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M1 How to learn English



(1) 经常听英文广播和看英文电影。

(2) 多学唱英文歌曲。

(3) 英语课上要总是说英语,尽量多和外国人谈话。

(4) 多读英文报纸和自己喜欢的英语杂志。

(5) 最好交一个英国或美国笔友经常发英文的电子邮件。

Dear classmates,

I’m very glad to say something about how to learn English well with you. I think we should often listen to the radio in English and watch English films. When we are free, why not learn to sing more English songs? It’s good for our listening and speaking. When we are having English classes, we should always speak English. And after class, try to speak to foreigners. It’s also a good idea to

read newspapers and magazines in English. We can make a pen friend from England or America and write emails to each other.

Wish all of us can improve our English.

That’s all. Thank you for listening to me.

M2 My hometown and my country


the capital of Anhui. The city Hefei is famous for Dashushan Mountain and Xiaoyaojin Park. Today Hefei is becoming bigger and busier than before. It has a large population of 7 million. I like the weather in Hefei. It’s a little hot in summer and a little cold in winter. I love my hometown very much. And I hope Hefei will become more and more beautiful in the future.

Module 3 Sports

以“My favorite sport”为题,描述在日常生活中你喜欢的体育运动---篮球。

My favorite sport is basketball. Basketball is very popular in school. As a boy, I like it very much. I play basketball with my friends and my classmates at weekends or on holidays. Some people think playing basketball is more dangerous than the other sports. Sometimes I hurt my legs and arms. But it’s an exciting sport. I think nothing is more enjoyable than playing basketball. Playing basketball makes me strong and healthy.

Module4 Planes, ships and trains.

根据以下提示,写一篇关于关于Linda 周末旅行计划的文章。


Linda wants to travel to London on Sunday. First, she will walk to the nearest bus stop at 7 o’clock. This will take her ten minutes. Then she will take the No.7 bus to the subway station. It will take her about forty minutes. After that, she will take the subway to another bus stop. Twenty minutes later, the No.8 bus will take her to the airport.

M5 Lao She Teahouse



(2)游览北京的名胜古迹,观看京剧(Beijing Opera),品尝美食,了解中国历史;



Dear Dad and Mum,

How’s it going? I hope you are in good health. I enjoy living here very much. I work and study with Chinese students. At weekends, I play different kinds of sports. Last week, I visited many places of interest in Beijing. They are really great. I saw Beijing Opera yesterday. I enjoy the delicious food here. Now I know more about Chinese history. Hope to see you soon.



M6 Animals in danger

根据内容要点提示用英文写一段文章,简要介绍一下中国的国宝(national treasure)——大熊猫(panda)。词数80左右。首句已给出,但不计入总词数。 产地:中国四川、甘肃等省份(province);

体貌特征:黑白相间毛皮 (black and white fur),大眼睛,圆耳朵,身体虽胖但动作敏捷(move nimbly),非常招人喜爱;




Pandas are China’s national treasure. ______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Pandas are China’s national treasure. They live in Sichuan, Shanxi and Gansu Provinces and so on. They have black and white fur, big eyes and round ears. They are very fat, but they can move quickly. They are very cute and most people love them. They like eating bamboo best. Each panda needs to eat a lot of bamboo every day. They can climb trees and swim. A panda usually lives twenty-five years. There are only about 1,000 pandas in the world. We must try our best to protect them.

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