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There is a beautiful island located(位于) at the outer east side of the Zhujiang River mouth, which(1)______(call) Hong Kong. It lies to the west of Macao and (2)________(face) to the South China Sea. On the north it is connected(相连) with the Shenzhen Special Economical Zone. It (3)__________(cover)about 1,075 square kilometers (平方公里)and includes three main parts—Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula(半岛) and New Territories. There are more than six million people in Hong Kong, of which about 98 percent are Chinese. Its weather is suitable and its scenery(风景) is very beautiful.

Although its area isn’t very large, its economy(经济)(4)

_________(develop)quickly. Today’s Hong Kong (5)___|__ already________ (become) the famous heart of the international trade, finance(金融), shipping, travel and information. It (6)_______(keep) the foreign trade relations with over 170 countries. It has a lot of skyscrapers(摩天大楼) and docks. It attracts several million travelers all over the world. About 109 years ago, Hong Kong (7)_______ (occupy) (强占) by the English invaders (侵掠者)and (8)______(rule) for nearly one century. This is the great shame(耻辱) for the Chinese nation.

On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong returned to the embrace(怀抱) of our motherland again. This is one of the greatest events in the 20th century. It (9)_________ (end) the English rule. It shows that Chinese people have wiped out the shame. It(10) _______(write) in the historical records forever.


Once there lived an old man in a town. He always 1___ (forget) a lot of things. So his wife always had 2_______ (say) to him, “3_____ _____ (not forget) this.”

One day, he went on a long trip alone. Before he left home, his wife said, “ Now you 4___ (have) all these things. They are what you 5_____ (need) for your trip. 6 ___ (take) care of your things during the trip.” He went to the station. He bought a ticket and got on the train with it.

About an hour later, the conductor began 7___(check) the tickets. He came to the old man and said, “Will you please show me your ticket?” The old man looked for his ticket in all his pockets, but he 8___ (not find) it. He was very worried. “I can’t find my ticket. I really bought a ticket before I got on the train,” said the old man.

“I think you are right. I believe you 9____ (buy) a ticket,” said the conductor kindly. But the old man still looked worried and said sadly, “You don’t know why I am worried. If I don’t find my ticket, I 10_____ (not remember) my station. Where am I going?”


Bananas don’t grow on trees. They grow on a thick stalk(茎) that

(1)________(look) just a little like a stalk of corn. The stalk is soft enough (2)_______( cut) with a knife.

It takes about a year before bananas are ready to be picked. Some are as small as fingers. Others are as long and thick as men’s arms. Some banana plants grow as tall as a house — even taller!

Not all bananas are eaten as fruit. Some never get sweet, and they

(3)______(cook) as a kind of vegetable.

People in most countries never see a banana until it reaches the store. But if you visited a country where it’s hot and rains a lot all the year, you(4)________(see) a banana plantation(种植园), a large farm where bananas grow.

The tasty fruit doesn’t come from a seed (种子)but from a

root(5)_______( plante) deep in the ground. First a stalk pushes up into the air. Then leaves (6)________(appear). In the beginning the banana plant grows very fast—sometimes as much as the length(长) of your feet in one night. Soon, sweet-smelling flowers appear, and when their flowers drop off, bananas begin to grow.

As they get bigger, bananas start(7)_______( turn) up. It looks as if they’re growing upside down!Bananas are ready to eat when they turn soft and yellow. But they(8)_________( pick) long before this — when they’re hard and bright green. This is because bananas have to travel many miles before they arrive at a store. On trucks and boats and trains bananas travel all over the world. There are special boats just for bananas and special trains that keep them just cool enough so that they

(9)______(get) ripe while(10)_________( travel). If bananas are picked when they are ripe, they will spoil(变坏) on the way.


UN Year of Deserts

The United Nations 1____ already ______(name) 2006 as the International Year of Deserts(国际沙漠年). The UN wants people 2______(notice) the beauty and wonders of deserts throughout the

world.But the United Nations also wants to pay attention to the dangers the world faces as more and more land becomes desert. Large amounts of land that could once grow crops 3_______( become) desert. Food 4_____no longer ______(grow) in those areas. More land is lost to be desert each year.

Special habitats

Deserts are special environments,Tt's home of many different animals and plants. For thousands of years, deserts have also been home of many civilizations(居民).

Deserts are fragile environments. The UN is hoping to protect the older deserts as well as ______(stop) new deserts from forming. The dangers

Experts believe that one-third of the earth’s land surface

6_____( threaten)(威胁) by the loss of farmland. When the land dries up and becomes desert, people cannot grow enough crops to eat. Experts believe this danger 7_____( effect) 1 billion people.Africa has been especially hard by 8______(grow) deserts. Experts believe about

two-thirds of Africa’s people are threatened by this loss of farmland. Causes

People and climate change 9______( cause) much land to turn to desert. People cutting down too many trees has harmed the land. So more cropland is lost each year, more and more people try to live for the remaining good land. This speeds up the harm to the land.

