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I. 听力


1. I always have a good time at school.

2. My favourite subjects are Maths, Art and Science.

3. We have our morning break at 9:50 a.m.


4. I dream to be an engineer.

5. After school, we make great music together.


6. W: Who is the boy in a brown shirt?

M: It’s David. He has short brown hair.

W: Is he from England?

M: No, he is from the US.

7. M: Julia, you say your brother is a singer. How about your sister?

W: She is an art teacher.

8. M: Shall we go to the zoo? I hear there’s a dolphin show there.

W: A dolphin show? I’d love to go.

M: How can we get there? By bus?

W: Oh, no. It’s not far from here. We can walk there.

9. W: What do you usually do on Sunday?

M: I go to the park in the morning, work in the garden in the afternoon and read the paper

in the evening. I don’t like to rest all day and do nothing.

10. M: Has Emma ever been late for school?

W: Only once or twice at most.

M: I should learn from her.

W: Me too.


Hi, everyone! My name is David Smith. I am from the UK. I live in London with my family. I have an elder brother and a younger sister. My brother is 16 years old. His name is Tom. His favourite sport is baseball. My sister is 10 years old. Her name is Mary. She likes animals and wants to go to China to see pandas. I am 13 years old. I can speak English and a little Chinese. I like going to the movies in my free time. I like Chinese Kung fu very much. My favourite movie star is Jackie Chan.


I. 听力 1-5 ABAAB 6-10 BCCAA 11-15 BCABA

II. 单选 16-20 DCBBB 21-25 ABCAB

26-30 AADBA 31-35 CBBDB 36-40 BACAB

III. 完型 41-45 ABCAB 46-50 CBADB


IV. 阅读 i. 51-55 DAACB 56-60 ABDBA 61-65 BDBCA 66-70 DDBBD

ii. 71-75 BAEGD 76-80 GCBAF

V. 适当形式填空

81. friendly 82. to be 83. playing 84. brushes 85. going

86. once 87. glasses 88. doesn’t like 89. daily 90. yourself

VI. 书面表达

参考范文: Peter’s Morning

Peter is a junior high school student. He has busy mornings. Every day, he gets up early. Then he does morning exercises. He is strong and healthy. After that, he brushes his teeth and takes a shower. He enjoys taking a shower in the morning. Then he has breakfast. He usually has some noodles and an egg. Sometimes he has some bread. Peter goes to school at 7:30. He has busy and happy mornings.


本题满分为10分,依据内容和语言按五个档次给分。大小写、标点符号有错误,至多扣0.5分; 单词拼写有错误扣分总和不超过2分(5个以内扣0.5-1分,6个以上扣1-2分),同一错误不重复扣分; 语法错误每项扣0.5分,同一错误不重复扣分,扣分总和不超过2分。

(二) 各档次的给分范围和要求

第五档 (9-10分)能紧靠题目,叙述清楚,层次分明,语句通顺。对图画观察准确,要点全面。

第四档 (7—8分)内容较完整,语句较流畅,有少量语法错误,行文基本连贯,表达基本清楚,书写较规范。

第三档 (4—6分)能写出部分内容要点,语言有较多错误,尚能达意。

第二档 (2—3分)只能写出少部分内容要点,语言错误很多,只有个别句子可读。

第一档 (0—1分)只能写出个别要点,语法错误较多,书写欠规范,只有个别句子可读或通篇不知所云。


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