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案) 人教新目标版





6.The girl has ___ English lessons every week.

A. three B. four C. five


7.What time does Jerry usually have breakfast?

A. At about 6:30. B. At about 7:00 C. At about 7:30

8.How does Jerry usually go to work?

A. By bike B. By bus C.By car


9.The apartment building has ___ floors.

A. twenty B. twenty-one C. thirty-one

10.David’s home is on the ___ floor.

A. first B. second C.third


( )16.There are five people in Lucy’s family.

( ) 17.Lucy’s family live in a townhouse.

( )18.There are three bedrooms in the house.

( ) 19.There is a garden at the back of the house.

( ) 20.There are two tall trees in the garden.


( ) 21. There _____ a table and some chairs on the second floor of this building.

A. am B. is C. areD. be

( ) 22.—Kangkang, how many apples are there _____ the tree?

—Too many.

A .in B. on C. near D. under

( ) 23. The old man lives _____ the _____ floor. I often go there to look after him.

A. in; two B. on; second C. under; second D. to; second


( ) 24. The old woman lives _____ a house _____ a garden.

A.in; and B. on; with C. in; with D. with; in

( ) 25. There are some shops close _____ the building _____ this area.

A.to; in B. in; to C. at; from D. of; at

( ) 26. The supermarket is _____ the park.

A. across to B. across in C. across from D. across for

( ) 27. _____ and go down Qiuzhi Street.

A. Turn right B. Turn the right C. To turn the right D. To turn right

( ) 28. You can only turn left when you see the sign _____. A. B. C. D.

( ) 29. Look! Jack _____ the dog over there.

A play with B. is playing with C. playing with D. is playing to

( ) 30.—Excuse me, _____ is it from here to Zhongshan Park?

—It’s about seven kilometers.

A how long B. how often C. how far D. how much

( ) 31.— _____ do you have an art lesson?

—Twice a month.

A.How long B.How many C.How often D.What

( ) 32.—How many _____ are there in your class?

—About 63.

A.childs B.childrens C.children D.child

( ) 33.It’s good _____ old people to cross the road.

A.help B.helps C.to help D.helping ( ) 34.Physics is too _____ for me. I don’t like it at all.

A.interesting B.easy C.difficult D.wonderful

( ) 35.There are some shops close _____ the building _____ this area.

A.to; in B.in; to C.at; from D.of; at

三.完形填空。(10分) I have a good friend. Her name is Kate. She is 26 American girl. She is eleven. She 27 with her family in China. There 28 four people in her family. They’re her father, her mother, her brother and herself. She has a cat. 29 name is Mimi. It’s Sunday today. They 30 at home. Look! Kate 31 with Mimi. Her father is reading newspapers. Her mother is cleaning the house. Where is her brother Jim? He is doing 32 homework in his study. Kate 33 Chinese very much, but she can’t 34 it very well. Jim likes 35 soccer. He can play it very well.

( )36. A.a B.an C.the D./

( )37. A.live B.living C.to live D.lives

( )38. A.is B.are C.am D.be

( )39. A.It B.It’s C.Its D.It is

( )40. A.are all B.are both C.all are D.both are

( )41. A.play B.plays C.playing D.is playing

( )42. A.he B.his C.her D.my


( )43.A.like

( )44.A.speak

( )45.A.play

四.阅读理解。(40分) B.to like B.tell B.plays C.likes C.say C.to play D.liking D.talk D.playing


Ann’s father works in a hospital. He is busy all the time. Ann is seven and begins to go to school. She often watches TV at home. Some of her friends often go abroad(国外) to travel(旅行), but her father doesn’t have time. He and his wife can only take their daughter to some cities in England.

In August(八月), Mr. Black has some time. He is going to take his family to Iceland (冰岛). Ann is very happy and tells her friends about it.

“Why are you going to travel to Iceland, Ann?” asks a girl.

The little girl doesn’t know the answer. She thinks for some minutes and says, “We want to see it before it melts (融化).”


( )46.Mr. Black is a policeman.

( )47.Mr. Black can not take his family to travel abroad because he has no money.

( )48.Because Mr. Black does not have any time, his family can only travel to some cities in England.

( )49.Ann thinks Iceland will soon melt.

( )50.The Iceland will not melt until Ann goes to see it.


