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第I 卷(选择题80分)




5. What is John?s telephone number? A. 5067789. B. 5066789. C. 5066798.

6. Which city did Sandy visit last?

A. London. B. Paris. C. New York.

7.Where are they talking?

A. Outside the Children?s House B. On a bus C. At a bus station

8. What does the woman want to do?

A. She wants to fly to Shanghai

B. She wants to buy air tickets.

C. she wants to go to Shanghai by train.

9.What?s the time now?

A. 4:49 B. 4:55 C. 5:01

10.How many balls does the boy want the girl to bring tomorrow?

A. One B. Two C. Three

II. 听对话和短文回答问题(10分)



11. How is the weather be tomorrow ?

A. Cloudy. B. Rainy. C. Windy.

12. What will the boy probably do ?

A. Have a picnic. B. Read books. C.Play the piano.


14. A. 6:00 B. 6:30 C. 7:00

15. A. friends B. father C. mother


16.What could the rich gentleman see from his place?

A. A swimming pool. B. A park. C. A river.

17.Where did the poor man sleep?

A. On a bench(长凳). B. On the grass. C. In his bedroom.

18.Who would make the poor man?s dream come true?

A. Another poor man. B. God. C. The rich gentleman 19.Where did the rich gentleman live?

A. In his friend?s house. B. In a park.. C. In a big hotel.

20.How was the gentleman?

A. Cruel. B. Kind. C. Handsome.




A. the; an B. the; a C. an; a D. a; the

22.---It?s generous them to raise money for UNICEF.

---They think it important them to help poor children go to school.

A. to; for B. for; of C. of; for D. of; to

23.He explained _______ why he didn’t come to our party the day before last.

A. us B. for us C. with us D. to us

24.---I’m ___________ to eat a horse now!

---Really? But I don’t have _____________for you. It’s a great pity!

A. hungry enough, food enough B. enough hungry, enough food

C. hungry enough, food enough D. hungry enough, enough food

25.Don’t eat _____ meat. If you do so, You’ll get _____ fat.

A. much too; too much B. too much; much too

C. much too; much too D. too much; too much

26.Most boys_____ guns to dolls while most girls _____ have dolls than guns.

A. would rather; prefer B. would rather; would rather

C. prefer; would rather D. prefer; prefer

27.He told me he would tell us _____ .

A. surprising something B. surprising anything

C. something surprised D. something surprising

28.The Turners ______ the idea of buying the piano because it was too expensive.

A. gave up B. gave away

C. gave out D. gave in

29.I am used to going to bed early, but I have to stay up late ______.

A.at all times B.at times C.on time D.in time

30.The jeans look nice_____ Sandy because she looks very nice_____ blue.

A. on; in B. in; on C. for; on D. to; in

31.Colours can make us _______ or sad.

A. to feel happily B. feel happily C. to feel happy D. feel happy

32.I think Lily should wear ______ more because she worries a lot and often gets


A.yellow B.white C.orange D.green

33.I’m very sorry to keep you _____ for a long time

A. wait B. waits C. waiting D. to wait

34.---Robert’s never late, ______?---______. He always comes on time.

A. is he, No; he isn’t B. isn’t he; No, he isn’t

C. is he; Yes, he is D. hasn’t; Yes, he is

35.---Do you mind playing for our football team?

---—______. It’s my dream.

A.Better not B.Certainly not C.sorry, but I do D.Sure



Learning Chinese may seem difficult to foreigners outside China._36__, Daisy Raffan, an __37__ girl in Britain, hopes to bring the language to the young people. Daisy has __38__ an online learning website(网站) to teach the language to as __39__ people as possible, all over the world.

_40_ China?s fast development in the world, Daisy thinks __41_ important for people to learn the language sooner rather than later.Daisy has __42__ Putonghua since the age of five. Two years ago, after she decided to pass on what she had learned, this teenager __43__ the idea for the website, kidschineseclub. com. She said, “People are afraid to learn Putonghua. One of the main reasons is that they think it?s an __44__ language to learn, but I have had fun __45__it. And I hope what have done is easy and fun.”

