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Good morning everyone. Standing here, I’m very happy and excited. It’s my great honor to be here to present my lesson, and the chance is very precious for me. And I’ll try my best. Today I’ll talk about unit from my contents consist of 8 parts

Analysis of the teaching material

Analysis of the students

Teaching methods

Teaching aims and demands

Teaching aids

Teaching procedure

Blackboard design

And conclusion

Well, firstly, I’ll talk about part 1 analysis of the teaching material. I have concluded the features of…….

1 . there are a lot pictures. For this, the kids will be interested in the book. As we all know that interest is best teacher for the students.

2. It lays stress on the communication. According to the problem of Chinese students learning English , the book design a lot of material to improve the students’ ability of listening speaking, reading, and writing. So I think the book is very good.

Then I’ll talk about next part analysis of the students. It is known to us that the kids are very active and like playing games very much, so during my class, I’ll design some interesting games to activate them to participate and learn something. They will also be interested in the class.

Next I’ll talk about teaching methods. My teaching methods are task-based approach and situational approach. Using different methods can make the class active.

Let’s move on to another part, teaching aims and demands. There are knowledge aims and ability aims.

Knowledge aims are to enable the students to master the words and phrases:………. And the sentences:…

Ability aims are To improve students’

listening and speaking ability by reading and practicing the dialogue.

Next is the teaching aids. In this class, I’ll use pictures, PPT and tape recorder. These can arouse

the students’ interest in English.

Now I’ll talk about most important part teaching procedure. It consists of 5 steps. Warning up, lead-in, contents key points and difficult points and homework.

Step1 is warming up. Here I’ll use PPT to play a English song Bingo for the students and I’ll ask them try to follow it to sing together. By this, the students can be interested in it and pay their attention to our class easily and improve their ability of speaking.

Step2 is lead-in (导入根据所授内容设计,可通过展示与本课有关的话题或者图片等等引出本课话题)

Step 3 is contents(本部分为主要授课内容及组织的课堂活动。可从听说读写四块分写)

Step 4 is key points and difficult points(本部分列出本课重难点可为单词句型或语法知识)

Step 5 is homework.(作业形式最好新颖,例如课让学生根据本课内容做个小调查等)


To be a good English teacher is my dream, I think a teacher is not only a guide for the students, but also a friend of them. If I were a teacher, I would build a close relation with my students, helping them not only on their study, but also on their lives. So far , I have been an English teacher for three years,I will try my best to achieve further success!

Thank you very much !

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