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兵团二中2015届高二年级 英语备课组

第一节(每题1分 满分20分


1. What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?

A. Couple B. Friends C. Colleagues

2. Why does the woman keep singing the song?

A. She is learning a new song

B. She practices it for a performance

C. She wants to get the man relexed

3. What will the woman probably do?

A. Speak up B. Redial the number C. Use another phone

4. What do we know about the woman?

A. She is interested in studying insects

B. She doesn’t like coming to the park

C. She wants the man to be a biologist

5. Which skirt will the woman take?

A. The pink one B. The white one C. The blue one



6. What does the woman think of the man?

A. Greedy B. Considerate C. Careless

7. What will the woman do?

A. Find the man a part-time job

B. Borrow money from the man

C. Give the man twenty dollars


8. Who is Ann?

A. The man’s girlfriend B. The man’s little sister C. The man’s little cousin

9. What are the two speakers plan to do together tomorrow evening?

A. Have a drink B. See the fireworks C. Have supper


10. What do we know about Regina Spektor’s album Begin to Hope?

A. It was her second album B. It was very well-received C. It was released in 2007

11. What does the woman think of Regina Spektor’s songs?

A. Soft and moving B. Funny and educative C. Creative and unusual

12. Why does the man want to know more about singers?

A. He wants to become a singer

B. He wants to study music at college

C. He wants to talk with Anna about them


13. Where did the man work after graduation?

A. In college B. At a magazine agency C. In a car company 1

14. Why did the man choose Coventry University?

A. It was near his home

B. The tuition fees was not high

C. Its journalism major was better

15. How does the woman feel about her job?

A. Exciting B. Difficult C. Boring

16. What is the woman interested in?

A. Photography B. Cars C. Writing


17. Which section is not referred to on Mondays by USA today?

A. Sports B. Money C. Health

18. Which of the following newspapers has won the most Pulitzer Prizes?

A. The New York Times B. New York Daily News C. Los Angles Time

19. When was Los Angles Time founded?

A. In 1851 B. In 1881 C. In 1919

20. What is probably the speaker?

A. A radio host B. A newspaper seller C. A writer

II.单项选择(共40题 每小题1分)

21. —Did you have a wonderful time in Tibet last Sunday?

—__________ The air is too thin to breathe.

A. Yeah, why not? B. Oh, great. C. You’re right D. Not really.

22. People choose to shop in the supermarket,for they take an interest in the

of goods on offer.

A. price B.variety C.value D.amount

23. —Mom,can I go to the cinema?

—No.I'd rather you ________ a quiet night in front of the TV.

A.will have B.have C.had D.have had

24.It is worth considering what makes “convenience”foods so popular, and ________

better ones of your own.

A.introduces B. to introduce Cintroducing D.introduced

25.It's on the festival occasions________the family get together ________he misses

his late father.

A.where; that B.which; when C.when; that D.that; when

26. It is a bad habit to __________ breakfast every day. A healthy breakfast is very

important for all of us.

A. cut off B. leave out C. put away D. make up

27.The talks between the two sides have __________. People are worried about what will happen.

A. broken out B. broken up C. broken down D. broke through

28.Finding her car stolen, ______.

A. a policeman was asked to help B. the area was searched thoroughly

C. it was looked for everywhere D. she hurried to a policeman for help

29. Judy,it is greatly________that you gave back the huge amount of money you found.

A.to your credit B.to your surprise C.to your joy D.to your sorrow

30. The manager and general engineer _____ very strict _____ his employees and ____

his work as well.

A. is; with; in B. are; with; in C. is; with; with C. are; in; in

31. The________look on her face suggested that she________it before.

A. surprising; wouldn't know B. surprised; hadn't known


C. surprising; hadn't known D. surprised; shouldn't known

32. I knew nothing about the accident ________ I read in the newspaper.

A.except that B.except for C.apart from D.except what

33. Is this the recorder you want ______?

A. to have repaired B. to repair it C. to have it repaired D. it repaired

34. The UK________ Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is a country famous________its history.

A.consists of;for B.is consisting of;as C.consisting of;for D.is consisted of;as

35. Come and see me whenever________.

A.you are convenient B.you will be convenient

C.it is convenient to you D.it will be convenient to you

36. —Do you need any help,Lucy?

