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I always copy new words on pieces of paper, stick them on the walls in my bedroom or in the living room,and read the words aloud when I see them.I change them often.Also, I always read the English words on the things I see.我总是抄写新单词在纸上,把它们贴在墙上在我的卧室或客厅,和大声朗读单词,当我看到他们。我经常更换他们。同时,我总是读英语单词在我看到的东西。

That sounds interesting. I `ll try it. I always read English newspapers, but some articles are difficult for me. Could you please tell me how to improve my reading ability?听起来很有趣。我会试一试。我经常读英语报纸,但有些文章是困难的对我来说。你能告诉我怎样提高我的阅读能力? Do more reading. Try to guess the meanings of new words, and get the main idea of the article.做更多的阅读。尝试猜测新单词的含义,并获得

Kangkang, I dare not answer questions in class, because I`m afaid of making mistakes.康康,我不敢回答问题在课堂上,因为我害怕犯错误。

Don`t be shy. Think about your answer, take a deep breath and

amile, and then answer the question. Smiling is always helpful.不要害羞。考虑你的回答,深呼吸并微笑,然后回答这个问题。微笑总是有帮助的。

Thank you. I`ll have a try.谢谢你!我将试一试。

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