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Let’s play soccer. That sounds good.

Do you have a soccer ball? No, I don’t.

I have two tennis rackets. Let’s play tennis.

I think he has a ping-pong ball. That sounds interesting. Let’s play soccer. I don’t have a soccer ball.

We play it at school with our friends. It’s relaxing.

I love sports, but I don’t play them. I only watch them on TV. After class, I play ping-pong with my classmates. I don’t have a baseball, but I have a soccer ball.

Unit 6

What do you like for dinner? I like broccoli.

Do you like bananas? Does your father like carrots? No, I don’t . I don’t like tomatoes and carrots.

Let’s think about the food.

How about vegetable salad and some fruit?

Let’s have strawberries and apples then.

Sports star eats well. What fruit do you like? I like chicken for dinner. I don’t want to be fat.

Cindy likes healthy food.

Unit 7

Can I help you? Yes, please. I need a sweater for school. What colour do you want? Here you are.

How much is it? How about this one?

It looks nice. I’ll take it. Thank you.

You’re welcome. How much is this brown sweater? Two dollars for one pair and three dollars for two pairs. Come and buy your clothes at our great sale.

We sell all our clothes at very good prices.

We have green sweaters for only 15 dollars.

For boys, we have black trousers for only $22.

For girls, we have skirts in purple for only $20.

Socks are only $2for three pairs.

I need a pair of black shoes for school.

Unit 8

When is your birthday? How old are you?

My birthday is on March 21st./ it’s on March 21st

I’m fifteen./ I’m fifteen years old.

When is Tom’s birthday?

His birthday is on September 5th.

When is your father’s birthday?

Do you want to come to my birthday party?

When is it? At three this afternoon.

How about you and Tom? Tom’s birthday is in December. On September 21st, we have a school trip in the afternoon.

On the 12th and the 15th, we have two ball games, soccer and volleyball. We have an English party on November 30th.

This is really busy term! Have a good time.

See you there.

We have some interesting and fun things for you this term.

Your parents can come to our school.

Unit 9

What’s your favourite subject?

My favourite subject is art.

Why do you like art? Because it’s very interesting.

Who is your art teacher? My art teacher is Mrs. Jones.

When do you have art lesson?

How is your day? They’re my favourite subjects.

I like Monday because I have P.E. and history.

He always plays games with us.

That’s great.

What’s David’s favourite subject?

When is the class?

I am very busy on Monday.

At 8:oo I have math. It is not fun.

The teacher says it is useful, but I think it is difficult. Lunch is from 12:00 to 1:00

Let’s meet on Saturday.

Our Chinese teacher,Mrs Wang is great fun. I want to meet you on Friday afternoon.

Is that OK with you?

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