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The more we get together, together, together,

The more we get together, the happier we’ll be. For your friends are my friends, and my friends are your friends, The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.

原级 good well bad ill many much little far



better worse

best worst



least less farther 具体的远 farthest further 抽象的深远 furthest older oldest elder 年长的 eldest

1)as+ adj原形+as…


2) not as/so +adj原形+as… 不如… 3) as +adj原形 +n或其他 +as…

合并句子: 1. Tom is good at sports. His brother is good at sports.
Tom is as good at sports as his brother.

2. I have many books. She has many books, too.
I have as many books as her.

3. Yantai is a beautiful city. Weihai is a beautiful city, too. Yantai is as beautiful a city as Weihai.


句型1 :比较级+than…
Peter is more outgoing than Tom.

Tom is not as outgoing as Peter. 句型2 :数字 + 比较级+than .... I am two years older than you.


Mary is the shorter of the two girls.


the +比较级+of the two…

句型4: 1.他越忙,就感到越开心。 ①去“越”。He is busy. He feels happy. ②提比较级(+名词)。 The busier he is, the happier he feels. 2. 你越细心,你犯的错就越少。 ① You are careful. You make few mistakes. ② The more careful you are, the fewer mistakes you make. the 比较级, the 比较级

越……, 越……。


better and better
房子变得越来越贵。 The house is becoming more and more expensive.

比较级 and 比较级; more and more+原形


◆ very/so/really/too/pretty/quite /as…as 修饰形容词原形。 ◆ 比较级可由a little/a bit(一点); much/a lot(…得多); far/even(…得更


much taller than Yao Ming is Michael Jordan .

Yao Ming iseven/far taller than the boy.


1.比较级须在同类中进行,比较结构前后词语要对称. 2.若主语是物主代词+名词,要用名词性物主代词。 3.为避免重复,用that 代替前面出现的单数和不可 数名词,those代替复数名词;this/that后的单数名 词用one代替,these/those后的复数名词用ones 代 替。 1).This book is more interesting than that _____. one 2). My hair is longer than ______.(她的) hers 3). The weather here is colder than ____ in that Shenzhen in winter.



of the+最高级+ in

Wan Han is the youngest of all the students in our class. Wan Han is younger than any 同义句:

other student in our class. Wan Han is younger than the other students in our class.

One of + the+最高级+名词复数


谢琨 是我班最高的女生之一。
Xie Kun is one of the tallest girls in our class.

The Yellow River is one

of the longest rivers in China.

Let’s play a game!

Let’s share a poem!
Good, better, best Never let it rest 好上加好 直到最好

Till good is better 精益求情
And better is best 永无止境

1.I’m taller than before. 2.It is windier today than it was yesterday.

3.I’m better at listening than speaking.
4.Of the twins, she is the more outgoing.

5.Things became even worse the next day.
7.My elder sister is 2 years older than me.

6.He is the same age as me.= He is as old as me

8.--How are you feeling today? --- Much better.

1. He eats ________ (health) food than before. healthier 2. Who is _____ (tall), Tom, or Tim? taller the tallest 3. Who is __________ (tall), Tom, Tim or John? farther 4. I’m tired. I don’t want to go _______ (far). More serious 5. He is even ____________ (serious) than his brother. 6. The summer is coming. The days are hotter becoming ______ and ______. (hot) hotter 7. --- Mum, can I have an MP3 like this? --- Sure, we can buy a cheaper (cheap) one, ______ but as good as this.

8. Your room is much ______ (big). bigger athletic 9. Joe isn’t so ________ (athletic) as Mike. 10. Jack is really funny (funny), and ________ _____ more popular (popular) than me. the thinnest 11. Tom is _____________ (thin) in his class. better 12. The more(much) you practice, the _____ (good) ____ your English will be. 13. ----Do you like Zhou Jielun? better ----Yes. I think nobody can sing ______ (good). 14. He has _____(many) friends than his brother. more

Think of yourself two years ago. Write about how you are different now.

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