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Unit 5 ReadingⅠ

Preview checking

What does the this passage mainly tell us?
This passage is mainly about the beautiful and meaningful life of a famous and great actress — Audrey Hepburn.


★ As a ballet dancer ★ As a model ★ As an actress ★ As a humanitarian
Birth place:
Date of birth: Date of death:

4th May 1929 20th January 1993

As a ballet dancer
? Began taking ballet lessons at a very young age; ? Love dancing, and her dream is to become a · · · ? Had put most of her effort into ballet training before she entered the film industry.

As a model
? Had also been a model before she became a Hollywood superstar.

As an actress:

Two awards

famous films One TV series

Audrey Hepburn’s famous films
1.Monte Carlo Baby <<蒙特卡罗宝贝>> 2.Gigi《琪琪》 3.Roman Holiday 《罗马假日》☆ 4.Ondine 《翁蒂娜》☆ 5.Funny Face 《甜姐儿》☆ 6.Breakfast at Tiffany’s 《第凡内早餐》☆ 7.My Fair Lady 《窈窕淑女》☆ 8.Always 《直到永远》☆

Monte Carlo Baby <<蒙特卡罗宝贝>>

? Met the famous French writer Colette, who wrote Gigi《琪琪》 a novel called Gigi that was later made into a play; ? Her beauty and charm attracted his attention; ? He insisted Hepburn was the perpect girl to play the lead role; ? The event marked the beginning of her successful career.

Roman Holiday 《罗马假日》
? Be chosen to play the lead role of a young princess; ? Become famous immediately; ? Won an Oscar for Best Actress; ? Acted in the play Ondine and won a Tony Award .


Made in 1961

◆ In 1989, Hepburn made her final appearance in this film; ◆ played the role of an angel.

What are Hepburn’s four Oscar nominations?

An Oscar is an award that is given in the USA each year for the best Film,best Actor,best Actress,best Director,best Photography,etc.in the film industry. Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar for Best Actress in the film of Roman Holiday.And she also won the Tony Awards for the play Ondine.

Four Oscar Nominations


Four Oscar Nominations

Wait Until Dark


Four OscarNominations Four Oscar Nominations



Four Oscar Nominations The Nun’s Story

Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn
奥黛丽· 赫本之秘密花园
By showing us the beauty of nature, Hepburn wanted to remind us that we should protect the environment.

As an actress

2 awards

Oscar for Best Actress

(Roman Holiay) Tony Award 托尼戏剧奖 (Ondine)

As a humanitarian

Hepburn’s achievements went beyond the film industry. People remember her not just as a great actress, but also a humanitarian because she devoted much of her time to charity.

She spent the last few years of her life working closely with UNICEF to help poor children in different parts of the world.

She was honoured with a number of awards because of her efforts in this area. In 1992, the p

resident of the United States presented her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her charity work.

As a humanitarian

1 award

Presidential Medal of Freedom

总统自由勋章 (charity work)

Her last days
in 1991

had cancer
on 10th January 1993 took her last walk in the garden

ten days later (at the age of 63)
passed away peacefully in her sleep

Answer some questions
1. When and where was Audrey born? Audrey was born in Belgium on 4th May 1929.
2.What was her dream when she was very young?

Her dream was to become a successful ballet dancer. 3.Why did Colette insist that Audrey was the perfect girl to play the lead role? Because Audrey’s beauty and charm attracted his attention.

4.What prize did she win from Roman Holiday?

She won an Oscar for Best Actress.
5.What is her final film ? What role did she play in this film? Always.She played the role of an angel. 6.What did she want to remind us in her only one TV series? She wanted to remind us that we should protect the environment.

7.Why did the President of the USA present her with the Presidential medal of Freedom?
Because she did a lot of things for charity. 8.What did she die from? She died from cancer.

She devoted the last few years of her lifetime to charity.
From the life of Audrey Hepburn, What do you think makes a person great?

Audrey Hepburn

You should know what kind of a person you are and always try to be better.

You should always be able to and want to help the people in need.

Worry before the people and enjoy after the people.

From the life of Audrey Hepburn, What do you think makes an actor\actress famous?

Further Discussion
1. What was Audrey Hepburn like?
2. What made Audrey successful?

3. What can we learn from Audrey?

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