Her __46__ offers a series(系列)of lessons, which are videos of Daisy teaching a group of students on topics from greetings and numbers to Chinese culture.

Daisy?s website has __47__ the support of several important persons—the teenager __48_ she has received a letter praising(赞扬)her work from Gordon Brown, who is the British Prime Minister(首相).

She said, “I wrote to him and told him what I was doing and got a letter __49__. He said that what I was doing was a really good__50__. I thought it was amazing. I was excited that someone so important was supporting what we?re doing.”

36.A.Otherwise B.Therefore C.However D.By the way

37.A.5-year-old B.18-year-old C.8-year-old D.28-year-old

38.A.invented B.discovered C.wrote D.set up

39.A.much B.few C.many D.little

40.A.As B.When C.With D.But

41.A.this B.that C.it D./

42.A.taught B.learnt C.drew D.talked

43.A.came out B.came on C.came over D.came up with

44.A.impossible B.interesting C.excellent D.easy

45.A.telling B.learning C.writing D.speaking

46.A.e-mail B.magazine C.essay D.website

47.A.won B.made C.given D.beaten

48.A.wonders B.asks C.doubts D.says

49.A.in B.back C.down D.up

50.A.girl B.design C.idea D.person




A. IELTS Listening . B. Car and Driver.

C. Quick & Easy Meals. D.Designing Effective Speech Interfaces.

52. Who will probably be interested in Quick & Easy Meals?

A. Car fans. B. English speakers. C. Housewives. D. Businessmen.

53. How many of the four short passages are introductions of magazines?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four.


When you cough or sneeze, please turn your head away from others and cover your mouth with the full part of your hand. Afterwards, you should say,” Excuse me.” is a rule I set for my students

It is so simple, but many kinds have never been told to do this. In fact, I notice adults cough and sneeze in public without putting a hand over the mouth. I hate traveling by subway(地铁) in New York during cold and flu season, because it is certain that someone is going to stand right behind me and cough or sneeze on my neck.

One important thing I point out to the kids is that after they sneeze or cough on their hand, they should wash their hands as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will be passing those germs(病菌) along to everything and everyone they touch.

In order to help the kids remember this rule, I tell them about an old story. It says that when you sneeze, evil spirits jump into your body. If you don?t cover your

mouth, the spirits will enter, but if you cover your mouth, you will keep them out, We say “God bless you” when someone sneezes, and in Germany you should say “Gesundheit”. That means “Good health to you. “ Both expressions are said just in case you didn?t cover your mouth in time and the spirits were able to enter your body. The kids love finding out the origins(起源) of these expressions and it encourage them to put the advice to use more often.

54. The writer of this article must be _______ .

A. a reporter B. a teacher C. a doctor D. an officer

55. What does the underline word ?this” mean?

A. Don?t cough or sneeze in front of people.

B. Don?t stand beside someone who coughs or sneezes.

C. Many people cough or sneeze on the underground train.

D. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing and say sorry.

56. After coughing or sneezing on their hand, students are advised to _______.

A. say “God bless you”

B. wash their hands as soon as possible

C. go to see a doctor as soon as possible

D. go home and have a good rest

57. According to the article, the writer would like the kids _______.

A. to be polite to adults B. to be in better health

C. to have good manners D. to do well in exams


At noon the rush hour had passed. There were few guests (顾客) in the snack bar. It was not crowded. When the boss was about to take a break to read a newspaper, in came an old lady and a little boy.

“How much money is a bowl of beef soup?” the grandma sat down, counted the money in her purse and ordered a bowl of beef soup. The grandma pushed the bowl to the little boy, who swallowed (吞咽) his saliva (口水), looking at his grandma and saying, "Grandma, did you really have lunch?" "Of course." His grandma chewed (咀嚼) a piece of radish (萝卜泡菜) slowly. Very quickly, the little boy ate up the meal.

