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Unit 7 Where would you like to visit?


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翻译: 1.你想参观什么地方?我想参观意 大利。 Where would you like to visit? I’d like to visit Italy. 2.我希望有一天去法国。 I hope to go to france some day. 3.我想去某个令人放松的地方。 I’d like to go somewhere relaxing

touristy adj. 游客很多的 spotlight n. 公众注意中心 consider v. 考虑,思考 lively adj. 活泼的,活跃的 Eiffel Tower 埃菲尔铁塔 Notre Dame Cathedral 巴黎圣母院 church n. 教堂

convenient underground general in general wine translate pack

adj 便利的 adj. 地下的 adj. 一般的,概括的 通常,大体上,一般 而言 n. 葡萄酒,酒 v. 翻译 v. 把…打包

light wonderful

adj. 轻的 adj. 奇妙的,极好的

_____ 1. The person has a lot of money to spend F on the vacation F _____2. The person wants to relax and do nothing on vacation Dk _____3 The person is a man Dk _____4. The person has children T _____5. The person likes to swim _____6. The person wants to go to another country. DK

1. take

go for a trip / have a trip eg: My family will take a trip to Hawaii next summer holiday.

a trip:

2. provide sb

with sth = provide sth for sb

= offer sb sth

eg: This book will provide you with all information you need. 这本书会提供你需要的所有资料。 What kinds of vacations can you offer? They can provide us with the latest information. (They can provide the latest information for us).

3. be

away(离开,延续性动词,可以 和一段时间连用)

eg: Please help me to water the flowers while I am away. 我不在家时,请帮我浇浇花。 A:Where is Xiao Li ? B: He is away from school. ( He is not in school.) B: He has been away from school since two hours ago. The director has been away (for a week).

Yang Liwei had been away from the earth for about 21 hours. 扬立伟离开地球大约21小时。 与leave的区别:leave(离开,为短暂性动词,不能和一 段时间连用)


hope pack save provide cook provide 1. Could you ___________ me with information about student exchange programs? cook 2. My mother is going to ________ Beijing Duck tonight. Would you like to come for dinner? saving 3. I’m _________ my money so I can buy a new bicycle. 4. Shanghai is cold this time of year. You need to pack ______warm clothes if you go there. 5. We’re going to Africa on vacation. We hope ______ to see some elephants.



The end Thank you

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