Scientists are using pictures 10______(take) from space to describe the growing deserts.


Protect wild animals

A thousand years ago, Hong Kong 1_______(covered) by a thick forest. As more and more people came to live in Hong Kong, these trees 2______(cut) down and burnt. Now there is no forest 3_______(leave), though there are still some small areas are covered by trees. We call these woods. Elephants, tigers, and many other animals used to live in the thick forest.

When people came to live in Hong Kong, the animals began to die out. Early farmers grew rice and 4_____(keep) pigs and chickens in the valleys(山谷). They cut down the trees and burnt them. They needed fire 5______( keep) themselves warm in winter, to cook their food and to keep away from the dangerous animals. Elephants quickly disappeared because there was not enough food for them. So 6_____(do)most of the wolves and tigers. Monkeys and many other animals soon died for the same reason. You might think that there are no longer any animals in Hong Kong except in the zoos. But there are still about 36 different animals 7_____(live)there. One of the most interesting animals in Hong Kong is the barking deer. (赤麂)These are beautiful little animals with a rich brown coat and a white patch under the tail.It8_____(look) like deer but they are much smaller. They are less than two feet tall. They make a sound rather like a dog barking. There are now not many barking deer

9_____(leave). So it is important for people to protect them and other wild animals.


Heavy schoolbags

Are you carrying too much on your back at school? I’m sure lots of children of your age (1)______( say) “yes”. Not only do the students in China have this problem, but also children in the United States have heavy schoolbags.

Experts (2)________( start) to worry that younger and younger students (3)______ (have) back and neck problems as a result of schoolbags being too heavy for them.

“It’s hard for me(4)_______( go) upstairs with my bag because it’s too heavy,” said Rick Hammond, an 11-year-old student in the US.

Rick is among students who have common schoolbags with two straps(带子) to carry, but many students(5)________( choose) rolling(有滚轮的) bags.

But even with rolling bags, going upstairs and getting on buses are still problems for children. Many of them hurt their backs or necks because of the heavy schoolbags.

But how much is proper for them? Doctors say

students(6)________(carry) no more than 10% to 15% of their own body weight(重量).Scott Bautch, a back doctor, said children under Grade 4 should stay with 10%. But it is also important that other children don’t stay with over 15%, because their bodies (7)_____ still______( grow). “Children are losing their balance and falling down with their

schoolbags,” he said.Parents and teachers are starting to tell children to only take home the books they need (8)______( read) that night. Some teachers are using pieces of paper or thin workbooks for students

(9)_______(take) home.One of the best answers is, as some children

(10)______(say), to have no homework at all!


If you look at the sky one night and see something (1)_______(move) and shining that you (2)_____ never ______(see) before, it might be a comet (彗星).

A comet sometimes looks like a star. Like a planet, a comet has no light of its own. It shines from the sunlight it reflects (反射). Like the earth, a comet (3)_______(go) round the sun, but on a much longer path (轨道) than the earth travels.

If a comet isn’t a star, what is it then?

Some scientists think that a large part of a comet is water frozen into pieces of ice and (4)______(mix) with iron and rock dust and perhaps a few big pieces of rock. When sunshine melts (融化) the ice in the comet, great clouds of gas go trailing after it. These clouds, together with the dust, form a long tail.

Many people perhaps (5)______(see) a comet. However no one knows how many comets there are. There (6)_______( be) millions of comets, but only a few come close enough for us to see.

An Englishman (7)_______(name) Edmund Halley, who lived from 1656 to 1742, found out a lot about the paths that comets take through the sky. Some comets move out of our sight and never come back. Others keep

(8)________(come) back at regular times. A big comet that keeps coming back was named after Halley because he was the one who worked out when it(9)_______(come) back again. Maybe you have ever seen Halley’s Comets because the last time it came close to the sun and the earth was in the year 1986. Then people all over the world were outside at night to look at it. You (10)____probably ______( see) Halley’s Comets when it comes near the earth again.


Mr Clark (1)___________ (bear) in a small town of England. When he finished middle school, he (2)____________(find) work in the police station and he (3)___________(work) there for 42 years and he’ll

retire(退休)this autumn. He tried to work hard in the past 42 years but he wasn’t a lucky man and never caught a thief. He was often sorry for it.

