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A) 根据句意及首字母提示,完成下列单词。

1.I think Beijing O______ is very interesting.

2.I can l______ a lot about Chinese history.

3.His f_______ food is chicken.

4.Her brother w_______ to be an artist.

5.Do you want to go to a m________.

6.Wang Ming likes t_______ but he doesn’t like documentaries.

7.My brother likes action movies. He thinks it’s e________.

8. — What kind of movies do you like?

— I like c______.

9.I don’t like documentaries. It’s b____________.

10.My socks aren’t w_________. They’re black.

B) 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。

1.I like ________ (China) action movies.

2.Beijing Opera is _________ (real) fun!

3.The story is very ________ (interest).

4.The map is on the wall of ________ (they) mother’s room.

5.Please come in and have a cup of tea with ________ (we).

6.Can you tell _________ (I) a story?

7.There are many _________ (student) in the classroom.

8.Tom Green is an _________ (art).

9. Mana _______ (like ) Beijing Opera very much.

10. Art Festival is on Sptember _______ ( twelve)

11 Let’s ______ ( play ) basketball.

12. They are my _______ (friend).

13. I am thirteen _______ (year) old.

14 I have ______ (tomato) for breakfast.

15 Comedy is _______ (I) favourite movie.

16. That’s _______ (Mike) T- shirt.

17. Does Jim ______ (like) thrillers?

18.Do you like _________ (documentary)?

19.The boy is ten _________ (year) old.

20.My birthday is June ________ (five).


1. ________ the same reason I like Beijing Opera, too.

A. To B. With C. For D. At

2. —Do you want to go to a movie?

— __________ .I want to see a comedy.

A. Yes, I am B. No, I’m not C. Yes, I do D. No, I don’t

3.Do you think Beijing Opera is interesting or _______________?

A. exciting B. boring C. moving D. tiring

4.I like comedies _________ I don’t like action movies.

A. and B. or C. but D. so

5. — ________ Maria like thrillers?

—Yes, she _________.

A. Do, do B. Does, does C. Is, Is D. Does, doesn’t

6.Mr Green knows a lot ___________ Beijing Opera.

A. at B. for C. about D. with

7.Ben and Sally are _________. Ben likes action movies but Sally likes comedies.

A. the same B. different C. difficult D. discount

8.My sister likes comedies. She thinks ______________.

A. they’re funny B. they’re scary C. they aren’t exciting D. they aren’t sad

9. — What kind of ________ does your father like?

A. story B. sports C. music D. movies

10. He stays ______ home and looks ________ the photos of his children’s _________ weekends.

A. in, of, at B. at, at, on C. to, for, at D. at, in, at

11 ______ is the sweater? Fifty yuan.

A How many B. How much C. What D. When

12 These ______ only 2 dollars, very cheap.

A shoe is B. shoes is C. shoe are D. shoes are

1 3. We have T-shirts in blue, yellow, red and black _____ only 20 yuan.

A. by B. in C. for D. sell

1 4._______ is the school trip?______ March.

A. When, In B. When, On C. Where, In D. What, On

1 5 When is your birthday? My birthday is January _____

A . 9 B. nine C. ninth D. the nineth

16. This ____ is small. Do you have a big one ?

A. socks B. shirt C. short D. shorts

1 7 When is _____ birthday party?

A. Jack B. Jack’s C. he D. him

1 8. There are twelve months in a ____

A. season(季节) B. date C. year D. school year

1 9. This bag is ____

A. 5 dollar B. dollars 5 C. $ 5. D. 5 dallors

20 When is Mother’s Day? It’s in ______

A. May B. June C. July D. August

21. Do you want ____ to a movie?

A. go B. to go C. goes D. went

22. I like comedies , _____ I don’t like action movies.

A. and B. or C. but D. so

23. Do you want to _____ a movie star?

A. is B. are C. be D do

24. May is the _____ month of the year.

A. fiveth B. fifth C. five D. fivth

25. I often go to movies _____ my friends.

A. with B. or C. to D. and


1.Ben likes action movies. ( 改为否定句)

Ben ________ __________ action movies.

2.I want to see comedies. ( 就划线部分提问)

_______ kind of ________ do you want to see?

3.My mother likes opera. (变为一般疑问句)

______ your mother _________ opera?

4. Does Jane likes thrillers? (作否定回答)

_______ , she _______.

5.I have a pencil. I don’t have an eraser. (将两个句子连成一个并列句)

I have a pencil ______ I don’t have an eraser.

四、在B 栏中找出A栏相对应的答语,把字母编号填在左边括号里


( )1. How old are you ? A. No, it’s Mary’s

( )2. When is the school trip? B. It’s in October

( )3. Is December 5th your birthday? C. I’m 14

( )4. When is Uncle Wang’s birthday? D. You’re welcome.

( )5. How much is the green bag? E. White

( )6. Thank you very much. F. It’s ¥10

( )7. What color do you want? G. Yes, I do.

( )8. Do you like English ? H.Because it’s fun

( )9. What do you have for dinner? I.Hamburgers and vegetables.

( )10.Why do you Like it ? J.His birthday is May 10th


2 Beth likes ________ ,but she is always sad in her life(生活). 3 They like action movies, they ______ like thrillers.

4 ______ does your brother like comedies?

Because he thinks they are _______.

5 I don’t like documentaries because they are ________.

6 I’m thirteen ________ old.

7 Hi,John, _______ go to a movie

8 Jim’s birthday is August __________.



I ______ English ________.


I ______ action movie is _________.


_______ _______ ________, I love China.


I _______ go to movies ________ my father.

5. 你喜欢哪种类型的电影?

What _______ of _______ do you like?

七 .完形填空。

On weekends, I often go to movies ____(1) my friend, David. My _____(2) movie star is Jackie Chan. He’s a great _____(3). He has a new movie, Speed. It’s a very _____(4) action movie. I think it’s exciting. Jack likes Michele Yan ____(5). He likes her famous movie, Sleepless Night. It’s a thriller. I don’t think it’s great. ________ (6), it’s boring. One thing is interesting. Jack _____(7) likes Beijing opera. He often ______(8) me, “Beijing Opera is really _____(9)!” My father likes it ______(10). He even wants to be a Beijing Opera artist!

1.A. with B. to C. without D. after

2.A. like B. love C. liking D. favorite

3.A. actress B. actor C. worker D. driver

4.A. success B. successful C. successfully D. succeed

5.A.better B. good C. best D. well

6.A In short B. In a word C. In fact D. In word

7.A. too B. either C. neither D. also

8.A. talks B. says C. tells D. speaks

9.A. fun B. funny C. fine D. fact

10.A. either B. too C. also D. neither


I’m Jung. I’m in Beijing now. I think Beijing Opera is very interesting. I often go to see it. My friend Edward usually goes to Chinese action movies on weekends. But I stay at home and look at pictures of Beijing Opera. I also read sad, funny or exciting stories. I like Chinese action movies, too. In a word, I love China.


I’m Ed ward. Jung is my ______(1). He likes Beijing Opera. He thinks it’s _______(2). But I usually go to Chinese action ______(3) on weekends. We are _____(4). Jung ______(5) at home and ______ (6) at pictures of Beijing Opera. He also _______ (7) sad, funny or exciting _____(8). He _______(9) Chinese action movies too. In a word, we _______(10) China.

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