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【1】 Mother ‘s Day is ____day for

us to thank mothers . It’s on ____second Sunday of May A the , the
B the, a C a , the

D the , /

【变形题】 The second Sunday of

May is ______ Mother's Day. It's ______ special day for children to show their love for their mothers
A. a; the B. the; a C. 不填; a D. 不填; the

【2】The library is just ____ the

fruit shop .They are opposite to each other . A next. to
B behind C across from

D in front of

【3】 I want to see your best friend ---John _____ father is a doctor _____ he is . Is that he ?

___No, it ___be him,. He flew to Beijing yesterday A. whose; where; mustn’t
B. whose; wherever ; can’t C. who; whatever; may not D. whom; wherever; needn’t

【4】 Do you want to buy _good

mutton with __little money ? A so ;such B such ; so

C so; so
D such;such


our country every boy and every girl ___ the right to education .
A. has B. have

C. is D. are


-- I am afraid you can’t mend it . Please go and have your uncle ____.

-- OK . I will have it ___soon
A to do it; do; B. Done it; done

C. do it ; done
D. to do it; done


When I see my old toys, I will ___my childhood .

A.think of
B.think over C.think about D.think out


__day it is ! It’s rainy again.

-- ______, won’t go for a picnic

A.How bad a ; So it is
B.What a bad; So is it C.How bad; So is it D.What a fine , So it is

【9】 ___

you don’t give up , your dreams will come true.

A.As long as
B. As soon as C.As well as D.As if

【10】 The number of people who

___invited to the meeting ____ forty , but a number of them ____absent for different reasons A.was; were; was B.Were; was; were

C.Were; were; was
D.Was; was; were


-you are supposed t spend as much time as you can __English .

- OK, we will do all ___ we can __English A.to read ; that; reading B.read; what; to read

C.reading; that; to read D.reading; what; to read


The place __some great men were born are familiar ____ the people all over the world .But it was in the past ___people there were very poor . A. that; with ; when
sth. be familiar to sb.

某事物为某人所熟悉, B. where; to that sb. be familiar with sth. C. where, with,when

D. that, to; that



Do you know when he ___, if he _____ , please let me know
A. will come, comes B. comes, comes

C. will come, will come D. comes, will come


____ English well, you must try _____ as often as possible .

A.speak; to practice speaking
B.Speaking; to practice to speak C.Spoken, pracitcing to speak

D.To speak ; to practice speaking

【15】 He

mother was __excited to hear the news that she couldn’t help ______.

A.so ; crying

B.too; crying
C.Much; to cry D.too; to cry

【16】 ___careful

you are , __mistakes you will make . A. The more; the less
B. The more ; the fewer C. The less; the fewer D. The more; the more

【17】 Would you mind ____TV ?

-- ____

_______ . I want to watch it ,too A.my turning on ; of course not

B.me turning on ; certainly not
C.my opening ; or course not D.Both A and B

【18】 your monitor is never late for school , __he ? -- _____. He always comes to school earlier than _____.

A.is; Yes, he is ; any other student
B.is; No, he isn’t ;the other students C.Isn’t ;Yes, he is . the other students D.isn’t ; No, he isn’t ; any other student

【19】 In

one hundred years maybe there is going to ___no space to live _____ the earth .

A. have;on B. have; in on

C.be;on D. be; in on

【20】 Is ___ another way of saying --

_____? – Yes, you are right . For example , ? of the population of this city ____cars A. three quarter; three fourth;owns B. three quarter; three fourths; own

C. three quarters; three fourths; own
D. three quarter; third fourth; owns

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