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姓名 分数


1.--- _____________

--- It’s Saturday.

A.What’s the date today B.How many days are there D.When do you go to swim? C.What day is it today?

2.I like pandas,__________ I don’t like monkeys

A.and B.but C./ D.because

3.Susan can play the _______very well.

A.chess B.violin C.tennis D.basketball

4.---Would you like to go to the cinema with me on Sunday? --- _____________.

A.That’s right. B.Really? C.Yes, I’d love to.

D.You are right.

5.—Are there _______ chairs in the room?

—Yes, there are _______.

A.some; any

B.any; some C some; some 6.There _________ many new books in your room.But I _________ only one.

A.have; have

B.is; have C.are; has D.are; have 1

7.We often go home _________ 4:30 _________ the afternoon.

A.at; in B.at; on C.on; in D.at; at

8.Please ________ the picture.What can you ________?

A.look at; see B.see; look at C.look at; look at

D.see; see

9.---____she ____at six every day?

---No, she doesn’t.

A.Does, get up B.Does, gets up C.Is, get

D.Do, gets up

10.These are my friends.______workers.

A.They B.It C.It's D.They're

11.—_______ English classes do you have every week?

— Five.

A.How often B.How long C.How much

D.How many

12.---_______ do you go to London?

--- Next month.

A.Where B.What C.When D.How

13.I have got an English friend..______ name is Tom.

A.He B.His C.Her D.She

14. singing English songs.

A.in B.at C.for D.With up 2

15.— You look very cool today, Simon.

— ___________

A.Really? Thank you.

B.Oh, I don’t think so. D.The same to you. C.No.I am not cool at all.

16.What time do you get up _______ Sunday morning?

A.in B.on C.at D.for

17.Tony has rice with hamburgers ________ his lunch.

A.on B.for C.to D.with

18.One of my friends _______from England.

A.come B.are C.is D.be

19.Jim with his friends ________ many new story books.

A.have B.have got C.has got

20.---Let's go to the party this evening.

--- ____________________.

A.When is it?

C.I don't like it. B.How are you? D.That's a good idea. D.get


We live in the "computer age (时代)".When people talk about computers, they often say that computers can help people do________

(21)work.It is very________(22)to work on the computer.Is ________(23)a computer in your home? What do you usually________

(24)on the computer? Now a computer can do a lot of work


very_______(25)Many students like playing computer games.They think computer games are ________(26)Some students like music very much, so they often download music________(27)the Internet.Some students use computers________(28)for their school work.They get information about English, history, maths and other subjects.Some students send emails________(29)their friends.In some schools, teachers use computers to teach, then students can _______(30)their homework on the computer.

21.A.lot of




25.A.good B.a lot of C.a lot D.a lots of D.slowly D.those D.check D.nice B.quickly C.slow B.there C.these B.play B.bad C.use C.well


D.interesting B.interested C.interests

27.A.in B.of C.from D.on

28.A.studying B.to study C.studies D.study

29.A.for B.into C.to D.at

30.A.write B.writing C.writes D.to write



I’m a student in a middle school.I’ll tell you something about my


English teacher, Mrs. Wang.She is a middle – aged (中年)woman.She is not tall and not short, and she is also not fat and not thin.She has long, black hair.She likes wearing (穿)a red dress.She is very beautiful.She speaks English very well.She has three classes a week, but they aren’t on Tuesday or Friday.All the students in her class love her very much.

Mrs. Wan lives near the school.She walks to school early every morning.Her two children are twins.They’re in Grade Four in a primary school (小学).But they are not in the same class.They often wear the same clothes.They look very happy.

31.Mrs. Wang is a middle – aged _______.She speaks English very well.

A.man B.doctor C.woman D.aunt

32.______ looks very beautiful.

A.Her face

C.She B.Her long, black hair D.Her body

33.She has English classes only on ______.

A.Sunday, Wednesday and Tuesday B.Saturday, Thursday and Friday

C.Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

and Thursday

34.Mrs. Wang and her children are _______.

A.not in a middle school B.not in the same school D.Monday, Tuesday

C.not in a primary school(小学) D.in different classes


35.The twins are very happy, they often wear _______.