—Yes.The job is________I could do myself.

A.less than B.more than C.no more than D.not more than

37. The boy is often found _____in reading books.

A. absorbs B. is absorbed C. absorbing D. absorbed

38. The storms did a lot of _____and caused some______.

A. damage, death B. damages, deaths C. damage, deaths D. damages, death

39. The waste water from the factory led to _________.

A. the river having polluted B.pollute the river C. the river being polluted

D. the river to be pulluted

40. The coach asked his staff to ________ the large group of journalists waiting

for him to announce his training plans.

A.adapt to B.attend to C.refer to D.appeal to

41. Many experts say the problem of high housing prices may lead to more serious

ones if______ unsolved.

A. making B. left C. remaining D. keeping

42. Now that we’ve discussed our problem, are people happy with the decisions ?

A. taking B. take C. taken D. to take

43. ________for the terrible coal mine accident,as the public thought,the mayor

of the city felt nervous and was at a loss what to do.

A.Having blamed B.He was to blame C.Being to be blamed D.Being to blame

44 When you are ______ about something, you are ______ to do whatever you can to get it.

A. anxious; likely B. eager; possible C. enthusiastic; likely D. concerned; probable

45. The financial crisis that originated(源于)on Wall Street swept the world,

thus________large numbers of workers jobless.

A.leaving B.to leave C.left D.have left

46. Take care during the holidays!Drinking too much can ________ heart disease and

cause high blood pressure.

A.contribute to B.relate to C.attend to D.devote to

47. There is a convenience store across the street, ________keeper seated in it playing chess with customers whenever there is no business..


A.whose B. which C.its D. that

48.This company was the first ________ portable radios as well as cassette recorders in the world.

A.producing B.to produce C.having produced D.produced

49.—He managed to ________ at the last moment.

—You mean he has a narrow escape?

A.turn away B.turn up C.turn out D.turn in

50. _________kids to as much as art and culture as possible, parents can expect them

to develop an interest in them.

A. Exposed B. Exposing C. Expose D. To expose

51. _______in charge of the shopping center has upset him for quite some time.

A. left B. having left C.to leave D. being left

52. Don’t stop________you meet with a word you don’t understand.

A.at the time B.each time C.every time when D.sometimes

53. The GPS, originally________by the U.S. military, covers the whole world.

A. developing B. to be developed C. developed D. having developed

54. Three students ______ Dongshan Middle School took part in the Oral English Competition.

A. represent B. are representing C. representing D.


55. Come________.I want to tell you that she is________related to him and that you

must study it________.

A.close;close;close B.closely;close;close

C.close;closely;closely D.closely;closely;close

56. ________the telephone number several times,but he couldn’t learn it by heart.

A.He had been told B.Having been told C.Although he had been told D.Having told

57. The experiment shows that proper amounts of exercise,if________regularly,

can improve our health.

A.being carried out B. carrying out C.carried out D.to carry out 58 Scientists are convinced________the positive effect of laughter________physical and mental health.

A.of;at B.by;in C.of;on D.on;at

59. Scott Jackson worked for an Internet company in Santa Cruz. He won a sales prize

and awarded a two-week Australia vacation, all expenses_______.

A. were paid B. paid C.being paid D. to be paid

60. It’s extremely dangerous for the drivers to __________ speed as the traffic lights are changing.

A.pull up B.put up C.rise up D.pick up

III. 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分.满分30分)

I stopped to watch my little girl busy playing in her room .In one hand was a plastic 61 ;in the other a toy broom .I listened as she was speaking to her make-believe little friend and I’ll never forget the words she said,

even 62 it was a pretense.

She said, “Suzie’s in the corner because she’s not been very 63 .She didn’t listen to a 64 I said or do the things she should .” In the corner I saw her baby doll all dressed in lace and pink . It was 65 she’d been put there to sit alone and 66 .

My daughter 67 her “conversation” ,as I sat down on the floor .She said, 4

“I’m all fed up .I just don’t know what to do with her any more .She cries whenever I have to work and wants to play games, too. She never 68 me do the things that I just have to do.

