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新人教版八年级上Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake Section A

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Unit 7 How do you make a banana milk shake?

What kind of the shake

apple shake

banana shake
strawberry shake

banana milk shake
How do we make a banana milk shake?

How to make a banana milk shake?


cut up

put … into …

pour …into ...

turn on





cut up

turn on



?Listen and put the instructions in the correct order.

5 __ Turn on the blender. 2 __ Cut up the bananas. 6 __ Drink the milk shake. 4 __ Pour the milk into the blender. 3 __ Put the bananas and ice cream into the blender. 1 __ Peel three bananas.

first, next, then, finally
? First,peel the bananas. ? Next,cut up the bananas. ? Next,put the bananas and yogurt into the blender. ? Next,pour the milk into the blender. ? Then,turn on the blender. ? Finally,drink the smoothie.

How do you make an apple/…milk shake?

Maria and Katie are making fruit salad


Write the names of the ingredients under how much or how many in the chart below.

Ingredients How much? How many? yogurt honey bananas watermelons apples oranges


Listen and write the name of the ingredient in the chart below.

Amount one cup two one two teaspoons three


yogurt apples watermelon and orange honey bananas

Let’s make our own fruit salad

How do you make a fruit salad?

1.Cut up three bananas ,three apples and a watermelon. 2. Put the fruit in a bowl. 3. Put in two teaspoons of honey and a cup of yogurt.

4. Mix it all up.

To make a fruit salad, what do you need?

The ingredients needed for fruit salad A: Let’s make fruit salad.

B: Ok, good idea. How much yogurt
do we need? A: One cup. B: And how many apples do we need? A: Let me think… We need two apples. B: Ok, and how much…

What salad/milk shake do you like to make ?
How do you make it?

Write a passage about how to make a kind of vegetable salad

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