A.the same trousers B.the same dresses C.the same clothes D.different clothes


We are learning English, but how can we learn English well? A student can know a lot about English.But maybe(也许)he can’t speak English..If (如果)you want to know how to swim, you must get into the water.And if you want to be a football player, you must play football.

So you see, you can learn by using it.You must listen to your teacher in class.You must speak English to your classmates every day.And also you must write something in English.Then one day you must find your English very good.

36.You know a lot about English, but maybe _______________ it.

A.you can speak C.you can’t speak

B.you can study D.you can't listen

37.You must get into the water ___________________.

A.to learn how to swim C.to play

B.to skate D.to dance

38.Do you want to be a football player? Please _______________.

A.buy a football C.read some books

B.play football D.write something

39.If you want to study English well, you must often ______________.


A.listen to your teacher in class B.speak English to your classmates

C.You must write something in English D.A ,B and C

40.The article (文章)tells us _________________.

A.how to learn English well B.how to swim

C.how to play football




四、任务型阅读。(共5个小题;每小题2分, 满分10分)

Students often have a lot of homework to do, but when school is over, many parents are still(仍然)at work .So students may not do homework well at home.Many schools have Homework Clubs.Parents like them very much.They call the club Fangxin Class.

The Homework Club is a place(地方)for students to do their homework.In the club, students don't have classes.They do their homework here.After that, they can draw pictures or play football.The teachers help students when they need help.

The Homework Club is often in a classroom in the school.It is an activity(活动)after school on weekdays.On weekends, Homework Clubs don't open.



D.How to be a football

41.What do parents call the Homework Club?


42.What is the Homework Club?


43.What can students do in the Homework Club? ( )

A.Do their homework there.

B.Draw pictures. D.A Band C C.Play football.

44.Where is the Homework Club?


45.When do students go to the Homework Club?



46.---How old is your brother?

--- He is only five _________ old.

47.How many people can you see in this ________________?


48.-- Who is your favourite film ______________?

--Xie Tingfeng.I think his films are very interesting.

49.What do you like to ____________ for lunch?

50.Every summer Jenny has a _____________ to New York.

51.Thank you for ______________ me to your birthday party.

52.Camels live in the ______________ and they don't often drink water.

53.-- ________ does your sister usually get up in the morning? -- At half past six.

54.Do you often __________ music from the Internet?

55.Is there a football _______ this evening?



Where does your friend __________ ___________?


There are ____________ ____________ trees in the forest.


_____________ are my ____________ vegetables.


Betty never __________ ___________ in the morning.


The school library is _________ __________ our classroom.

七、补全对话(共5个小题;每小题1分, 满分5分)



A:What are your favorite sports? B:___________ (61) A:Now tell me what you like to eat? B:Err, I like fish and eggs.__________(62) A:______________________(63) B:Oh, yes, I love vegetables. A:Do you drink coffee? B:No, I never drink coffee.___________ (64) A:_________________ (65) B:I drink a lot of milk.It’s very good for my healthy.





Fang Fang is my cousin.She works in a hospital.



一、单项选择1-5 CBBCB 6-10 DAAAD 11-15 DCBBA

16-20 BBCCD

二. 完形填空21-25 BABAC 26-30 ACBCA

三、 阅读理解31-35 CCCBC 36-40 CABDA


41.(They call the club )Fangxin Class

42.It's a place for students to do their homework..


44.In a classroom in the school.

45.On weekdays.


46.Years 47.photo 48.Star 49.Have 50.trip

51. Inviting 52.desert 53.When

54.download 55.match


56. come from 57.thousands of

59.watches TV 60.next to

65.B 58.Tomatoes, favorite 七. 补全对话61.D 62.F 63.A

八、书面表达 64.G

Fang Fang works in a hospital.She gets up at half past six and has some bread and milk for breakfast.She goes to the hospital by bike at


half past seven.Work begins at eight o’clock and she must get there in time.She has lunch at the hospital.On weekdays, she works eight hours a day and finishes her work at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Fang Fang loves singing and shopping.She likes chatting on the Internet.


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