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1. We all know that France is a______(Europe) country.

2. There are different food cultures between China and______(west) countries.

3. Several______(Russia) came to our school last week.

4. “Excuse me, can I take this seat?” he said to the young woman______(polite)

5. At______(one) I didn’t like him, but now I do.

6. I want to make______(friend) with you.

7. What are those______(child) doing over there?

8. Let’s listen to his______(suggest).

9. There are a lot of______(mouse) in the old house.

10. The young man fell______(sleep) as soon as he lay down.

Ⅱ. 单项选择

1. Jack is sleeping. You should turn______ the music. A. on B. low C. down D. little

2. The book fell______ the table onto the floor. A. on B. of C. off D. over 3 If you______ well______ English, you’ll easily find a job.

A. will do, at B. do, in C. will do, in D. do, at

4 —What did the mother say? —She said they______ take her children______ her.

A. can’t, from B. couldn’t, away C. didn’t, away D. couldn’t, away from

5. We have______ running for two hours. When shall we stop, sir?

A. been practicing B. practice C. practised D. practising

6 —Would you mind______ the window? It’s too cold here. —OK. I’ll do it right away.

A. to open B. opening C. closing D. to close

7. When I was walking past the window, I saw Ben______ my homework. I really got______.

A. copying, annoy B. copying, annoyed C. was copying, annoy D. is copying, annoyed

8. I don’t think they are too personal,______? A. don’t I B. are they C. aren’t they D. do I 9 It’s just three days______ her grandma died. A. since B. until C. before D. for

10. Li Fang said she was______ in the______ stories.

A. interesting, interesting B. interested, interesting

C. interested, interested D. interesting, interested

11. He has looked for it______, but he can’t find it______. How sad he is!

A. everywhere, everywhere B. anywhere, anywhere

C. everywhere, anywhere D. somewhere, anywhere

12. Who’s______ my dinner?There’s nothing left and I’m so hungry.

A. eating B. eaten C. been eating D. eats

13. There will be______ water and______ trees in our village. How can we live here?

A. little, fewer B. less, less C. more, fewer D. less, fewer


It is well-known that the English go out with an umbrella or a raincoat. Why? _1_ the weather in Britain often changes quickly. It is not very usual for the same kind of weather to _2_ long. Spring can be rainy or windy, _3_ the weather is getting warmer, you can have more sunny days. In fact there _4_ as much sunshine in spring as in summer. Summer is _5_ time for visitors to go to the seaside and other places of interest(名胜). The weather can be sunny. People often go out to have a walk or swim. Autumn is a beautiful season, _6_ trees and parks changing colors. During autumn it is still nice to be outside, too. In winter, it gets colder. It might

snow, especially(尤其) on high land in the north. It is _7_ very windy in this season.

January and February are the coldest _8_ of the year, while the warmest _9_ often July and August. The difference _10_ temperature between winter and summer is not so great in Britain. The average(平均) temperature of winter is about 4.5℃, and summer is about 15.5℃.

1. A. For B. As C. Because D. Since

2. A. make B. stay C. change D. take

3. A. but B. and C. or D. for

4. A. can B. can be C. have D. can have

5. A. the earliest B. the latest C. the worst D. the best

6. A. with B. like C. without D. from

7. A. also B. too C. either D. as well

8. A. seasons B. weather C. months D. days

9. A. is B. are C. was D. were

10. A. for B. on C. by D. in


1 -Have you got some water to drink? -Here you are. There___ still some in the bottle.

A. are B. were C. is D. was

2. ____ there many American friends in the school last Friday?

A. Is B. Was C. Are D. Were

3. In 1850, about a third of U.S.A___ covered by forests.

A. were B. has been C. / D. was

4 Most of our earth____ covered by water. A. are B. is C. was D. were

5. These police often _ __ the children across the street.

A. help B. helps C. helping D. is helping


二) A good memory is a great help in learning a language. Everybody learns his own language by remembering what he hears when he is a small child, and some children——like boys and girls who live abroad with their parents——seem to learn two languages almost as easily as one. In school it is not easy to learn a second language because the pupils have so little time for it, and they are busy with other subjects, too.

Our mind is rather like a camera, but it takes photos not only of what we see but also of what we feel, hear, smell and taste. When we take a real photo with a camera, there is much to do before the photo is finished and ready to show to our friends. In the same way there is much work to do before we can keep a picture forever(永远) in our mind. Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.

1. We usually begin to learn our own language by______ it.

A. speaking B. hearing C. saying D. teaching

2. If you have a good______, you’ll have less difficulty in learning something.

A. teacher B. camera C. memory D. family

3. The children who live abroad with their parents can learn two languages more easily because______.

A. they are very clever B. they have good teachers

C. they have more chances to use these languages D. they have a better life

4.______ can take photos of what can be seen, felt, heard, smelt and tasted.

A. A camera B. Memory C. A diary D. A man’s mind

5. Memory is______ that we keep in our mind and carry about with us.

A. the best diary B. the best camera C. a great help D. a beautiful picture

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