Seeing this. the boss went over to them and said, "Old lady, congratulations, you are lucky to have the free food, for you are our 100th guest."

Afterwards, over a month or more, one day, the small boy squatted (蹲) across the snack bar, where he seemed to be counting something, which shocked the boss when he happened to look out office window.

When the small boy saw a guest walk into the snack bar, he would put a small stone into the circle he drew, but the lunch time had almost passed, the small stones he put into the circle were hardly 50.

The boss was quite worried and called up all his old guests. The guests started coming one after another.

"81, 82, 83… " the small boy counted faster and faster. At last, when the 99th

small stone was put into the circle, the little boy hurried to pull his grandma's hand and went into the snack bar.

"Grandma, this time it's on me," the little boy said proudly. The grandma who had become the real 100th guest was served a bowl of beef soup by her grandson. As his grandma as before, the little boy chewed a piece of radish in his mouth.

58. Grandma ordered only one bowl of beef soup because ________.

A. Grandma only liked radish

B. Grandma didn't like beef soup

C. Grandma loved her grandson more than herself

D. There was only one bowl of beef soup left in the snack bar at that time

59. What do you think of the boss of the snack bar'?

A. Impatient. B. Warm hearted. C. Very rich. D. Hard-working.

60. Why did the boy put the small stones into the circle he drew?

A. He played games with his friends.

B. He was asked to count the guests for the boss.

C. He wanted to get the free beef soup forhis grandma.

D. He only wanted to know the number of the small stones.

61. Which can be the best title of the passage?

A. The 100th guest B. A snack bar

C. A boy counting stones

D. A poor grandma

D Coyote Long ago,Bluebird's feathers were the colour of dust.

She did not like her ugly colour.She was attracted by the

colour of the lake near her home.It was as blue as the sky

after a storm.Bluebird wanted to be the colour of that

beautiful lake very much.

Flapping her wings one morning,Bluebird flew from

her tree to the blue lake. Then she bathed in the water

three times.After each bath,she sang,“Blue water.Still water.I went in.I am blue.”Bluebird repeated this every morning. On the third day,she came out of the lake with beautiful blue feathers.

Now Coyote was a trickster(骗子)---and hungry too. He stayed behind Bluebird?s tree for a long time every day and watched her go to the lake.He pretended(伪装)to be interested in everything she did.He wanted Bluebird for lunch,but he was afraid of the blue water.

On the third morning, Coyote saw Bluebird come out of the lake with beautiful blue feathers.Impressed,he sat next to Bluebird?s tree and waited for her.When she returned, he asked,“How did you get blue feathers? I want to be blue like the mountains too.”Bluebird didn't believe Coyote,but she taught him how to bathe three times each morning and how to sing her song.Coyote did what she said, and after three days of bathing in the lake,his white fur turned deep blue.

Convinced(确信的)that blue fur was even more beautiful than blue feathers,

Coyote forgot all about being hungry.He ran as fast as he could to the top of the hill. Standing on his back legs, he raised his front legs off the ground and howled.But Coyote slipped(滑倒)and rolled down the hill.He couldn?t stop himself,and the dust and dirt covered his new blue fur.He rolled and rolled until he hit into Bluebird?s tree heavily.No matter how much he tried,foolish Coyote could not shake the dust from his fur. So the fur of all coyotes has the dull colour of dust to this every day.

62.Why was Coyote a trickster?

A.He wanted to fly like Bluebird near the mountains.

B.He wanted to eat Bluebird but pretended to be curious.

C.He wanted to swim in the lake but was afraid of the water.

D.He wanted to sing Bluebird?s song but didn't know the words.

63.Where did Coyote go after his fur turned blue?

A.To the lake. B.To the tree. C.To the cave.D.To the hill.

64.Why did Coyote forget all about being hungry?

A.Because his fur had the dull colour of dust.

B.Because the dust and dirt covered his new blue fur.

C.Because he hit into Bluebird?s tree and hurt himself.