Last weekend, when Mrs Clarke (4)____________ (cook) supper, she found there was no sugar. So she asked her husband (5)____________ (buy) some in the shop near their house. He came in the shop and found a young man

(6)__________ (steal) some money from a woman’s bag. He ran to the thief quickly, but the young man found and (7)___________ (run) away at onec. Mr Clarke ran after him. The thief ran into a blind alley(死胡同)and Mr Clarke (8)__________ (catch) him at last.

“Please give me a chance, sir, said the young man. “I never stole before.”

“Who (9)__________ (give) me a chance?” said Mr Clarke. “I’ll soon retire and I (10)_________ (catch) a thief for the first time!”


A sudden ringing woke Peter up. He turned on the light, got up and went to answer the phone.

“ 1 you still _______ (lie) on the bed?” Came Henry’s voice. “Yes,” said Peter. “But it’s only four.”

“ 2 your watch ________ (not work)? Open the window and look outside. I 3 (arrive) at the bus stop already.” Peter did as his friend said. It 4 (snow) heavily and it was white everywhere. Skiing was both Peter’s favorite hobby and mine, too. I ran to the telephone and said, “Wait for me there and I 5 (get) there in a quarter of an hour.”

After half an hour Peter and his friends were on the bus. It was cold and the roads 6 (cover) with snow. The old driver seemed to be careful. He drove slowly and all the passengers 7 (understand) why he did so. Suddenly a woman in the front of the bus called out. People 8 (not know) what happened and they looked ahead. A truck quickly approached our bus. We were too 9 (frighten) to say a word. At the last moment the driver turned the bus aside and it hit a tree by the road. The truck passed by quickly and fell into the river. Luckily, none of the passengers 10 (hurt). But they were not happy. They had to save the truck driver!


Once a boy came to ask a fisherman how (1)___________(become) cleverer because his mother always called him “foolish boy”. “That is easy, ” answered the fisherman. “I know one way to make you

(2)_______(be ) a clever boy.”“Really?”

“Of course. A fish head is good for brains. If you eat one a day, you (3)______(become) much cleverer. (4) _________(pay) only three pounds for one fish head.” The boy paid him three pounds and the fisherman

(5)_________(cut) off a fish head and gave it to him.

A raw(生的)fish head is no good--- not even for a hungry boy

(6)______(eat)----but the boy ate it up in two gulps.“Do you feel anything?” asked the fisherman after the boy ate the fish head.“Not in my head,” said the boy.The boy sat on the ground and (7)_________(think), “One whole fish (8)_________(cost) only two pounds, but I

(9)_________(pay) him three pounds for the fish already. Why couldn’t I have the whole fish for soup, a head for brain and one pound left over?” He jumped up and shouted at the fisherman, “The fish head(10) _________(work) now, you see?”


Peter went into a restaurant because he was very hungry. The weather was cold and so he asked the waiter (1)________(bring) him a bowl of hot soup.

“What kind of soup, sir?” asked the waiter.

“Chicken,” said Peter. “I feel like (2)_________(drink) some thick chicken soup.”“No problem, sir.”

After a short time, the waiter came back with a bowl of hot soup. Peter looked at it and said, “The soup can’t (3)________(eat), I think.”

“Then, I’ll bring you some fish soup. I’m sure

you(4)__________(like) it. ”Ten minutes later, the waiter brought Peter a bowl of fish soup. After (5)__________(look) at it, Peter said again that he couldn’t eat the soup. When the waiter was on his way to the kitchen, he met the head of the restaurant and (6)____(tell) him that Peter was very hard.

When he (7)_________(hear) this, the boss went up to Peter and asked him politely, “Sir, I wonder if there (8)________(be) anything wrong with the soup .”

“Nothing at all, but I (9)__________(not see) the spoon but a knife and fork on the table since I came in.” Peter answered with a smile. Can you show me how (10)________(eat) the hot soup without it?”


Olympic 110-meter hurdles (障碍)world record holder Liu Xiang said that he 2______(retire)(退役) after the Beijing Olympic Games. In fact, he plans to run until he is 30 or even older. If he retires , nobody in China can compete (竞争)with him, he 3________(feel) very sad.He said this while 4______(give)an interview to a reporter from Shanghai Youth Daily.

“I'm not kidding(开玩笑) at all,” he said to the reporter. “I'm serious. Life is just like this: sometimes you 5______(be)too serious, while at other times, you have to be careful. ”

Because he seldom(很少) talked seriously most of the time, the reporter thought that he 6______(joke) again this time. However, he said he was not.

“I want to prove myself that I didn't make the achievement by luck.” “My performance 7_______(prove)that I'm not worse than Western runners. Now, I want to run for another two Olympics in order to show that I can run for a long time, just like Allen Johnson.”

Liu Xiang still said that he 8_______(run) after the Beijing Olympic Games.

“As long as I follow my coach's training program, I can prove that my good condition 9______(last) for a long time. I can run for another two Olympics, no problem.” He also expressed his hope that some young players 10____(come) out in China.

