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冀教版八年级上lesson 15 课件

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Part 4
Teaching aids

Ⅰ.Lead-in(5分钟) Ⅱ.presentation(10分钟) Ⅲ.practice(12分钟) Ⅳ.Extension (8分钟) Ⅴ.Summary and homework (7分钟)
I will use some pictures, words and sentence cards, a tape recorder and the computer to help me achieve the aims.

StepⅠ . Lead-in

1. Sing anfor information信息阅读 English song, Reading

Revision and Lead-in(复习与导入)

2. Chat something about today’s weather, Consolidation巩固运用 homework the weather of yesterday , and ask what they did yesterday

Reading for comprehension深层次阅读

Step Ⅱ.Presentation
教学过程设计 1. New words : each, physics, boat, finally , surprised, Revision and Lead-in(复习与导入)

代词 Reading for information信息阅读 放在主语后作主语的同位语 谓语用复数形式 Reading want an apple. They eachfor comprehension深层次阅读

代词 homework 谓语用三单 作主语 Each of us goes to school by bike. 形容词 作定语 后接单数可数名词 谓语用三单 Each student has an English book.

Step Ⅱ.Presentation
1. New words : each, physics, boat, finally , surprised, 教学过程设计
Revision and Lead-in(复习与导入) Everyone was very surprised. Reading for information信息阅读 Surprised 意为“对……感到惊讶”,主语一般是人。

例如:We are surprised at the good news. Consolidation巩固运用

Reading for comprehension深层次阅读

Surprising 意为“令人惊奇的”,多形容事物的特点。
例如:It is a surprising game. Make up sentences with “each” and “surprised”: Each: Surprised :


Step Ⅲ.A trick to lead into the text:
教学过程设计 Revision and Lead-in(复习与导入) Reading for information信息阅读 Play a trick just

as the text said :

Reading for comprehension深层次阅读

Consolidation巩固运用 Then Karen combed her hair ten times very quickly.S has homework long hair! She put the comb beside the tea leaves.The leaves jumped to the comb!

Pre-read. 2 questions. Make a guess!
1. What did Brian and his classmates do on September 25?
borrowed books from the library, went to Beijing

had supper in a restaurant, gave their talks to the class
2. How did they feel? happy, sad, excited, sorry, scared, surprised, nervous…

Step Ⅳ.Practice

1. Let Revision read carefully and try to fill in the table. them and Lead-in(复习与导入)
Reading for information信息阅读

2. Give the language notes. Explain some important Reading for comprehension深层次阅读 sentences which are mentioned in the text, these points Consolidation巩固运用 really have something to do with later studying and are homework often tested. 3. Exercises:

Brian’s group Jenny and Bill

What did they do? Brian Jenny Bill

Karen and Jack Danny


Danny and Lisa


Language notes:
一、Today we gave our talks to t

he class about our favourite subjects.

give a talk 表示“作报告”。 give sb a talk 表示“给某人作报告。 例如: Mr. Wu wants me to give a talk in class. Yang Liwei gave us a talk yesterday.
二、The pictures always makes me remember my holiday.

make sb + adj 表示“使某人…” 例如: make sb do sth 表示“使某人做某事”。 All our teachers make study very hard. He often makes his little brother cry.

三、time 时间 (不可数) once (一次 ) three times 三次 例如: I have no time to go shopping this weekend. I have been to Beijing twice already. 次数 (可数) twice (两次) four times …四次


用所给单词的适当形式填空: gave 1. Jenny _______ (give) her talk in the class yesterday. 2. This is not my painting. ______(I) is about Beijing. Mine

3. This song makes me remember _________(remember) my old days.
4. How many _________(time) have you seen the film? times

5. He puts some small ________(leaf) on the desk. leaves
汉译英:1. 每个学生都喜欢读书。

The students each like reading books.
Each of the students likes reading books.

Each student likes reading books.

Step Ⅴ.Practice
教学过程设计 Revision and Lead-in(复习与导入) Competition: Reading for information信息阅读

Divide Reading for comprehension深层次阅读 Each one would make a the Ss into groups of 4 people. Consolidation巩固运用 dialogue about each paragraph, or just give out the general idea homework the diary, using the phrases, and the sentence pattern that we h learned. Find out which group is the best.

Tips: Retell the diary: What did they do? talk about their favorite subject - art talk about their favorite subject – social studies


Brian’s group


Jenny and Bill


Karen and Jack Danny and Lisa

show the class some physics


give their talk to the class about P.E.

Step Ⅵ. Extension(拓展): a topic 教学过程设计
Revision and Lead-in(复习与导入)

Say somethinginformation信息阅读 Reading for about themselves:
Reading for comprehension深层次阅读

1. What’s your idea of the subjects? Consolidation巩固运用 2. Do you think study is important? homework 3. As a student in nowadays, is knowledge thought to be the highest thing in your mind?

Assignment(作业) Make up a story using

first, then, next and finally.
Or : Write a diary entry about something that has happened recently in one of your classes.

School …




Where there is a will ,there is a way!

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