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2013人教版新目标英语七年级上Unit 8 Period1

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Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!

Unit 8

January / 'd??nju?rI/

February / 'febru?rI/

April /'eIpr?l/

March /mɑ:t?/

May / meI/

June / d?u:n/


August / '?:g?st/

July /d?u(:)'laI/

September /s?p'temb?/

October /Dk't??b?/

Thanksgiving Day感恩节

December / dI'semb?/

November /n??'vemb?/

1./ 'd??nju?rI/ 2./ 'febru?rI/ 3./ mɑ:t?/ 4./'eIpr?l/ 5./ meI/ 6./ d?u:n/ 7./ d?u(:)'laI/ 8./ '?:g?st/ 9./ s?p'temb?/ 10./ Dk't??b?/ 11./ n??'vemb?/ 12./ dI'semb?/

January February March April May June July August September October November December

New year’s Day Spring Festival Women’s Day April fool’s Day Working People’s Day Children’s Day Army’s Day Teachers’ Day National Day Hallowmas Christmas

元旦 春节 妇女节 愚人节 劳动节 儿童节 建军节 教师节 国庆节 万圣节 圣诞节

first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth

The first month of the year is _________. January

Spring Festival

The second month of the year is _________. February

Tree planting Day

The third month of the year is March _________.

The fifth month of the year is May _________.

The sixth month of the year is_________ June

Teachers’ Day

The ninth month of the year is _________. September

National Day

The tenth month of the year is _________. October

Christmas Day

The Twelfth month of the year is _________. December

The first month of the year is January. second February March third April fourth May fifth June sixth July seventh August eighth September ninth October tenth November eleventh twelfth December


Listen and repeat. MONTHS 1. January Jan. 2. February Feb. 3. March Mar. 4. April Apr. 5. May May 6. June Jun. 7. July Jul. 8. August Aug. 9. September Sep. 10. October Oct. 11. November Nov. 12. December Dec.

Ja nuary

July August Sep tember October No vember


M arch April May

Autumn Winter


De cember

1b Listen and number the conversations [1-3]

1 2

A: When is your birthday, Linda ? B: My birthday is on May 2nd. A: When is your birthday, Mary ? B: It’s on January 5th. A: When is your birthday, Mike ? B: My birthday is on June 3rd.


Read the dates:
Writing(写法) Reading (读法) January the first March the eighth

January 1st
March 8th August 2nd

August the second September 10th September the tenth

July 3rd
February 12th October 20th

July the third February the twelfth October the twentieth

December 25th December the twenty-fifth

When is your birthday?

My birthday is

June ___. ____ first


is When ___ your birthday?

My birthday is December_____. ______ eighth


is When ____ your birthday?
May _________. It is ____ twenty-ninth


Pair work
When is your birthday? My birthday is … How old are you?

I am …years old.


When is you

r birthday? How old are you?

February 1st May 3rd July 22nd

August 15th

2a Listen and repeat.
first third fourth fifth sixth 1st 3rd 4th 5th 6th eleventh twelfth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth 11th 12th 14th 15th 16th twenty-first twenty-third twenty-fifth (21st) (23rd) (25th) second 2nd twenty-second (22nd) twenty-fourth (24th)

thirteenth 13th



seventh 7th eighth 8th ninth 9th

seventeenth 17th eighteenth 18th nineteenth 19th

twenty-seventh (27th) twenty-eighth (28th) twenty-ninth Thirtieth thirty-first (29th) (30th) (31st)



twentieth 20th

基变序,有规律,第一、二、三单 独记。

-th 从四加起, 遇到ve, f 替,

八去t来 九去 e 。 -ty变为 tie,

后跟-th莫迟疑。若想表示几十几, 只变个位就可以。

January fifteenth (15th)
4月30日 7月8日

April thirtieth (30th) July eighth (8th)

5月29日 2月14日

October first (1st)
May twenty-ninth (29th) February fourteenth (14th) March twenty-first (21st) June twenty-sixth (26th) August twelfth (12th) November thirteenth (13th) October fifth (5th)

6月26日 8月12日 11月13日 10月5日 9月27日 3月20日 5月18日

September twenty-seventh (27th)
March twentieth (20th) May eighteenth (18th)

Can you read these numbers? 2nd 63rd 11th 31st 5th 18th 87th 15th 44th 13th



56th 12th



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