D.Because he thought blue fur was much more beautiful.

65.What words does the writer use to help you imagine the colour blue?

A.sky,lake,mountains B.bird,coyote,storm

C.flapped,climbed,bathed D.fur,feathers,dust

第II卷 非选择题(60分)


根据句子意思,用括号中所给汉语提示或英语单词的适当形式填空:在答题纸标有题号的横线上,写出空缺处所填单词的正确形式。(每空一词) 66. I wish to____________(创造) an amazing cartoon character for children.

(实验) when we have chemical lessons.

68. Information about FINA World Championships(世锦赛) in Spain this summer is

可获得的) on this website.

69. I hope that 31st Olympic Games will be (成功) held in Rio de

Janeiro, Brazil in 2016.

____ (建议) you to brush you teeth twice a day last week.

71. It?treated the same.

72. After Earth __ (decide) to see it.

73. The twins never care about others. They care only about

74. Do you have difficulty 75. It?s (true) possible that most of us can go to our ideal school.



We all have days when we are down, tired and unhappy. That?s OK. You need days like this, or how would you know you are happy? You?ll enjoy your good days

even more when you have a few bad days. Even if sadness is a part of life, let?s try to make it small. Here are a few simple ways to help you feel better when you are feeling sad.

1. Stand up straight and this helps your energy flow(流动). When your energy is flowing freely, you can flow too.

2. Smile! It?s easy to do and have good results. This way can not only leave you in a good mood but also bring others a good mood.

3. Listen to music. It can be the music that you like best. Some kinds of music work better than others, so try and find out what kind of music works the best for you.

4. Take some “me” time. You can find pleasure in reading a book, watching a sunrise or having a hot bath, or something like that.

5. Exercise. Even something as simple as taking a walk will get your blood flowing. It is a great way to clear your mind of anything that makes you sad.

These ways will cheer you up when you are down, but don?t just use them when you are sad. Try and practice them every day to make them a habit. You will be surprised to learn that these simple ways will keep your sadness away. But if you are in a deep depression(沮丧), go to see a doctor.



Young people are often unhappy when they are with their parents. They say that their parents don?t u__ 86_____ them. They often think their parents are too strict with them. Parents often find it difficult to win their c____87____ trust(信任), and they seem to forget how they felt when they were young. For e_____88_____,young people like to do things much thinking.It?s one of their ways to show that they grow up and they can solve difficult p______90____.But older people always think m___91_____ than young people.Most of them plan things ahead and don?t like their plans to be changed,so when you want your parents to let you do something,you will succeed easily if you

ask before you really start doing it. Young people often make their parents angry by the c___92____ they wear,the music they enjoy and something else.But they don?t mean to cause any trouble.They just want to be cut off(摆脱)from the old people?s world and they are t___93____ to make a new culture of their own.And if their parents don?t like their music or clothes or their ways of speech,the young people feel very sad.Sometimes instead of going out with their parents,they just want to stay at home a____94_____ and do what they like. ,you?d better win your parents over and get them to understand you,if so,your parents will certainly let you do what you want to do.


A. 句子翻译(共5小题;每小题2分,计10分)



97.我们真幸运,在2008年看到了奥运圣火(the Olympic holy fire)。




B. 写作(计20分)

你校学生会正在选举学生会主席。假设你是Li Ming,你觉得Daniel是合适人选。根据下表内容写一份推荐信给王老师介绍他的情况。



Dear Mr Wang:

I? _______________________________________________________________

In a word, he has all the qualities to be a good chairperson. We hope that

you agree with us.

Yours sincerely

Li Ming

命题:朱慧萍 校对: 蒋 卉









A. 句子翻译(共5小题;每小题2分,计10分)






B. 写作(20分)

Dear Mr Wang:

I? _______________________________________________________________










In a word, he has all the qualities to be a good chairperson. We hope that

you agree with us.