最新中考英语谓语动词填空(13) I

No one knows how man 1_______(learn) to make words. Maybe he began by2________(make) sounds. As time went by, he made more and more sounds and more and more words. This is what we call languages.

Even some animals also have their languages.

When some food 3________(find) , a bee goes back to its home. It wants 4________(tell) the other bees where the food is .But it can’t speak, so it does a little dance in the air. In this way it 5________(tell) the other bees where the food is.


There are boys who think themselves men and who go to barber's(理发店)to be shaved (shave v.刮脸).

Once a boy came into a barber’s, and 7_______(ask) the barber to shave him. The barber asked him to sit down, and soaped his face. Then he left the boy alone. He stood at the door 8_______(laugh) and talking with another barber. The young gentleman waited for some minutes and then shouted, “Well, what are you leaving me here all this time for?” The barber replied, “ I _________(wait) until your beard 10________(grow).


Scientists are trying 1________ (make) deserts into good land again. They want 2________ (bring) water to the deserts, so people can grow crops and 3________ (live) there. They 4________ (learn) a lot about the deserts. But more and more of the earth is 5________ (become) deserts all the time. Why is this true? Scientists think that people are making deserts. People are doing bad things to the earth.

Some places on the earth 6________ (not have) much rain, but they don’t become deserts. This is because some green plants are growing there. Small green plants and grass 7________ (be) very important to dry places. Plants prevent the sun from 8________ (make) the earth drier. Plants prevent the wind from blowing the earth away. When a little bit of rain 9________ (fall), the plants hold the water. Without plants, the lands 10________ (become) deserts easily.


That cold February afternoon, I was walking back to my home-stay, feeling a bit sad. I had studied English at the language school for 3 months. Now it was all over. I knew the time for me to say goodbye to my hostess (女房东) was coming.

“How 1_____ (be) your day, Kim?” my hostess greeted me as I 2_____ (open) the door.

“Not too bad.” I answered. She 3_____ (prepare) supper for me in the kitchen. “I am coming to help you.” I said to her — she had some trouble 4_____ (walk) properly because she had her foot hurt the other day when doing sports.

“No help 5____ (need) now. Just 6_____ (have) a rest and supper is soon ready.”I helped her 7_____ (take) the dished to the dining room and set the knife and fork on the table.

“Well, Kim, this is the last supper we are having together. It has been nice to have you in my family. You have been so kind and helpful.”

“Miss Foster,” I said with tears in my eyes. “Thank you so much for looking after me so well. I 8______ (never, forget) what you have done for me“It’s nice of you to say so. I think we can talk on the phone or chat on the Internet if we miss each other. Well, I was driving you to the airport tomorrow but you see I can’t. But I 9_____ (call) a taxi for you. It 10______ (come) to pick you up at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning. The taxi will be paid by the school. So enjoy a good dinner and have a good sleep. You’ll see your family when you get up tomorrow.”


The police do many things for us. They help(1)________( keep) our things and us safe. They help keep cars moving safely. They take care of people who (2)_________( hurt). Then they see these people get to a doctor. The police go around town (3)________( see) that everything is all right. They get around town in many ways. Some of them walk or go by car. In some big cities,some of the police ride on horses. It is strange to see these animals in the street.

As they go around town,the police help people. Sometimes they find

(4)_______(lose) children. They take the children home. If the police see a fight,they (5)________(come) right away. Sometimes people will ask the police how(6) _________( get) to a place in town. The police

(7)______( tell) the people which way to go. They know all the streets and roads well.

Some police stand at crossings. They tell the cars when to go and when to stop. They make sure that the cars do not go too fast. They help children cross the street. They also help people who (8)________(not walk) too well.

Without the police,our streets (9)_______( danger). Cars might go too fast and hurt people. Lost people might never be found. The police do a good job. We need them. And we(10)_______ ( thank) them for a job well done.


In the modern world, it seems impossible(1)______(live) without stress. As for the Chinese teenagers, because of their heavy burden(压

力)of study, poor communication(交际) with their peers(同龄人) and parents and other worries, they also (2)_______(suffer)(忍受) a lot from stress. (3)_____( deal) with the problem, a middle school in Zhengzhou came up with an idea.

Recently, Zhengzhou No. 5 High School(4)______(set) up a

25-meter-long wall in the campus. Different from other walls, this one is made of paper. The students (5)_____( allow) to write down what they want on it. The school hopes this paper wall(6)______(help) the students release(释放) their stress in some way.

The wall turned out to be a great success. The students like it very much. “We can write down how we feel on this wall (7)_______(release) our stress. At the same time, we can also encourage each other with our words,” said a student excitedly.

