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1. r __ __ __ make a clear sound

2. r __ __ __ move or go suddenly

3. l __ __ __ close something with a lock

4.w__ __ __ __ __ __ __ to or at whatever place

5. d __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ say what something is like

6. c __ __ __ __ __ __ __ make somebody completely certain about something

7. p __ __ __ __ feeling of great fear

8. s__ __ __ __ __ __ a person making a speech


1. I hear he likes _____ (morning) very much.

2. I _____ (real) want to see him soon.

3. Is mother had a _____ (quickly) breakfast, and went to0 work this morning.

4. Does the teacher often help you with your _____( homework)?

5. Last night he went to bed later, so he looks _____ (exhaust) today.

6. Did you go to watch any _____ (video) yesterday?

7. _____ (hundred) of people took part in the party last night.

8. They ere waiting for the _____ (school) buses, but they didn’t come.

9. He told us a quarter of the world’s population _____ (use) English.

10. We think English is the _____ (popular) language for science.


1. He is very kind, and he’d like to help _____ people.

A. rich B. homeless C. happy D. clever

2. We want to cheer _____ sick _____ kids in the hospital.

A. up B. on C. for D. at

3. What do you usually do _____ the evening after supper?

A. on B. at C. of D. in

4. He has realized that he _____ his wallet in the shop.

A. left B. forgot C. borrowed D. sold

5. Yesterday I was late _____ school because the traffic was heavy.

A. on B. to C. to D. for

6. English people _____ use Mr before a man’s first name.

A. ever B. never C. often D. usually

7. I don’t know hat happened _____ Zhang Hong the day before yesterday.

A. at B. for C. about D. to

8._____ the first day of new term, I see all my friends and teachers.

A. In B. At C. On D. For

9. I went to bed at eight thirty, but they stayed _____ till twelve o’clock.

A. away B. in C. out D. up

10. I have never seen _____ a car _____ this before.

A. such, that B. as, as C. so, as D. so, that

11. He told me there was a good movie _____ TV the next week.

A. on B. at C. in D. about

12. Don’t mix English words _____ Chinese, please.

A. and B. of C. with D. in

13. She has a very high _____, but she isn’t a soprano.

A. sound B. noise C. voice D. speech

14. Your spelling is terrible! Look at this word, _____.

A. such as B. like C. look like D. for example

15. Do you Egyptians use ____ same greeting as everyone else?

A. a B. an C. the D. x


1. By the time we got home, my mother _____ (go) out for a walk.

2. When _____ your classmate _____ (come) into his class this morning?

3. His father was ill. He had to _____ (stay) at home today.

4. _____ you ever _____ (see) that man over there, Alice?

5. Don’t forget _____ (close) the windows when you leave your room.

6. The young man asked the girl _____ (marry) him.

7. It _____ (be) so hard that we couldn’t see the way to our school clearly.

8. English _____(speak) in the world widely.

9. The boy might _____ (become) a good scientist in the future.

10. A person who _____ (speak) English is standing with some children in the street.


1. I don’t like this shirt because it is too thin for me. (变为同义句) I _____ ______ this shirt because it isn’t large enough for me.

2. To understand what he is saying is too difficult. (变为同义句)

_____ _____ too difficult to understand what he is saying.

3. What’s the population of china? (变为同义句)

_____ _____ is the number of people in china?

4. He says the bus has already gone . (把主句变为一般过去时态)

He _____ the bus _____already gone. 5. Last Sunday night my friend Tom came to see me. (对划线部分提问)

_____ did your friend Tom _____ to see you?


1. 昨天火车准时到达这儿了吗?

Did the train arrive here _____ _____ yesterday?

2. 一个贼破门而入,并偷走了他们的电脑。

A thief _____ the door _____and stole their computer.

3. 老师已经开始讲课了,对吗?

The teacher has _____ _____, hasn’t she?


It’s eight o’clock.. _____ him _____ at once , please.


How many people _____ _____ at the meeting?

六、完形填空。 The population problem may be the 1 one of the world today. The world’s population is growing 2 . Two thousand years ago, there were only 250 million people 3 the earth. Four hundred years ago, the number was 4 500

million. But at the beginning of the 5 century, the world’s population was about 1,700 million. In 1970, this number was 3,600 million. In 1990, the number was five billion. A 6 report says that the world population will 7 six billion by the end of the 20th century. This is just ten 8 after it 9 five billion. People say that by the year 2010, 10 may be seven billion.

( )1.A. great B. greater C. greatest D. greating

( )2.A. faster and faster B. fast and fast

C. fastest and fastest D. faster and fast

( )3.A. in B. on C. at D. for

( )4.A. nearly B. more C. almost D. over

( )5.A. twenty B. twelve C. twentieth D. twelfth

( )6.A. USA B. UN C. PRC D. PLA

( )7.A. past B. pass C. passed D. passes

( )8.A. weeks B. months C. seasons D. years

( )9.A. get B. gets C. reached D. reach

( )10. A. this B. its C. one D. it


Zhang Hua 是一个中学生。在上星期五下午放学途中,她在地上捡到了一个钱包(wallet)。请根据图画内容和所给的单词,写一个短文。

关键词:on one’s way home, wallet, card, have to wait, in a hurry, thankful,

refuse, though






一、A)1.ring 2.rush 3.lock 4.wherever 5.describle 6.convince 7.panic 8.


B)1.mornings 2.really 3.quick 4.homework 5.exhausted 6.videos

7.hundreds 8.school

9.uses 10.most popular

二、1-5 BADAD 6-10 BDCDB 11-15 ACCCC

三、1.had gone 2.did,come 3.stay 4.Have,seen 5.to close 6.to marry 7.was

8.is spoken

9.become 10.speaks

四、1. hate wearing 2.It is 3.How large 4.said, had 5.When, come

五、1. on time 2.broken, down 3. started teaching 4. Wake, up 5. showed up

六、1-5 C A B D C 6-10 B B D C D

七、Zhang Hua is a student of Number 6 Middle School. Last Friday afternoon. When the school was over, she went home directly. On her way home, she saw a wallet lying on the ground. “Who lost it?” she thought. Then she opened it and saw there was some money and ten credit cards in it. She thought the man who lost the wallet must be very worried, so she stayed there and waited. She had to waited and waited. Then a man ran to her in a hurry. He asked Zhang Hua if she saw a wallet on the ground. He said there was some money and ten credit cards in it. They were very important to him. Zhang Hua gave the wallet back to him. The man was so thankful that he gave 100 yuan to her. But Zhang Hua said, “No, thanks.” She refused the man and went home quickly. Though it was late to get home, she felt very happy.

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