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2013年八年级上英语Unit6 --7复习习题

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上大学_______________________________学习计算机科学_______ __________

学习表演课程_______ ___________取得好成绩___________________________


听起来像_____________________________完成高中学业_______________ __






( )1、—What is Nancy going to be when she________?

__Maybe she is going to be a math teacher.

A. grow B. grows C. grow up D. grows up

( )2、—How are you going to be a computer programmer? —I’m going to _______.

A. take piano lessons B. keep fit C. eat healthy food D. study computer science1、You need to take notes at the meeting, so make sure _______ a pen and some paper with you.

A. bring B. bringing C. to bring D. not bring

2、---How are you going to become a write? ---I’m going to keep on _______stories.

A. writing B. write C. to write D. to writing

3、---There is a new movie Let Bullets Fly. Let’s watch it. ---That _______ a good movie.

A. sounds B. sounds like C. looks D. looks like

4. I want to be an engineer. So I am going ________ than before.

A. work hard B. to work hard C. work harder D. to work harder

5、Nelly is going to be a teacher. She is going to ________.

A. take acting lessons B. study computer science C. study education D. practice basketball

6、---_________ are you going to work?

---I’m not sure yet. Maybe Beijing or Shanghai.

A. When B. Why C. How D. Where

7、There _______ an art exhibition this Sunday.

A. have B. is going to be C. is going to have D. is going to hold

8、Is there ________ in today's newspaper?

A. everything new B. new nothing C. anything new D. new something1. I’m going to study

9. Does Jim want ______the first one to get to the top of the mountain?

A. to B. to be C. being D. be

10. I am ______ volleyball tomorrow.

A. practice B. going practice C. going to practice D. go to practice

11. Miss White is going _______ for her summer vacation.


A. new somewhere B. somewhere quiet C. quiet somewhere D. some quiet where

12.This music sounds______.

A. good B. a good plan C. like good D. likes a good plan


1. My cousin is going to be a pilot when he _________ (grow) up.

2. Uncle Wang is a race car _________ (drive). He loves his jobs very much.

3. Do you want _________ (be) a pilot?

4. If you want to be an actor, you have to take __________ (act) lesson.

5. Chen Han is going __________ (move) to shanghai when he finishes his studies.



---What are you _________ __________ _________ when you _________ _________?

---I want to be ________ ___________.


Some girls are going to exercise more __________ __________ _________.


Sam ________ _________ __________ race car driver and he is going ________ _______ a fast car next year.


Ken is going to _______ ________ and ________ them _________ magazines and newspapers.

5. 明年汤姆打算组建一支球队。

Next year, Tom_________ __________ ___________ make a soccer team.

6. 不要轻易对别人做出承诺。

Don’t _________ _________ __________ other people easily.

7. 其他的人告诉他们的家人和朋友有关他们的愿望和计划。

________ ________ other family and friends _________their wishes and plans.

8 人们通常会在年底制定新年决心。

People usually_________ _________ at the beginning of the year.

9. 双胞胎总有一些共同之处。

The twins always__________ some things__________ _________.

10. 第一个决心和自我改进和提高有关。

The first resolution_________ ________ _________ __________ my own personal improvement. 1.








9. I think kids will study at home on computers _____ ten years.A.at B.for C.after D.in Hurry up! The train _____ in two minutes. A.go B.went C.has gone D.will go My father was _____ than he is now. A.thinner B.thin C.less D.few The boy _____ off the bike and hurt his leg yesterday. A.fall B.fell C.falls D.will fall I have _____ homework to do than you. A.much less B.much C.very little D.fewer I think that England _____ next time. A.will win B.won C.is winning D.wins His mother _____ in a village five years ago. A.lives B.lived C.is living D.will live _____ seems very hard to work out this problem. A.That B.This C.I D.It There is only _____ time left. We must hurry. A.little B.a little C.few D.a few

10. Do you think _____ a football match tomorrow?


A.there will be B.will there be C.there will have D.there are going to be

11. He often helps his mother _____ the housework, but he never _____.

A.with,get bored B.with,gets boring C.to do,get bored D.with,get bored

12. It _____ her ten years to make money _____ the big house.

A.takes,to pay B.take,pay for C.took,paid D.took,to pay for

13. _____ a basketball player he wants to be a person _____ Yao Ming.