While the students (8)_______( write) down their voice, the teachers are asked (9)_____ (visit) the wall to think of plans to help students solve their problems. The vice headmaster of the school thought the wall let the teachers(10)______( hear) students'true voice, deep in their hearts. So “it makes us help the students who suffer from stress.”


Kate wants to be a nurse and (1)_________(work) for the sick. She knows they need her help. Whenever Kate goes to the hospital, she always sees many patients there.

Last summer Kate (2)________(break) her leg. The pain was very great and she could not even walk. She (3)________(take) to the hospital by car and the doctor said that she (4)_______(have) to stay there for about two weeks.

One day a nurse came to Kate’s bed and said with a smile. “You

(5)_______(be) better soon. You can walk again, so (6)________(not think) only about the bad things. Try (7)______(be) happy!” The nurse was very kind and they became friends.

After Kate left the hospital, she thought a lot about the kind nurse. She now understands the work of nurses (8)________(be) very important, because they often give hope to the sick.

Now Kate’s thinking about her own future. She often talks with her parents about it. She knows what she should do(9) ________(become) a good nurse, and she(10)__________(study) very hard at school.


John and Jack were good friends. They were kind to each other. But sometimes they (1)_________(quarrel) with each other.

One day they went (2)________(boat) in a park together. At noon , they were very hungry and then went into a restaurant(3) _________(have ) a dinner. As soon as they sat at a table, a waiter (4)_________(come) up to them and asked, “What would you like to have?” “We want two apples first, ” said John. As soon as the two apples (5)_________(put) on the table, Jack took the bigger one in his hand. “You (6)_________(be) too impolite, Jack. Why(7) ________(not take) the smaller one first?” John said angrily.

“But I did right.” Said Jack with a smile, “If I let you

(8)________(take) first, which one will you choose?”

“Of course I(9)_________(choose) the smaller one first?” said John.

“Yes,” Jack said, “if you take the smaller one first, the bigger one will(10)___________(leave) and it is still mine. Don’t you think so?”“Ah??” John couldn’t answer.


Though Chinese ways of (1)_______-(cook) are famous in the world, today's Chinese people seem not to care much about what to choose for a healthy diet. The People's Daily (人民日报)(2)___________(publish) an article(文章) recently, (3) ________(call) for (号召)an improved diet, as “it is not only a matter of lifestyle, but also an urgent (急迫的) one influencing our future.”(不仅是一个生活方式的问题,更是一个关系我们前途命运的事情)

For example, many Chinese today eat too much on holidays, and they eat perhaps whatever animals they (4)_______(find), and some Chinese people waste a lot of food in big dinners. It is sad that what they eat

(5)_______( lead) them to some serious diseases(疾病) like

hypertension(高血压) and fatty liver(脂肪肝). It can be predicted(预测) that these diseases (6)_______( hit) the country in the future, unless they have a healthier diet.

Fortunately, many famous people (7)_________( work) hard to tell the public the importance of a balanced diet to both humans and the environment. Yao Ming, the famous Chinese basketball player, is a good role model when he says “no” to shark fins(鱼翅), which (8) ________(suppose) to be a rare nutritious(营养) Chinese dish.

Though some good role models (9)________( aske) people to have a healthy diet, many people still have big dinners which are not necessary. It (10)_______(harm)both health and economy.(经济) Furthermore,(还有) drunk driving after big dinners has also caused many problems.



As a human being, one can hardly (1)_____(do) anything without a friend. Society (2)______(make) up of individuals(个人), and

(3)______(make) friends is very important part in our life. Friends can give you a lot. First, if you have trouble in(4)_______(solve) some problems, you can ask him for help. And you (5)________(feel)comfortable and encouraged. Secondly, if you wish (6)_______(do) some sports, such as (7)______(play) table tennis, chess, you could play with them and have a good time. Then you relax(放松) yourself. In short, we need friends. Some people think friends (8)_____(be) people whom they can play with. In my opinion, a friend in need is a friend indeed. A true friend

(9)_______(share)(分享) with you not only your happiness and joy but also your trouble and anxiety. When you are in trouble, they encourage you

(10)_________(face) it, and help you to work it out.



My grandmother was an iron-willed (强硬的) woman. When I was five, she invited some friends to her apartment. Among the guests there (1) ______(be) a rich man and his daughter. Grandmother considered them the most important among the guests.

During the party, I went to the bathroom. I was still sitting down when the girl walked in. “You (2) ______ (stay) here too long!” “It’s not your business. Don’t you know that little girls shouldn’t come into the bathroom when a little boy (3) ______ (use) it!?” I said in anger. This (4) ____ (surprise) the little girl. Then she started to cry. Most guests had heard what I said and laughed. But not Grandmother.

