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1.开始滑冰 start skating/to start

2.七年前seven years ago

3.第一双溜冰鞋the first pair of skates

4.对某人说talk to sb./say …to sb.

5.山顶学校Hilltop School

6.为慈善机构筹款raise money for charity/charities

7.整整五个小时the whole five hours

8.三年半three years and a half/three and a half years

9.一个半小时one and a half hours/one hour and a half

10.集邮collect stamps

11.对…感兴趣be interested in/take an interest in

12.马拉松溜冰赛skating marathon

13.自从去年since last year

14.第一个/最后一个做某事的人the first/last one to do sth.

15.多久how long

16.收集贝壳collect shells

17.具有俄罗斯风格in Russian style

18.…的首都、省会the capital of

19.许多犹太人 a lot of Jews

20.欧洲影响 European influence

21了解/学习关于…learn …about…

22.一个有丰富历史的城市 a city with a colorful history

23.感到惊讶be/feel surprised

24.一千多年前more than 1000 years ago

25.告诉某人某事 tell sb.aboutsth.

26.学习研究西方的历史study western history

27.确信 be sure/make sure

28.很难理解be difficult/hard to understand

29.开始做某事start doing/to do sth

30.越…,越… the比较级…the 比较级…

31.其他任何人anyone else

31.为某事感谢某人thanks/thank you for+sth/doing sth

32.事实上in fact

33.用完;用尽run out of/run out

34.顺便一提;顺便问问by the way

35.在我七岁生日那天on my senventh birthday

36我的爱好 my hobby

37.放风筝fly kites/a kite

38.win the first place

38.两年多 more than two years

39.最不寻常/常见的爱好the most unusual/common hobby

40.给你不同的题目give you different topics

41.在冬天期间during the winter

42.在远处far away 43.成千上万的thousands of 44.想起;想到think of/about 45西方历史westenr history 46有名的人物 famous people 47.受到…的欢迎 be welcomed by 48.用英语写 write in English 49.组织才艺展 organize a talent show 50.想要做…would like to do sth.

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