She tries to help me with the dishes ,but her arms just cannot 69 .And she doesn’t know 70 to fold towels .I don’t have the 71 to teach .I have a lot of work to do and a big house to keep clean .I don’t have the time to sit and play— 72 what I mean?”

And that day I thought a lot about making some 73 in my life ,as I listened to her 74 words that cut me like a knife .I hadn’t been paying enough attention to what I hold most 75 .I’d been caught up in responsibilities that increased throughout the year.

But now my 76 has changed ,because ,in my heart , I realize that I’ve seen the world in a different 77 through my little darling’s eyes . So , let the cobwebs(蜘蛛网) 78 the corners and the dust bunny rabbit rule the floor. I’m not going to worry about keeping up with them 79 .

I’m going to fill the house with 80 of a child and her mother ,for we are granted only one childhood, and we will never get another.

61.A.lamp B.camera C.hammer D.phone

62.A.then B.as C.though D.so

63.A.gentle B.good C.happy D.helpful

64.A.word B.story C.joke D.sentence

65.A.possible B.obvious C.common D.unusual

66.A.recover B.pretend C.think D.regret

67.A.continued B.stopped C.repeated D.interrupted

68.A.has B.helps C.makes D.lets

69.A.reach B.settle C.arrive D.handle

70.A.what B.whether C.why D.how

71.A.ability B.duty C.energy D.reason

72.A.mind B.see C.feel D.learn

73.A.influences B.changes C.plans D.troubles

74.A.innocent B.casual C.generous D.humorous

75.A.clever B.heavy C.dear D.lovely

76.A.purpose B.principle C.destination D.attitude

77.A.glance B.light C.focus D.impression

78.A.have B.manage C.make D.stop

79.A.either B.any more C.neither D.anywhere

80.A.conversations B.messages C.imaginations D.memories

IV. 阅读理解 (共15小题; 每小题2分, 满分30分)


In 1966, I started kindergarten. The bus stop was in our front yard, and my mom put me out there with the other kids to wait. “Stand here,” I was told, “and when the bus comes, get on it. When the bus gets to the school, get off and someone will tell you where to go.”


Twenty years after the failed bus ride I was a very young teacher. I was living at home, trying to save money for my upcoming wedding. My little brother was home from college and we decided to go skiing. It was a Wednesday night and my mom saw me heading out the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Me and Steve are going skiing.”

“Steve and I. And isn’t it a school night? Are your lessons planned for tomorrow?”

Always the mom. Always worrying; never fully confident that I would succeed without supervision. And always right.

Twenty years after the ski trip I was up on a stage at a huge conference center in Washington, D.C., receiving an award for teaching. As I stood there, I saw my mom in the crowd. She looked relaxed, as if realizing that a lifetime of supervision – of parenting – had finally paid off.

This is for you, Mom. Thanks for everything.

81. What happened when the author failed to get on the bus?

A. The mother took her back to the bus stop.

B. The mother felt pleased to see her back home.

C. The mother told her to return to the front yard.

D. The mother decided to pay closer attention to her.

82. According to the article, which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. The mother’s “job” is never over.

B. The mother does not care for her child at all.

C. The mother worries too much about her child.

D. The mother only does “huge” things for her child.

83. How does the author feel about her mother’s supervision?

A. Upset. B. Satisfied. C. Grateful. D. Annoyed.


Have you ever been to a wedding and simply loved the bride’s bouquet(花束)? More likely than some part of it was the Hawaiian Wedding Plant. This foreign houseplant can be enjoyed by anyone,not just brides. With a little proper attention and careful planning on location,this foreign houseplant, native to Madagascar, can he brought into the home where it can become an interesting focus.

Caring for the Hawaiian Wedding Plant is not much different than that of any other house—plants that may already be in your home. The only difference between this type of houseplant and others is the amount of the basic requirements that this foreign houseplant needs to survive and perform beautifully. During the growing season,this plant requires its wet soil,but when winter rolls around, this plant needs its soil to be kept drier.

Hawaiian Wedding Plants should also be potted in well-drained(排水)soil and placed in a location that receives full sun. That the soil must be kept wet does not mean that it should sit in water, so the soil must drain easily or this plant will not survive. Water the plant daily and feed this plant every two to three

weeks 6

with a little fertilizer(something to make plants grow)for acid-loving plants. Prune(修剪)in early spring,even as early as February. If these needs are met,this plant will stay beautiful.