She (5) ________(wait) for me when I left the bathroom. Grandmother shouted that I was impolite and rude and ordered, “You (6)________(say) sorry to her.” All the guests watched in silence.

Twenty minutes later, Grandmother walked by the bathroom and noticed a torrent (激流) of water (7) _______(run) out from under the door. Everyone knew who did that. Grandmother was so angry that she tried (8) ______(get) me anyway. It took several strong men finally to move her away and calm her down.

My grandfather took me by the hand and seated me on his lap. He looked at me, not at all angry or upset. “(9) _______(tell) me,” he asked, “why did you do it?”

“Well, she shouted at me for nothing,” I said seriously. “Now she’s got something to be angry at.”

Grandfather didn’t speak right away. He just sat there, looking at me and smiling. I (10) _______never ______(forget) his expressions (表情) for my whole life.

“Eric,” he said at last, “I think you did the right thing.”



Some people think that they (1)_____( get) ill if they use their brains(大脑)too much. It is not true. Through many researches, scientists(2)______( show) us that the more you use your brains, the better they (3)______( be), and the wiser you will become.

Of course, if you want to keep your mind clear and be energetic(充满活力的), you (4)_____( take) a proper rest and study properly. To the teenagers,(5)_____( use) their brains in the morning is good for their health.

There are many ways (6)_____( rest). One is a peaceful rest. Sleep is a peaceful rest. Another is an active rest. For

example,(7)_____( take) a walk outdoors, do morning exercises every day.

(8)_____( change) the way of the brains’ activities(活动)is also a good way to rest.In everyday life,(9)_____( eat) some eggs, meat, fresh vegetable and fruit is also good for the brains.

(10)______(wish) you a wise man and a happy life.



In 1909, an English newspaper gave 1,000 pounds to the first man

(1)______( fly) across the English Channel in a plane. Today, modern jets cross it in minutes. But at that time it still seemed a good distance. The race (2)______(win) the money soon became a race between two men. Both were very colourful.

One was Louis Bleriot. He (3)______(own) a factory in France that made motor car lamps. He was already well-known as a pilot because he had crashed(撞) several times. Some people laughed at him. One man said, “He may not be the first to fly across the Channel but he (4)____certainly ____(be) the first to die in a crash!” But Bleriot was really a good and brave pilot. He also had many good ideas about aeroplane design. The other man was Hubert Latham. He was half French and half English. He took up(5)____ (fly) when his doctors told him he had only a year to

live. “Oh, well.” He said, “If I’m going to die soon, I think I

(6)_____( have) a dangerous and interesting life now.” Latham was the first man to try the flight across the channel. Ten kilometers from the French beach, The engine of his plane was in trouble. It crashed into the water and (7)______(begin) to sink (下沉) under the water. A boat reached Latham just in time. He (8)_____(sit)calmly (平静地) on the wing and was coolly lighting a cigarette.

Bleriot took off six days later. He (9)______(fly) into some very bad weather and very low cloud. He somehow got to the English side and landed in a farmer’s field. When he did so, a customs officer rushed up to his plane. Planes(10)_____(change) greatly but customs formalities (海关检查手续) was behind the times. “Have you anything to declare (申报)?” the officer asked.



We’ve talked about snails (蜗牛) and their slow move . But much of the time snails (1)_____(not move) at all. They’re in their shells (壳)(2)______(sleep) .

Hot sun will dry out a snail’s body. So at the least sign of hot sun, a snail (3)______(draw) its body into its shell and closes the opening with a thin cover .Then it goes to sleep. A snail (4)______(die) in a heavy rain. So whenever it rains, it goes inside its shell house and goes to sleep. A snail (5)_____(sleep) for as long as it needs to. It can take a short sleep. Or it can sleep for days at a time .And it spends all the winter months in its shell, asleep.

In spring the snail wakes up .Its body, about three inches long,

(6)_____(come) out of from the shell. When hungry, the snail looks for food. It can’t see very well. Its eyes ,at the ends of the top feelers (触角)are very weak . But its sense of smell is very strong. It helps the snail(7)_____( find) the new greens. Then the snail’s little mouth goes to work.

A snail’s mouth is no longer than the point of a pin(针) . Yet it has 256,000 teeth! The teeth are so small that you can’t see them. But they do their work. If you put a snail in a hard paper box, it (8)_____(eat) its way out. And if a snail wears out its teeth, it will grow new ones.

Mostly, a snail (9)_____(look) for food at night .But on cloudy days it eats in the daytime. It eats all day long. A snail can go on

(10)_____(eat) for hours and never feel full.



