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Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty

A long time ago there lived a King and a Queen .They were very happy, for they had a baby. She was a girl.

They had a birthday party for the little princess and invited a prince of the other country. That prince would become the husband of the princess.

The queen also invited the fairies to bless to the little princess.

“You shall be beautiful and wise.” said the first fairy.

“You shall be good and kind.” the second fairy said to the little princess.

Suddenly, a witch came to the party. “ Well, here's my blessing for the Princess. On her sixteenth birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die."

The last fairy said “I can change it a little. She will fall into a deep sleep that will last one hundred years,"

Next day the King issued a proclamation, ordering that all spinning wheels and spindles were to be burned.

The king and queen asked for the three fairies to take the princess out side the castle. Let them to take care of their daughter.

The witch ordered the crow to find the princess because her incantation would be come true.

For the sixteen years the princess and the fairies lived in the forest. Nobody could find them.

The princess grew into a lovely girl. But she didn’t know that she was a princess.

“Today is our princess’s birthday. She’s sixteen. Let’s make a cake and a new dress for her.” said the fairies.

A prince was riding a horse in the forest. Suddenly, he was attracted by a beautiful voice.

The sound was made by the pretty princess. She was singing to the animals.

The prince found her and asked her name. However, she didn’t answer.

Soon she went home. When she came in, she found the gifts that the fairies made. She was very happy.

The bad crow found the princess and told the witch where she was in.

At the day the princess was sixteen, the witch made a spinning wheel . Unfortunately, the princess toughed the needle of the wheel.

The bad wish was come true. The princess was sleeping on the bed. “ We must help her.” said the fairies.

The fairies did the magic to let all the people in the country fell asleep.

The witch caught the prince and took him to the hell.

The fairies help the princess to run outside of the hell. He went to save the princess.

Finally, he killed the witch. The prince entered the room of sleeping princess, leant over and gently kissed her. Soon , she opened her eyes.

At last they got married and lived happily in the kingdom.

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