A.Like,like B.As,as C.As,like D.Like,as

14. A dog robot could help _____ the room. A.cleaning B.getting C.clean D.get

15. You can read all kinds of books _____ computers in 10 years. A.in B.on C.from D.of

16. They _____ to work. They’ll work at home instead. A.will go B.won’t go C.didn’t go D.went 完形填空

Life in the year 3044 is very different __1___ life in the 21st century. We still do many of the things you did, but we do them __2___. For example, we now have e-friends to help us and keep us company. And e-friend is a machine that looks just ___3__ a human being. It can walk and talk and can do almost ___4__ we human beings do. My e-friend is a lot like me and we have __5___ fun together. She helps me __6___ homework and we often go swimming. She is programmed to take care of me if anything ___7__, so I always feel safe when we are together. She can also send me messages, just like old-fashioned e-mail, and I can download information from her memory. It’s great __8___ an e-friend—I am never lonely and I always have someone to talk ___9__.

I would like to tell you more about life in the year 3044, but I have to send my e-friend to clean up my room. Maybe __10___ I will be able to travel back in time and visit you.









9. A.of B.from C.in D.with A.different B.difference C.differently D.differences A.like B.for C.at D.up A.something B.anything C.nothing D.everything A.many B.a number of C.a lot of D.the number of A.with B.at C.on D.doing A.will happen B.happens C.happened D.is going to happen A.have B.having C.to have D.has A.to B.about C.with D.both A and C

10. A.one day B.in one day C.after one day D.with one day

阅读理解 (A)

Tom and Fred are talking about the year 2020. “What will our world be like in the year 2020?” “I don’ know,” says Fred. “What do you think?” “Well, no one knows, but it’s interesting to guess.” “In the year 2020 everyone will carry a pocket computer. The computer will give people the answers to all their problems. We shall all have telephones in our pockets, too, and we’ll be able to talk to our friends all over the world. Perhaps we’ll be able to see them at the same time.” “A lot of people will live and work under the sea. Perhaps there will be big towns, factories and farms under the sea, too.” “Machines will do most of the work, and so people will have more holidays, perhaps they’ll work only two or three days a week. They’ll be able to fly to the moon by spaceship and spend their holidays there.” “I’m looking forward to the year 2020. I hope to go to the moon!” “And I hope I’ll be able to live under the sea.” says Fred. “Won’t that be very interesting? Just like a fish!”

1. Tom and Fred talked about _____ .

A.their school life B.some interesting new C.their life in the past D.their life in the future


2. Machines will _____ .

A.do most of the work instead of people B.do some of the work instead of people

C.do as much work as people Ddo as little work as people

3. From their talk, we know that _____.

A.only Fred hopes to fly to the moon B.both of them hope to fly to the moon

C.one of them hopes to fly to the moon D.neither of them hopes to fly to the moon

4. Fred said _____.

A.he liked fish very much B.he would like to live under the sea like a fish

C.he would go fishing under the sea D.he would spend a few days on the moon

5. Which of the following statements if NOT mentioned?

A.people will be able to fly to the moon in a spaceship

B.people will have more holidays C.many people will live and work under the sea

D.all the factories and farms will be built under the sea


1.He ______(be)a teacher after he leaves college.

2.There ______(be)fewer children in people's homes in 10 years.

3.Do you think ______(predict)the future is difficult or easy?

4.His sister always plays a part in ______ (save) the animals.

5.—What will you do tomorrow afternoon?

—I ______(play)basketball with Jim.

6..Now the ______ (pollute) is very serious.

7..We should plant ______ (many)trees than before.

8..It ______(seem)that it's going to rain.

9..There are ______(hundred)of people planting trees on the hill.

10.The elephants are in great ______(dangerous);people shouldn't kill them any longer. .根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词(每小题2分,共10分)


People______ ______ ______a space station______100 years.


______will______ ______ ______ ______ ______.


______ ______ ______a railway station in our hometown.


What______your life______ ______in ten years?


______ ______will you finish the work?

B:Yes,I think so.There will be more computers than books.

A:I think there will be fewer books,too.Computers will be cheaper,2.______ B:I don't think homes will have computers.3.______ We will live on space stations. A:4.______ I don't want to.Could I live here?

B:5.______ But they'll be better than houses.They'll be bigger and cleaner.


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