Mr Brown was a famous boxer ( 拳击手). One day he(1)_____ (come ) to a restaurant to dinner. He took off his coat and hung is on the wall . But he was afraid someone(2)____( take) it away. So he took out a piece of paper and(3)_____( write ) on it , “ The famous boxer(4)_____

(leave )his coat here . He(5)_____( come ) back in a few ninutes .” Then he(6)_____(put ) the paper on his coat and went to have his dinner . A young man saw it and took the coat away while Mr Brown(7)____(drink) When he returned , his coat was not there and he(8)______ (find ) only another piece of paper . It(9)_____(say ) , “ A famous runner has taken your coat away . He(10)______(not come ) back any longer !



China Central Television’s sports channel (CCTV-5)

1______(change)from January 1st this year, and it

2____aleady_____(become) the biggest sports window on 3________(prepare) for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

CCTV-5,the sports channel of CCTV has new programs about the Beijing Olympics. Says Jiang Heping(director of the channe), the theme(主题) of all the programs is “One world, One dream.”

China’s sports development 5_____(need) the support of the whole society, and CCTV is an important channel for the public of the Beijing Olympics.Tt let us 6_______( learn) more knowledge of Olympics.

A new program called “My Olympics”7________( introduce) important persons in Olympic history. It brings closly the relationship between persons and the Olympics.

The channel shows in a long documentary(记录片) on the Beijing Olympics. At the same time, sportswear(体育用品) producer Li-Ning Company 8______(sign) a sponsorship contract(赞助合同) with CCTV-5, hosts(主持人) 9______(wear)the company’s products on screen from January 1, 2007 to the end of 2008. The company, the former Chinese gymnast(体操王子) Li Ning has promised to give hosts the“popular images”award.



Tom is a boy of fifteen. His parents(1) ______(die) two years ago, and he had to make a living (谋生)by himself. Now he(2)________(work) as a servant (仆人)at Mr Jackson’s. He works hard and the Jackson is pleased with him. Mr Jackson enjoys (3)_________(plant) all kinds of trees. There are many kinds of precious(珍贵的)trees in his garden.

The week before last Mr Jackson (4)_________(bring) a few trees home, planted them in the garden himself and watered them every day. Some days later, he had to (5)_______(leave) for another city. Before he started, he said to Tom, “(6)________(take) good care of the plants when I ‘I ‘m out. Some boys of our neighbors always want (7)_______(steal) them.”

“(8)________(not worry) about them , sir,” answered Tom. “I

(9)________(try) my best to watch them.”Six days passed and Mr Jack son came back. As soon as he saw Tom, he asked, “(10)________anyone

______(come) to steal the trees?” “No, sir,” said Tom. “I pulled them six days ago. Now they have been hidden for nearly a week!”



Growing up is not always easy. When facing difficulties, courage(勇气) and a spirit of independence(独立) can be more useful

than(1)_____(cry) for help. That’s what the story I’ve heard recently tells me.

The young man was born in 1982 in a poor family in a small town . When he was only 11, his father became ill and one day (2)___(come) back with an disabled baby girl. A year later, his mother left home with his younger brother because she(3)__ ( not stand) hard life and pressure(压力) from her husband. The12-year-old boy began (4)__ (support )his whole family: he took care of not only his sick father, but also the litter girl. At the same time, he didn’t give up studying. Later he went to collage.(5)___(care )for the litter girl, he rented a room near his college and afforded (支付)her education by doing part-time jobs(兼职工作).After the young man’s story went public(公之于众), people

(6)_____(impress )by his behavior(行为) deeply. Although his life was hard, he didn’t abandon his help very much. And he refused donations(捐赠) from others. He said he felt encouraged because of kind offers, but he could depend on his own work. With his hard-won money, he even helped other students in trouble.

Today when many young people worry more about their own happiness, this young man’s a behavior reminds us of what we don’t usually pay attention to: love and care for others. Nobody could continue to live without these.

Through his hard life, the young man (7)__ (regard) as a hero in people’s eyes . So when (8)__(face) difficulties. (9) ____( not complain) about bad luck. Consider what more you could do for your family and society(社会) and you (10) ____( find)the world smiling back.



One animal that caught my attention on our recent visit to

Australia(1)___(be)the Bottlenose dolphin . Bottlenose dolphins are mammals (哺乳动物), like humans . This means they are warm blooded (温血动物), breathe air and(2)___(give ) birth to live young . They can weigh up to 180 kilograms and(3)_____ (grow up ) to 3 meters in length .

Bottlenose dolphins (4)___(find) throughout the world and live in groups of 2 to 15 animals . They (5)_____(find) at depths of more than 100 meters underwater .

Dolphins (6)__ (have) good eyesight in and out of water ? They have taste buds(味蕾) in their mouths and (7)____(spit out)(吐出) food they don ' t like . Bottlenose dolphins have " noses " that look a little bit like a bottle . In fact , they (8)__(not breathe) through these " noses " at all .