The most special feature of this foreign houseplant is its long lasting blooms(开花)combined with its unbelievable sweet smell. The Hawaiian Wedding Plant blooms the heaviest in the spring months,but has been known to bloom in any warm months,so do not be surprised to find blooms most time of the year except maybe in the dead of winter.

84. Why does the author mention wedding and bouquet in the first paragraph?

A. To show the plant’s good quality

B. To show the beauty of the flower

C. To introduce a Hawaiian wedding

D. To teach the readers to choose proper bouquets 85. The Hawaiian Wedding Plant comes from .

A. Hawaii B. China C. Madagascar D. Alaska

86. Which of the following are the growing conditions of Hawaiian Wedding Plant? a Wet soil b Much fertilizer c Proper sunshine d A lot of water

A. a, c B. a, b C. b, c D. a,d

87.What does the underlined phrase “in the dead of winter” in the last paragraph

probably mean?

A. At the end of the Winter.

B. At the beginning of the winter.

C. In dead'1y condition in winter

D. In the coldest part of winter.


Meeting people from another culture can be difficult. From the beginning, people may send the wrong signals(信号). Or they may pay no attention to signals from another person who is trying to develop a relationship.

Different cultures emphasize(强调) the importance of relationship building to a greater or lesser degree. For example, business in some countries is not possible until there is a relationship of trust. Even with people at work, it is necessary to spend a lot of time in “small talk”, usually over a glass of tea, before they do any job. In many European countries—like the UK or France—people find it easier to build up a lasting working relationship at restaurants or cafes rather than at the office.

Talk and silence may also be different in some cultures. I once made a speech in Thailand. I had expected my speech to be a success and start a lively discussion; instead there was an uncomfortable silence. The people present just stared at me and smiled. After getting to know their ways better, I realized that they thought I was talking too much. In my own culture, we express meaning mainly through words, but people there sometimes feel too many words are unnecessary.

Even within Northern Europe, cultural differences can cause serious problems. Certainly, English and German cultures share similar values; Germans prefer to get down to business more quickly. We think that they are rude. In fact, this is just because one culture starts discussions and makes decisions more quickly.

People from different parts of the world have different values, and sometimes these values are quite against each other. However, if we can understand them better, a multicultural environment will offer a wonderful chance for us to learn from each other,


88. In some countries, eating together at restaurants may make it easier for people to ______.

A. develop closer relations B. share the same culture

C. get to know each other D. keep each other company

89. The author mentions his experience in Thailand to show that_________.

A. the English prefer to make long speeches

B. too many words are of no use

C. people from Thailand are quiet and shy by name

D. even talk and silence can be culturally different

90. According to the text, how can people from different cultures understand each other better?

A. By sharing different ways of life B. By accepting different habits

C. By recognizing different values D. By speaking each other’s languages

91. What would be the best title for the text?

A. Multicultural Environment B. Cross-Cultural Differences

C. How to Understand Each Other D. How to Build up a Relationship


Feeling blue about the world? ―Cheer up.says science writer Matt Ridley. ―The world has never been a better place to live in, and it will keep on getting better both for humans and for nature. Ridley calls himself a rational optimist—rational, because he's carefully weighed the evidence; optimistic, because that evidence shows human progress to be both unavoidable and good. And this is what he's set out to prove from a unique point of view in his most recent book, The Rational Optimist. He views mankind as a grand enterprise that, on the whole, has done little but progress for 100,000 years. He backs his findings with hard facts gathered through years of research.

Here's how he explains his views.

1 ) Shopping fuels invention It is reported that there are more than ten billion different products for sale in London alone. Even allowing for the many people who still live in poverty, our own generation has access to more nutritious food, more convenient transport, bigger houses, better cars, and, of course, more pounds and dollars than any who lived before us. This will continue as long as we use these things to make other things. The more we specialize and exchange, the better off we'll be.

