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7A UNIT3单元自我测评2

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7A Unit3单元自我测评


1. The moonlight shines t____________ the windows.

2. June 1st is C____________ Day.

3. J____________is the first month of the year.

4. Don?t s________ in the library. The students are reading quietly.

5. costume with masks

6. People celebrate Chritsmas in different _________________(way).

7. Do you like ________________(tradition) Chinese food?

8. The lion has many sharp ____________(tooth).

9. They play a game ____________(call) trick or treat.

10. Can you give me something _____________ (eat)?

11. People in the ____________(西方)celebrate Christmas every year.

12. Mum is cooking in the ____________(厨房).

13. September 10th is ____________ Day (教师节).

14. Today is Sally?s birthday, she is very ____________(兴奋的).

15. We can paint our ____________(脸) then people don?t know who we are. 二、单项选择 (20分)

1. He is ___ in New York now.

A. in a holiday B. for holiday C. to holiday D. on holiday

2. There ____ a meeting this evening.

A. will have B. will be C. are going to be D. is going to have

3. He spends an hour _____ TV every day .

A. watch B. to watch C. Watching D. watches

4. My family always eats ___ at Halloween.

A. mooncakes B. chocolates and candies C. eggs D. dumplings

5. — Happy Halloween!

— _______.

A. Thanks you B. You too C. The same to you D. You are welcome

6. We mustn?t talk ___ mealtime.

A. in B. on C. at D. for

7. On Sundays, I will ___ him for a long walk.

A. bring B. take C. carry D. get

8. Can you finish ___ that picture be4for nine?

A. draw B. to draw C. draws D. drawing

9. They arrive_____ noon and leave __________the evening.

A. at,at B. in,at C. at,in D. on,in

10. We ___ our pumpkin lanterns ___ Halloween.

A. have, at B. have, for C. make , at D. make , at

11. Children mustn?t play a trick ___old people.

A. on B. at C. with D. for

12. We ___ some shapes ___ the eyes , the nose and the sharp teeth.

A. cut up, make B. cut down ,to make C. cut out , to make D. cut into , make


13. Do you know who ___?

A. he is B. is he C. he does D. does he

14. —______ do we eat at the Dragon Boat Festival ?

— We can enjoy rice dumplings.

A. When B. Where C. What D. How

15. The apples in the basket are better than ___ there.

A. one B. onces C. the one D. the ones

16. Let?s try to find ___ about it, ok?

A.some information B. any information C. any informations D. some informations

17. Mary had a party last Friday. Her mother cooked ___ for her friends.

A. something delicious B. delicious something

C.nothing delicious D. decilious anything

18. This piece of music is ____ beautiful. All of us like it very much.

A.real B. really C. not D.true


Mother?s Day is celebrated in USA. It is also a holiday in other counties. It is on the second Sunday in May, It is a day to flowers and cards. On the cards, children will write “ Thanks , Mum.” “ To the best mother in the world”. “ Mother?s Day.” And so on.

Where does the idea for the holiday ? We should thank Miss Anna M. Jarvir. She brought up(提出) the idea of having day. She lived in West Virginia. Her mother died on May 9, 1905. She had a deep for her mother. She wrote letters to some important persons . In her letter she asked them to a day for all mothers. Then Mother?s Day was made the second Sunday in May by the USA in 1913.

On Mother?s Day , children give presents to their mothers, the whole family go out and try to do something nice for their mothers.

( ) 1. A. any B. some C. all D. no

( ) 2. A. help B. greet C. thank D. talk

( ) 3. A. grow B. receive C. make D. post

( ) 4. A. for B. with C. by D.in

( ) 5. A. come B. get from C. happen D. come from

( ) 6. A. a new B. a happy C. such a D. a long

( ) 7. A. word B. love C. thanking D. heart

( ) 8. A. agree B. have C. decide D. find

( ) 9. A. in B. on C. by D. to

( ) 10. A. but B. if C. so D. or



Students learn their lessons in class. In class teachers teach them. Students sit in the classroom listening to the teacher. This is a way of learning. Is this the only way for students to learn something? Of course not. There is another way to learn. That is that students can teach themselves. For example , if you cannot remember something when you are doing your homework, you can look at your book to find the answer. This is a way to teach yourself. And it is not a difficult thing. We can do this at any place and at any time.


How do you teach yourself? The first thing you must do is reading. Read something you are interested in , or you have to read. The second is that you must ask yourself questions. The question is something you don?t understand , or you want to know more about. You can write down these questions. A clever student is usually good at asking questions. The third is to answer the questions yourself by thinking hard, by reading the text or other books, and sometimes by asking other people. This is the way of teaching yourself. And you must do this all by yourself. If you keep doing like this for a long time, you are sure to succeed in your studay.


( ) 1. Listening to the teacher is ____ for students to learn something.