Most dolphins (9)___(live ) to their mid 30s . Their most important , enemies (10)___(be) people . In Australia , dolphins are often attacked by sharks , but recover (恢复) quickly if their wounds are not serious .



1.is called. 2. faces 3. covers 4 develops 5. has already become 6.keeps

7. was occupied 8. ruled 9. has ended 10. will be written


1.forgot 2. to say 3. Don’t forget 4. must/should have 5. (will) need

6.Take 7. to check/checking 8. couldn’t find 9. bought/have bought 10. won’t/can’t remember


1. looks 2. to be cut 3. are cooked 4. can see 5.planted 6 .appear.7. turning 8. are picked 9. will get

10 traveling


1. Has named 2.to notice 3.have become.4can be grown 5.Stop 6.is being threatened7.willeffect 8.Growing 9.are causing 10.taken


1. was covered 2.were cut 3.Left 4.kept5.to keep

6.did7.Living8.Looks9.left10.to protect


1. will say 2. are starting 3. are having 4 to go.5. choose 6. should carry

7.are growing 8. to read/read 9. to take 10. said


moving 2.have seen 3. goes 4. mixed 5 have seen. 6. may be 7. named 8. coming 9. would come 10.will see


1.was born 2. found 3.has worked 4.was going to cook/was cooking 5. to buy 6. stealing 7. ran 8. caught 9. will give 10. have caught 最新中考英语谓语动词填空答案(9)

1 Are lying 2 .Doesn’t work 3. have arrived 4. snowed 5. will get6. were covered 7. understood 8. didn’t know 9. frightened 10. was/were hurt 最新中考英语谓语动词填空答案(10)

1. to become 2.be 3.will become 4.paying 5.cut 6.eats 7.thought 8.costs

9.has paid 10.works


1.to bring 2.drinking 3.be eaten 4.will like 5.looking 6. told 7.heard

8.are 9.havn’t seen 10.to eat


1.Said 2.Would't retire 3.will feel 4.Giving 5.needn't be/havn't be 6.was joking7.has proved 8.Would run 9.can last 1might/would come


1.learnt 2. making 3. has been found 4. to tell 5. tells 6.to be shaved

7.asked 8. laughing 9. am waiting 10. Grows


1.to make 2.to bring 3.live 4.are learning 5.becoming 6.don’t have 7.are

8.making 9.falls 10.become


1.was 2. opened 3. was preparing 4. walking 5. is needed 6. have 7. (to) take 8. will never forget 9. have called 10. will come/is coming 最新中考英语谓语动词填空答案(16)

1.keep 2. are hurt 3.to see 4. lost 5.will come 6.to get 7. can tell 8. can't walk 9.would be danger10. should thank


1. to live2. suffer3. To deal 4. set 5. are allowed 6. can help 7. to release

8. are writing 9. to visit 10. hear


1.work 2.broke 3.was taken 4.would have 5.will be 6.don’t think 7.to be

8.is 9.to become 10.must study


1.quarreled 2.to boat 3.to have 4.came 5.was put 6.are 7.not take 8.take

9.will choose 10.be left


1 cooking 2. published 3.calling4 . can find 5. have led 6.will hit 7 are working. is supposed 8.is supposed 9. have asked 10. harms


1. do 2.is made 3.making 4.solving 5.will fell 6.to do 7.playing 8.are

9.can share 10.to face


1. were2. have stayed 3. is using4. surprised5. was waiting 6. must say7. running8. to get9. Tell10. will, forget


1. will get 2. show 3. will be 4. must take 5. using 6. to rest 7. take

8. To change/changing 9. to eat 10. Wish


1.to fly 2. to win 3. owned 4. will be 5. flying 6. shall have 7 .began.

8. was sitting 9. flew 10. have changed


1.don’t move 2. sleeping 3. draws 4. will die 5. can sleep 6. comes 7. to find 8. will eat 9. looks 10. eating


1.came 2.to take 3.wrote 4.leave5.will come 6.put 7.was drinking 8.found

9.said 10.won’t come


1.was changed 2.has become 3.Preparing 4.Is 5.needs 6learn 7.Is introduced 8.Signed 9.have been wearing 10.has promised


1.died 2. works 3 .planting 4 .brought 5 .leave 6 .take 7. to steal 8. don’t worry 9 .will try

10. Does come


1.Crying 2、came3、couldn’t stand4、to support5、To care for6、were impressed7、is regarded8、facing9、Don’t complain10、will find 最新中考英语谓语动词填空答案(30)

1.was 2.give 3.grow up 4.are found 5.are found 6.have7.will spit out

8.don’t breathe 9.live 10.are

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