A.(010)8838-7166 B.138-7682-5856

C.(010)8433-9211 D.(010)6378-3021


( )52.You can rent your single room to _____ for $120 per month.

A.Dick B.Harry C.White D.Mr. Zhang

( )53.If you find an ID card, you can call _____ at (010)8433-9211.

A.White B.Harry C.Dick D.Mr. Zhang

( )54.If you can’t find your bag, you can _____ to get it back in the evening.

A.call (010)8433-9211 B.go to Room 402

C.call Harry D.go to look for a single room

( )55.You want to rent a big apartment for your family for three months.

You must take out _____.

C. ¥650 D. $650


Jim lived in the country. He loved playing in the river near his old house, but now his father has a job in a big city, so he moves there with his family.

Their new house has a garden, but the garden is very small. So Jim isn’t happy. “Is there a river nearby (附近)?” he asks his mother on the first morning. His mother answers, “No, there isn’t. But there’s a nice park near here, and there’s a pool in it. We are going there this afternoon.” Hearing it (听到这个消息), Jim is happy now.

After lunch, Jim and his mother go to the park. Jim wants to walk near the pool, but there is a sign (牌子) in front of it. His mother reads it to him, “Be careful! This pool is dangerous(危险的). 367 people have fallen (掉进) into it.” Jim looks into the pool carefully, and he says, “But I can’t see them.”

( )56.There is _____ near Jim’s old house.

A.a tree B.a garden C.a river D.a park

( )57. Jim moves to a big city because _____ .

A. he likes the big city B. their new house in the big city has a nice garden

C. there is a pool in the garden D. his father has a job in the big city

( )58.Jim becomes happy because _____ .

A. he’s going to the park with a pool in it B. he’s going to play in the river

C. he’s going to see their nice garden D. he’s going to play with some new friends

( )59.The sign tells people _____ .

A. the water in the pool is dangerous B. not to walk near the pool

C. not to look at the pool D. to take care of the pool

( )60.Which of the following statements is NOT right?

A. Jim’s father is a worker. B. Jim likes playing in the river.

C. 367 people have fallen into the pool. D. Jim gets into the pool and swims in it.


In a history class, the teacher is asking Sam some questions, but he doesn’t know any of them. The teacher decides(决定)to ask him a few easy ones.

“What is California?” she asks.

Sam thinks for a moment and answers, “A city.”

“No, a state(州).” the teacher says and becomes a little angry(生气). But she tries not to show(表现出) it. “Who is the first president(总统) of the U.S.A.?” she asks again.

Sam thinks for quite a long time, but says nothing. The teacher gets very angry and says A. ¥1 950 B. $1 950 4

in a loud voice, “George Washington!”(The name of the first president of America) Sam then walks to his seat.

“Come back!” the teacher says, “I don’t tell you to go back.” “Oh, I’m sorry!” Sam says, “I think you are calling the next student.”


61.In what class does the teacher ask Sam some questions? _______________________________________________________

62.Does Sam know the questions?


63.What’s the teacher’s second question?


64.Does Sam give the answer to the second question?


65.Is Califarnia a city?



根据对话的情景,从方框中选择适当的句子填在画线处,使对话完整通顺。其中有两项是多余的。 A: 66 Could you tell me the way to the bus stop, please? B: 67 You can ask that cleaner over there. A: 68

B: You are welcome! A: Excuse me. 69

C: Yes. Walk along this road,and turn left at the first crossing. It’s about 100 meters a long on the left.

A: Thanks a lot.

71.There are some newspapers on the chair.(改为一般疑问句)

___ there ___ newspapers on the chair?

72.There’s a red guitar next to the window.(改为否定句)

___ ___ a red guitar next to the window.

73.Today is Friday.(对划线部分提问)

___ ___ is it today?

74.—Where is your house?

—It’s ___ ___(紧挨着)the library.

75.—Where is your school?


—It’s not ___ ___(远离)here. 七.书面表达(10分)




一、 听力(30分)

11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

三.完型填空 (10分)1

61. ______________________________________

62. ______________________________________

63. ______________________________________

64. _________________________

65. _________________________



71. 72.



七.书面表达 (10分)

根据提示词,以My Home 为题写一篇短文,要求语句通顺,词数70左右,开头已经给出(不计入总词数)。

提示词:behind, in front of, next to, near, on the ? floor, there be


2.恰当使用there be 句型及所提示的介词和词组;


My Home

This is my home.There is


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