A. not a way B. the best way C. the only way D. not the only way

( ) 2. Which of the following is right?

A. A student can teach himself only in class.

B. It is a bad way to learn form the teacher.

C. A student can learn to teach himself if he want to .

D. Students know very well how to teach themselves.

( ) 3. In teaching yourself , the first thing you must do is _____.

A. writing B. reading C. asking D. answering

( ) 4. A clever student usually likes ____.

A. asking questions.

B. answering questions

C. finding questions

D. teaching others

( ) 5. If you want to succeed, you ?d better learn _____.

A. how to teach others

B. how to teach yourself

C. to read and write carefully

D. how to ask questions


We call the Chinese New Year the Spring Festival. There is a name for each Chinese year. We may call it the year of the sheep, the year of the monkey or the year of the horse. And this year is the year of the dog.

Before New Year?s Day, people are busy shopping and cleaning their houses. On New Year?s Eve, there is a big family dinner. After dinner, all the family stay up late to welcome the New Year. On the first day of the New Year, people put on their new clothes and go to visit their friends and relatives. They say” Good luck” and some other greetings to each other. People usually have a very good time during the festival.

( )6 .We can find every Chinese Year is given _________name.

A.an animal B.a plant C.a family D.a full

( )7 .How do Chinese people usually spend New Year?Eve?

A. They put on new clothes and go to the park.

B. They visit their friends and relatives

C. They are busy shopping and cleaning their houses


D. They have a big dinner and stay up late to welcome the New Year.

( )8 .How many Chinese festival are talked about in this passage?

A.Two B.One C.Three D.Four

( )9 .On New Year?s Day,people say “_______”to each other when they meet.

A.Merry Christmas B.Good luck C.Happy New Year D.Both B and C

( )10 .The best title for this passage is ____________.

A.Good time B.The Spring Festival C.Big Dinner D.The Year of the Dog


In the United States,every year,Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday of November.Because Canada is north of the United States,and is colder.The harvest comes earlier in the year.In Canada,people have Thanksgiving Day on the second Monday in October.

The harvest brings a lot of food to the people.On Thanksgiving Day people in Canada and America like to have a big meal with their friends and family just like Chinese people do at Mid—Autumn Festival.Many Canadians and Americans put flowers.vegetables and fruits around their homes to say“Thank you”for the harvest.At a Thanksgiving Day dinner,many Canadians and Americans will eat turkey,potatoes,and pumpkins pie.These are food like the food of many years ago.They are saying“Thank you”for.the harvest that comes every year.

( )11.Which country has the Thanksgiving Day like the United States?

A.Japan. B.China. C.Canada. D.Korea.

( )12.In the United States,.

A.January B.May C.November D.December

( )13.

A.they like flowers B.the harvest come earlier

C.they have a big meal D.they want to be different

( )14.The harvest brings people. A.flowers B.turkeys C.food


( )15.What do people usually say on Thanksgiving Day for the harvest?

A.Good morning. B.I’m hungry. C.Hello. D.Thank you.


Hi, Joe,

Thanks for your e-mail. You want to know more about China. Tomorrow is going to be the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is like our Thanksgiving Day. Families get together. It usually comes in September or October. This year it?s going to be on September 15th. On that day families eat a big dinner, like we do. They also eat mooncakes. These are small round cakes. They taste a little like our pies. Many families eat their dinner outside in the open air. The moon looks brighter and rounder on this day. In America, we call this moon the Harvest Moon. Chinese people often talk about their families and tell the story of Chang?e. I?m going to a friend?s home for Mid-Autumn Festival.



1. When is Mid – Autumn Festival?


2. What do the families do during the festival?

3. Why do they often eat outside?

4. Do they eat a big dinner and mooncakes on that night?

5. Is Wendy going to a friend?s house on that day?


1. The Mid-Autumn Festival is my favorite festival.

I ________ is the Mid-Autumn Festival _________.

2. Their neighbors give them a treat of sweets.

Their neighbors give them _______ as a _________ .

3. We wear special costume with masks at Halloween .

We _______ ________ in special costume with masks at Halloween.

4. My birthday is on 20th December.

I _____ _______ on 20th December.

5. Some of my classmates go to Beijing by bus.

Some of my classmates ______ a bus ______ Beijing.


A:Lin Tao, B:The Chinese New Year.

A B:Because we eat rice dumplings,and I love rice dumplings.

A.I 1ove them, too. B:And I can get lots of .

A:B:My parents,my uncles,my aunts and my grandparents ?s your favourite


A:Well,I like Christmas Day. Christmas I can get lots of .

B:Cards are always very beautiful,aren?t they?

A:Yes,they are.

1.2. 3. 4.5.

6789 10.



Time: In January or February, about one week long.

Place: At home

Activities: have a big dinner, play majiang,, visit relatives(亲戚) and friends, play fireworks , get

red packets ···


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