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Unit 4. What’s the best movie theater? Section A 英汉互译

最舒适的座位 2. the biggest screens 3 . so far 4.最好的服装店 5.最差的音乐 根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成句子

6.I have two _________ (票)to the basketball match.

7. Tam listens very c_________ in class. All the teachers like him. 8. That restaurant has good s _________ .

9. (2012,贵州铜仁)He can speak English _________ (更好 地)than I. 10. The supermarket has the _________ (最新鲜的) fruit. 三、用所给词的适当形式填空 11. Thanks for _________ (help) me. 12. His brother is a _________ (report).

13: This coat is _________ (expensive)than That one.

14. You can sit the most _________ (comfortable) at Sun Cinema.

15一What do you think of Funky Fashions? 一I think it’s the _________ (bad).It has really bad service . 单项选择

16. The People’s Cinema is close _________ my home. A. in B, out C. to D. of 17. _________ is the coat?

A. How far B. How much C. How soon D. How often

18一 _________ is it from your home to school? 一Ten minutes by bus. A. How far B. How much C. How soon D. How long

19. FM 97. 4 is the best_ _________ . Lt plays popular music every day.

A. fast food restaurant B. Clothing store C. radio station D. music store 20. (2012,广西桂林)The red pencil is _________ than the green one. A. short B. shorter C. nice D. the shortest 21: You can buy ticket _________ here.

A. the most quick B. the more quick C. the most quickly D. the more quickly 22..1 like the Big Screen Complex because it has _________ screen. A. bigger B. the worst C. the biggest D. worst 23.—The weather is _________ today than yesterday. A. bad B. worse C. badder D. badly 24: Which is__________season in Beijing?

better B. best C. the best D. good

25. (2012,福建福州)Shu-how Lin is now one of _______ basketball players in the NBA. A. popular B, more popular C. the most popular 五、根据要求改写句子

26.It is about three miles from the market to the hospital.(对画线部分提问) _________ _________ is it from the market to the hospital?

27. Movie World has big screens. Town Cinema has bigger screens.(合并成一句) Town Cinema has__________ screens_ _________ Movie World. 28.Trendy Teens is the best clothes store in town.(对线部分提问) _________ is the best clothes store in town?

29. This red jacket is cheaper than that blue one.(改为同义句) That blue jacket is _________ _________ than this red one. 30. Jim is taller than the other two.(改为同义句) Jim is _________ _________ of the three. 七、语法专练:形容词的比较级和最商级 用所给词的适当形式填空。

36.My mom is _________ (busy) in my family.

37.Which clothes store is__________ (good),Trendy Teens or Jason’s? 38. Which city is _________ (beautiful),Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou? 39. She is _________ (old) of us all.

40. What’s _________ (bad) radio station in town?

41.Oldies 102. 1 FM is _________ (bad) than All Talk 970 AM. 42. Which is _________ (big) of the five ( oranges?

43. Movie Palace has_________________ (comfortable) seats of the three. 44.0f all the boxes this one is _________ (heavy).

45.1 want to learn science hard. I think it is _________ (difficult) of all. Section B&Self Check 基础巩固练习

荃础知识 (一)基本词汇

天资;天赋 2. common 3.role 4.给 5.实例 6.获胜者 7. prize

二、基本短语 8.有共同特征 9.be up to l0.make up

11.认真对待 12.寻找 13. be good at 1 4.play a role 15.(梦想)实现 三、基本句式


Who is _________ _________ _________ ? 17.他们在决定获胜者方面起着重要的作用。

They _________ _________ _________ _________ in deciding the winner. 18.才艺演出变得越来越受欢迎。

Talent shows are getting _________ _________ _________ _________。 19.你认为这些表演怎么样?

What do you_ _________ _________ the shows? 20.谁唱歌唱得最动听?

Who sings _________ _________ _________ ? 二、根据句意以及汉语或首字母完成句子 21.Tom is very _________ (有创造力的). 22.Not e _________ likes watching TV. 23.Lucy gets a good _________ (奖品).

24.Bill Gates often helps the p _________ in Africa. 25. His mother is s _________ ill. 三、用所给词或短语的适当形式填空 ,6 .The girl is a good _________ (perform).

27. Mr Brown is _________ (funny) of all the teachers.

28.The _________ (win) in the talent shows get good prizes. 29.Chen Daoming is one of the best _________ (act)in China.

30. His dream _________ _________ (come true) at last with his great effort. 四、单项选择

31.(2012,山东临沂)English is my favorite subject, and I am good _________ it. A. for B. to C, at D. of

32.All these talent shows have one thing _________ comcmon. A. on B. in C. at D. for

33.Our teacher asked us to_ _________ a story about the moon. A. make up B. make of C. make in D. make out 34.It’s fun _________ the talent show.