Yours sincerely L i Ming

66. create 67.experimments 68.available 69.successfully 70.advised

71. unfair 72.decision 73.themselves 74.forgiving 75.truly


76. tired 77. part 78. ways 79. energy 80. Smiling

81. favourite 82. Find 83. mind 84. habit 85. Suggestions/Advice


86. understand 87. children?s 88 example 89.without 90.problems

91. more 92.clothes 93.trying 94.alone 95.something


A. 句子翻译(共5小题;每小题2分,计10分)

96. It’s not difficult for us to pay attention to details in exams.

97.We were lucky enough to see the Olympic holy fire in 2008./It’s...

98. He preferred jogging to walking last year./He would rather…

99. He is imaginative enough to write many interesting stories.

100. Scientists find wearing red can make it easier for people to take action.




1. W: Hi, David. What?re you looking for?

M: I don?t know what to buy for Lisa?s birthday.

W: Why don?t you get her a book?

M: Yes, that?s a good idea.

2. M: Did you enjoy your holiday, Emma?

W: Yes, I was very happy.

M: Really? Is it the first time you come to China?

W: Yes, it is.

3. W: What can I do for you?

M: I would like a T-shirt. How much is the yellow one?

W: It?s 99 pounds. M: Oh, it is too expensive. What about the blue one?

W: It?s 90 pounds.

4. W: Where do you work, Mr. Black?

M: I work at the railway station.

W: How do you go to work every day?

M: By bus of course.

5. M: Hello, Rose. Can you tell me where John lives? W: Certainly. He?s on 23 rd Park Road. His number is 5067789.

6. M: Hello, Sandy! I haven' t seen you for a long time.

W: I've been abroad. I went to New York last month, and I returned from London yesterday after visiting Paris.

7. W: Jim, does the bus go to the Children?s House?

M: Yes. Let?s get on.

8. M: What can I do for you?

W: I?d like to buy two tickets to Shanghai. Do you have any planes to Shanghai tomorrow?

9: W: What?s the time by your watch, John?

M: Five to five. But My watch is six minutes slow.

10. M: Remember to bring me the ball tomorrow

W: Which one do you mean, the black one or the red one?

M: Well, neither. The white one.

II. 听对话和短文回答问题(10分)




M: Have you heard today?s weather report?

W: Yes. I heard it a moment ago.

M: What will the weather be like tomorrow?

W: The radio says it is going to be rainy.

M: What a pity! We can?t go for a picnic.

W: Why not practice playing the piano at home if it rains?

M: I?m afraid I like reading better than playing the piano.

W: OK. It?s good to do some reading on rainy days.


I am Tommy and today is Sunday. I get up at 6:30 in the morning. After breakfast, I begin to help Sandy with her English at 9:00. At 12:00, I have lunch with my parents. I play football with my friends at 3:00in the afternoon. My father is good at playing football, and he often tells me how to play football well. After supper, I play computer games in my bedroom. Then I go to bed at 10:30 in the evening. What a good day! 听一篇短文,回答16—20小题。

A rich gentleman lived in a big hotel .From there he could see a park .One day he looked out of the window and saw a very poor man sitting on a bench .The poor man was looking up at the windows of the hotel .The gentleman looked at the man every day and found every day the poor man looked up at the windows of the hotel .At last one day the gentleman went out of the hotel and walked to the bench .Where the poor man was sitting .He spoke to the man and ask why he was looking at the windows .

“Gentleman ,”said the man , “I sit on this bench every day and I sleep on this bench every night and all the time I think that some day I will sleep in that hotel .”

The gentleman said , “I will make your dream come true .Tonight you may sleep in my room .It is the best room in the hotel .”

The next morning he said to the poor man , “How did you sleep ?”

“Gentleman ,”said the man , “my bench in the park was better .”

“Why ”said the gentleman .

The poor man said , “I slept on the bench every night but every night I dreamed I was in the soft warm bed in the hotel .But last night while I was sleeping .I dreamed that I was on the cold hard bench . So I will go back to my bench in the park tonight .”

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