2) Brilliant advances One reason we are richer, healthier, taller, cleverer, longer-lived and freer than ever before is that the four most basic human needs—food, clothing, fuel and shelter—have grown a lot cheaper. Take one example. In 1800 a candle providing one hour's light cost six hours' work. In the 1880s the same light from an oil lamp took 15 minutes' work to pay for. In 1950 it was eight seconds. Today it's half second.

3 ) Let's not kill ourselves for climate change Mitigating (减轻) climate change could prove just as damaging to human welfare as climate change itself. A child that dies from indoor smoke in a village, where the use of fossil-fuel (化石燃料) electricity is forbidden by well-meaning members of green political movements trying to save the world, is just as great a tragedy as a child that dies in a flood caused by climate change. If climate change proves to be mild, but cutting carbon causes real pain, we may well find that we have stopped a nose-bleed by putting a tourniquet (止血带) around our necks.

92. What is the theme of Ridley's most recent book?


A. Weakness of human nature. B. Concern about climate change.

C. Importance of practical thinking. D. Optimism about human progress.

93. How does Ridley look at shopping?

A. It encourages the creation of things. B. It results in shortage of goods.

C. It demands more fossil fuels. D. It causes a poverty problem.

94. The candle and lamp example is used to show that ________.

A. oil lamps give off more light than candles

B. shortening working time brings about a happier life

C. advanced technology helps to produce better candles

D. increased production rate leads to lower cost of goods

95. What does the last sentence of the passage imply?

A. Cutting carbon is necessary in spite of the huge cost.

B. Overreaction to climate change may be dangerous.

C. People's health is closely related to climate change.

D. Careless medical treatment may cause great pain.

V.七选五 (共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)

Cheating is when a person misleads, deceives or acts dishonestly on purpose. 96 If a basketball team is for kids under 8,it's cheating for a 9-year-old play on the team. At school, in addition to cheating on a test, a kid might cheat by stealing someone else's idea for a science project. 97 This kind of cheating is called plagiarizing (抄袭). 98 Jeff is doing it by sneaking answers to a test. And it's also cheating to break the rules of a game or contest or to pretend something is yours when it isn't. When people cheat, it's not fair to other people.

It's tempting(诱惑人的) to cheat because it makes difficult things seem easy, like getting all the right answer on the rest. 99 And it won't help on the next test-unless the person cheats again. 100 They want to get good grades but hate hard work. Other kids might feel like they can't pass the test without cheating. Even though there seems to be a "good reason" for cheating, cheating isn't a good idea.

A. Some kids cheat because they're lazy.

B. Cheating can happen in a lot of different ways.

C. But it doesn't solve the problem of not knowing the material.

D. Some kids cheat once and feel so bad that they never do it again.

E. For kids, cheating may happen at school, at home, or while playing a sport. F. There are plenty of reasons why a kid shouldn't cheat, but some kids have already cheated.

G. Kids may also cheat by copying a book report off the Internet and handing it in as it's his or her original work.

VI.单词拼写(每小题1分 共10分) 101.For v reasons, we couldn’t attend her wedding.

102. They decided to __________(提前) the date of the meeting from Friday to


103.With all these (有吸引力的事物), no wonder tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland. 104.The shelter was (由?建成)out of fallen branches. 105. (粗略地)speaking, I would say that about 100 people attended the exhibit. 106.Pricing has been (下滑) down since the company reported a loss. 9

107. (好奇地) enough ,his mother seemed to know that already.

108. A to universities in China depends on the result of the entrance exam. 109.The spokesman of the Foreign Ministry a the news to the reporters. 110.She is very (挑剔) about her clothes, but she cares little for food. VII.短文改错(每小题1分 共10分)

Last Sunday, I went to the zoo with Lily. There was lots of people there. I found a girl cry in the zoo. She was lost and can’t find her mother. We decided to help her. I tried my

best find the broadcasting station in the zoo. On the same time Lily played with her and looked

after her careful there. The little girl stopped crying , played with Lily. At last his mother

came, that made me feel very happy. I thought I really did a good thing. If everyone helps with

each other, the world will become more beautiful.



V.七选五 (共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)

96-100 EGBCA

VI.单词拼写 (每小题1分 共10分)

101.various 102 advance 103 attractions 104 constructed 105 Roughly 106 sliding 107 Curiously 108 Admission 109 announced 110 particular


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