A. watch B, to watch C, watched D. watches 35.There are _________ school things in the store.

A. a kind of B. kind of C. different kind of D. all kinds of 36.Do you enjoy_ _________ English stories?

A. read B, to read C. reading D. reads 37. His dog is lost(丢了).He is_ _________ it .

A. looking for B. finding C. finding out D. looking at 38.The students take the exams__________ .

A. serious B. seriously C. bad D. worse

39.(2012,四)1l广安)-What a nice watch it is! 一Yes. It’s _________ one of all. A. expensive B. more expensive C. the most expensive 40.We decide _________ to Beijing tomorrow.

A. going B. go C. to go D. goes 41.They make the little boy_ _________ the room every day

A. cleans B. clean C. to clean D. cleaning 42.Parents play a role in _________ their children.

A. teach B. teaches C. to teach D. teaching 43.Our city is becoming _________ .

A. more and most beautiful B. more beautiful and more beautiful C. more and more beautiful D. beautiful and beautiful 44.Which subject is_ _________ of all?

A. the most interested B. the most interesting C. the more interested D. the more interesting

45. (2012,贵州毕节)When winter comes, days get _________ .

A. long and long B. short and short C. longer and longer D. shorter and shorter 五、句型转换

46.Funky Fashions has the worst clothes in town.(改哭 一般疑问句) _________ Funky Fashions _________ the worst clothes in town? 47,Mike’s hair is 5 cm long. Jack’s hair is 6 cm long.(合 并为一句) Mike’s hair is _________ _________ _________ .

48.It costs about 180 yuan for a night in the hotel.(对画 线部分提问) _________ _________ does it _________ for a night in the hotel? 49.1 think Jason’s has the best clothes in town.(改为圣 定句) I _________think Jason’s _________ he best clothes in town. 50. This jacket is cheaper than that one.(改为同义句)

That jacket is_ _________ _________ than this one. 51. The tall boy wins the game.(改为同义句)

The _________ _________ the game is the tall boy. 七 根据所给汉语完成句子

52. Jasper’s has the_ _________ (最友好的)service.

53. Hotels usually __________________ (降低它们的价格) in winter. 54. 1 think Cride Theater has __________________ (最舒适的)seats.

55, The Art Festival _________________________ 持续了 大约10天). 56. The moon cakes are very delicious,but I can’t _________ (再吃). 单元语法练 单项选择

1. (2013,广东模拟)It’s getting _________ . We should go now. A. dark and dark B. more and more dark C. darker and darker D. more and more darker

2.(2011,广东清远)Li Hua studies English very ___ and her English is _____ in her class. A. careful,good B. carefully, well C, careful,best D. carefully,the best 3.(2011,河北)Of all the subiects, chemistry seems to be _________ `for me. A. difficult B. too difficult C, more difficult D. the most difficult 4.(2011,四川南充)China is one of _________ countries in the world. A. larger B. largest C. the largest

5. (2011,黑龙江绥化)(陷阱题)Li Kai jumped the _________ in the long jump. He won the game. A. farthest B. highest C. longest 6, (2012,贵州黔西南)-Which city has _________ popultion, Beijing,Guiyang or Xingyi? 一Xingyi,of course.

A.the largest B. the smallest C. the most D. the least 用所给形容词或副词的适当形式填空

Which lesson is__________ (difficult) in Book 2? Alice writes __________________ (carefully) than I.

This story is __________________ (interesting) than that one. He is __________________ (clever) boy in the class.

This kind of food must be __________________ (delicious) than that one. Can you show me__________ (near) shop?

Who’s __________________ ,(careful),Tom,Jim or Kate? That is __________________ (easy) of all.

That was one of. __________________ (exciting) moments in 2013. 单元培优练 陷阱题

1 .The weather in Beijing is colder than _________

A. of Wuhan B. Wuhan C. that in Wuhan D. that of Wuhan 2. _________ classroom is much smaller than _________ 。

A. Our;their B. Ours;theirs C. Our; theirs D. Ours;their 3. Xiao Li is the _________ of them two.

A. tall . B. taller C. tallest D. more tall 4” How time flies!Ten years_ _________ passed. A. have、 B. has C. is D. are

5. It’s about 20 minutes’ walk to the farthest restaurant. (对画线部分提问) _________ _________ is it to the farthest restaurant ? 中考题

6.(2012,山冻济南)-Sonia, do you think you are differem from Linda? 一Yes. I’m _________ _at drawing than her.

A.better B. good C. well D. best

7.(2o12 山东济宁)In the talent show, I performed well and Ann did even _________ . A. Well B. better C. more D, worse

8. (2012,天津)Who listens _________ , Corn ,Jack or Bill?

A. the most carefully B. more carefully C. the most careful D. more careful 9. (2012,湖南岳阳)Wembley Stadium(温布利大球场)is one of the _________ soccer fields in the world. It will be the place for soccer matches during the Olympics next month. A. famous B. more famous C. most famous

10. (2012,贵州六盘水)It’s summer now; the weather is getting _________ . A. higher and higher B. lower and lower C. hotter and hotter D. colder and colder

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