is one of the traditional Halloween colours, probably because Halloween festivals and traditions took place at night. Pumpkins are

a symbol(标志物) of Halloween, so orange has become the other traditional Halloween colour. Making lanterns out of pumpkins is a Halloween custom.

Parties are also popular in the evening. People go to parties in costumes and play different games. People also like listening to ghost stories and watching scary movies.


( )66. When is Halloween?

A. The first day of a year. B. The last day of the year.

C. The first day of October. D. The last day of October.

( )67. Children can get sweets and fruit on Halloween from their ______ .

A. teachers B. classmates C. parents D. neighbours

( )68. How do children dress on this special day?

A. They dress beautifully. B. They dress like witches and ghosts.

C. They put on school uniform. D. We don’t know.

( )69. What does“play a trick" mean in Chinese?

A. 玩游戏 B. 捉弄 C. 敲门 D. 涂鸦

( )70. What are the traditional colours for Halloween?

A. Black and white. B. Black and red

C. Red and orange. D. Orange and black.

ii. 选择下列词语或短语完成对话, 有多余选项。(共5小题)

Tom: Ann, what do you (71)________do after school?

Ann: I (72) _________ some school activities.

Tom: Are you a member of any clubs?

Ann: Yes, I am in the Green Earth Club.

Tom: Oh? What do you do in this club?

Ann: We (73)_________how to protect the Earth.

Tom: Sounds great!

Ann: You know, there’s more and more (74)_________ on Earth. The Earth is in


Tom: Yes, people (75)________ too much rubbish and care little about the


Ann: We should do from little things and fight against pollution.

Tom: I can’t agree with you more.








G. Then what can you do? Do you like sports? Can you play basketball well? Did you play basketball yesterday? What’s your favourite sport? Why not join the music club? There’re all kinds of clubs in our school iii.

Sally: Hi, Peter.

Peter: Hi, Sally. Nice to see you!


Sally: Me too! School starts again. (76)___________ . What club do you want to join? Peter: I want to join the basketball club.

Sally: (77) ___________

Peter: No, but I want to be a good basketball player when I grow up. What about you? (78) ___________

Sally: Oh, I don’t like sports at all.

Peter: (79) ___________

Sally: I like playing the piano. But I can’t play it well.

Peter: (80) ___________

Sally: That’s a good idea. Shall we go now?

Peter: Ok!

V. 根据句子意思用所给单词的适当形式填空(共10小题,每题1分)

81. I like my school because the teachers are all very ___________(friend).

82. My dream is__________(be) a football player someday.

83. Linda is good at ___________(play) the piano.

84. Sue ___________(brush) her teeth twice a day.

85. My hobbies are ___________(go) hiking and playing table tennis.

86. I go traveling with my family __________(one) a year.

87. There are two __________(glass) of water on the table.

88. Tim __________(not like) getting up early.

89. The article is about Sam’s __________(day) life.

90. Cathy, you should do your homework by ___________(you).

VI. 书面表达(10分)

根据图示,以“Peter’s Mornings” 为题写一篇短文。

要求 1)60-80词



4)参考词汇:usually, sometimes, junior high school, morning exercises,

take a shower, then, after, noodles, strong and healthy


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