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1.What your sister yesterday evening?

A.did……did B did……do C does ……do

2.Is your school larger than .

A.theirs it is B .their they are C theirs we are

3.There are three and four in my room.

A.Chinese Frenchman B Japanese Germans C Japanese Germen


A.is there B isn’t there C is itn’t

5.If it rain tomorrow I go travelling with my parents.

A.won’t won’t B won’t don’t C doesn’t will D doesn’t won’t

I lend your book to Janet?

A. Must,can B.May,can C.Must,must D.Can.can

7.Joe doesn’t any money now.

A.have B. has C.having

8.-How many gold medals did China at the 2010 Winter Olympics? -Five

A.win B.won C.will win

worried about me.Mom,I’ve grown up.

A.Don’t B.Don’t be D.Not

10.We usually up quite early.

A.get B.gets C.getting

11.He some interesting story book.

A. have B has C having

12.I have a cat ,It a lot every day.

A.sleep B sleeps C.sleeping

13.Jim his bedroom every week.

A.clean B.cleans C.cleaning

14.My father never his clothes.

A.wash B.washing C.washed\

15.My mother hard.

A.study B studies C studying

16.My uncle a farm.

A.have B.has C having

17.Your bedroom four windows,right?

A.has B.have C.having

18.My classmate Linda she is 9.

A.say B says C saying

19.There something wrong with my bike.

A.is B.are C.am

20.There is milk in the bottle.

A.little B.many C few

21.There are books on the desk.

A.many B much

22.They often help Linda the house.

A.cleaning B clean

23.There some tea in the cup.

A.is B.are

a cold day winter 1999.

A.on in at B.in on at C on in in \

you going shopping tomorrow?

A.Will B Are C.Is

26.Will you come to my home next week?

No,I A.won’t B.am not C don’t

27.Did you in the park last Sunday?

A.sing B sang C singing.

28.We always to school on foot.

A. go B goes C.going

29.He play piano after supper every day.

A.the / B./ the C the the

30.I caught a cold and had to stay in bed.

A.the B a C /

31.There are people in the park.

A.thousand of B.thousands of C three thousands

33.There is “n”in the word “run”. A.a B.an C.the

34.How ahout for a walk?A.going B.go C.to go

35.What ahout for a walk? A.going B.go C.to go

36.He home work in the afternoon.

A.doesn’t do any B doesn’t did any C.doesn’t any

37.I would like some cake. A.eat B.eating C to eat

38.Where is Guangzhou?It’s the south of China.

A.to B.in C on

39.Where is Japan?It’s the Easten of China?

40.Tom is student,he speak English .

A.good well B well good.

41.He is a boy,because he is

A.sick ill B ill sick

42.It’s kind you to help me.

A.of B.for C on

43.It’s difficult old people learn English well.

A.for to B to for C of for D of to

44.I’m looking forward to to Japan.

A.going B go C went

shirt is it?——It’s Lily’s.

A.Who B.Whose C.Who’s

that girl?——She is Lily.

A.Who B.Whose C.Who’s

47.The news exciting and we feel very happy.

A.is B.are C.am ’t sing dance, I can play the piano.

A.and but B or but C and so

49.She want the Army.

A. to join B to join in C. join in

50.Look,the bird is the tree.

A.on B in C to

51.Guangzhou is one of capital in China.

A.the older city B.the oldest city C.the oldest cities

52.I want to buy

A.two bottles of orange B.two bottles of oranges

53.I wish I be a robot.

A.can B.could C.am

54.He is a friend of .

A.mine B.my C.I

55. book is smaller than

A.His she B.He her C.His her

56. mothers both work in the same city.

A.Lily and Lucy’s B.Lily’s and Lucy’s

57.June 1st is Day.

A.Children B.Children’s C.Childrens’

58. beautiful girl.

A.What B What a C.How

59. beautiful the girl is.

A.What B.How C.What a

60. are watching TV now.

A.The Greens B The Green C.The Green’s

61.We will go to to have supper tonight.

A.The Greens B The Green C.The Green’s

62.I saw two doctors out of the house just now.

A.women came Bwoman come C.women coming D.women come

hard work you have done.

A.What B.What a C.How a D.How

64.He likes playing piano,but he doesn’t like playing basketball.

A.the 不填 B.the the C.不填 the D 不填 不填

number of students go to HongKong every number of students to HongKong this year is two million.

A.The a B.A the C.The the D.A a

66.The horse is useful animal.

A.an B a C 不填

boy in red?——He is friend of Tom

A. the a B.the the C.a a

68.Where is my pencil,I can’t it.

A.find B look for C.look at

69.Do you know this dictionary belongs to?——Let me see,Oh,that’s

A.who my B.who mine C.whose mine

is difficult if you put you heart into it.

A.Everything B.Something C.Nothing

71.The number of the students in our class fifty-six.

——How many of are girls.

A.is them B are them C is they

people came to Guangzhou for a visit during holidays.

A.five thousands B five thousand C thousand of

73.Why did take Jim nearly an hour to get to the office?

A.it B they C that D.he E.this

74.The Greens moved to New York

A.in the 1960 B in the 1960s C in the 1960’s

75.John began to learn English by himself in

A.the fifty B.his fifties C.his fifty D the fifties

of the land in that country covered with trees and grass.

A.Two five is B Two fifth are C Two fifths is D Two five was

77.My father will have a holiday next month.

A.ten day B ten day’s C ten-days D.ten days’

78.There are teachers in our school.

A.one hundreds B hundred of C two hundred

79.He lives on the floor.

A.second B two C twos

80.I was born seven the night of October 10,1987.

A.at in B at on C on on

81.I hear our teacher will be back three weeks’ time.

A.in B.on C.at D.from.

82.It’s time the weather report.A.for B to C on

83.It’s time go to school.A.to B.for C.in

84.She arrived the village snowy night.A.at on B in on

85. Would you like _____tea?

A. some B. a C. any D. many

86.Oh, it's ____. How are you?

A. you B. your C. yours D. he

87.---How do you _____Tuesday? ---Er, T-U-E-S-D-A-Y.

A. say B. speak C. talk D. spell

88.Write _____ your exercise-books.

A. down it in B. it down in C. down it on D. it down on

89.The shop___ "Closed".

A. writes B. talks C. says D. speaks

90.You can _____she likes bananas a lot.

A. look B. watch C. see D. to see

91.You are a teacher. What about ____?

A. she B. Li Pin brother C. her D. your

92.Who______hard in your class?

A. works B. studys C. working D. studying

93.One of my _____from Hangzhou.

A. friends are B. friend is C. friends is D. friend are

94.This is a bird. ______ name is Polly.

A. It's B. Its C. its D. It

95.---Is the ship _____ now?---No, it's_____.

A. open, close B. open, closed

C. opened, closed D. opened, close

96.Where_______your father_______?

A. does, from B. come, from C. are, from D. is, from

97.)Thanks very much.---______.

A. No thanks B. All right C. You're welcome D. you, too

98.On______way to school she often helps the old man.

A. his B. she C. my D. her

99. I go to school ______bike every day.

A. in the B. on my C. by the D. by my

100. I often buy something to eat on my way_____.

A. school B. to school C. to home D. to shop

C.in at

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