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( ) 1.—Jim enjoys listening to pop music. — .

A. So does Helen. B. Also is Helen C. Helen likes also D. So Helen does

( ) 2. Our English teacher is very strict ___ us and he is strict ____his teaching.

A. with, at B. with, with C. at, at D. with, in ( ) 3. —What’s the matter?

—They said I should not be allowed____ here. They don’t allow_ __in the waiting room.

A. smoking, to smoke B. to smoke, smoke C. to smoke, smoking D. smoking, smoking ( ) 4. He doesn’t do his homework ____, though he has ______. A. carefully enough, enough time B. enough carelessly, time enough C. carelessly enough, enough time D. enough carefully,enough time ( ) 5. The little child was too ____________to hear the end of the

long speech.

A. sleepy B. asleep C. sleep D. sleeping ( ) 6. Everyone ____________to have at least eight__________sleep

at night. A. needs, hour’s B. need, hours’ C. needed, hour’s D. needs, hours’ ( ) 7. We should go to school at 8:00 ______________ school mornings.

A. at B. in C. on D. of

( ) 8. Something is wrong with my PDA.I will get it ________ .

A. repair B. repairing C. to repair D. repaired ( ) 9. ——Excuse me, you are _________ of my passing through.

——I’m sorry, here you go.

A. on the way B. in the way C. out the way D. off the way ( ) 10. Jill didn’t finish the homework,_________.

A. either B. too C. also D. neither ( ) 11. You must concentrate more _________ your English. A. to B. in C. on D. at

( ) 12. That is a good way to keep _________ teachers and students happy.

A. either B. none C. all D. both ( ) 13. Don’t get_________ when you study in groups. A. noise B. noises C. nois D. noising ( ) 14. We should learn _________ each other. A. to B. from C. for D. of

( ) 15. The children often take time to do things like_________. A. volunteer B. to volunteer C. volunteers D. volunteering ( )16、If I not so busy, I A. was; would go B. were; would go C was; should go D.


were; will go

( )17、If you want to know the mobile phone, you’d better

read the instructions first.

A how to use B. how to make C where to mend D.

where to buy

( to the zoo this Sunday if it A. will go ; is fine B. goes; is fine C. will go ; is going to be fine D. goes; will be fine ( )19. The girl is too shy in front of the whole class. A. speaks B. to speak C. not speak D. not to speak ( 20. please give me about how to learn English well. A. an advice B. some advices C. some suggestion D. some advice

( )21. We believe scientists will a way to solve (解决)the problem of air pollution.

A set off B. put off C come up with D. catch up with ( )22. ---you always spend only a little time on your study. You really me down.

---- I’m sorry, Mum. I won’t do that again. A take B. put C. let D. look

( )23.----when will Han Han’s new book?

----sorry, I don’t know. I’, looking forward to his new book, too.

A. come on B. come out c. come in D. come over ( )24.you can’t smoke in .It’s not allowed.

A. public B.a public C.the public D. publics

( )25.I read some good books than watch bad TV program.

A would rather B. would like C. had better D. prefer to ( )26.have you got to tell me ?

A. something important B. important something C. anything important D. important anything.

( 27.Don’t be late again. You be here on time

A. must B. can C. may D. needn’t

( )28. This book is A. mine hers B. mine; her C. my ;hers D .my; her

( )29. Mary be at home, because she called me from Shanghai just now. A.must B.can C.mustn’t D.cant’

( )30. Must we finish our homework now, Mrs Read? . A.mustn’t B.can’t C. won’t D.needn’t

( )31. I___________ frustrated when I wasn’t sure of the correct answer.

A. may be B. used to C. used to be D. use to be ( )32. When I was a child, I used to ___________ chocolate.

A. liking B. like C. liked D. likes ( ) 33. ___________ work in Microsoft?

A. Did you used to B. Did you use to C. Do you used to D. Do you use to ( ) 34. Where ___________ live before you came here?

A. did you used to B. did you use to C. use he to D. he used to


( )35. No one likes him ___________.

A. still B. never C. anymore D. too

( ) 36. I am ___________ of spiders.

A. terrify B. terror C. terrifying D. terrified ( ) 37. He is afraid of ___________ strangers.

A. see B. seeing C. saw D. seen ( ) 38. It___________ that he has been ill for a long time.

A. seems B. looks C. looks as if D. seems as if ( )39. I always go to sleep ___________ the light on.

A. in B. with C. to D. and ( )40. Don’t _________about things so much. It will make you stressed out.

A. afraid B. terrify C. terrified D. worry

( )41. We don’t think she is ____ honest girl.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 42. What’s wrong with my son’s _____? He can’t see things clearly.

A. eyes B. ears C. mouth D. nose

( )43. September 10th is the ________.

A. Children’s Day B. Children Day

C. Teachers’ Day D. Teacher’s Day ( )44. ____ of the two new books are interesting. A. All B. Both C. Any D. Either ( )45. ——Can I get you a drink? ——That’s very nice of you. I’ve already got _____. A. it B. one C. that D. this 3

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