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次月考试题(无答案) 北师大版



一、 听力(30分)







6. What is Liu Mei doing now?

A. Having dinner. B. Doing her homework. C. Listening to music.


7. What time is it now?

A. It’s seven o’clock. B. It’s eight o’clock. C. It’s nine o’clock.

8. What is Kate doing now?

A. Doing her homework. B. Cleaning the room. C. Watching TV.

听对话,回答第9-10小题。 9. The man is looking for a book about .


A. food B. animals C. clothes 10. The man can .

A. keep the book for three days B. buy the book for three yuan

C. find three animals in the book

C) 笔录要点,根据你所听到的内容,填写下面的表格,每空一词。(5分)

16. Judy is 5 years old.

17. Judy’s father is watching TV. 18. Judy’s mother is listening to music.

19. Judy’s sister is in her room. 20. Judy’s grandparents are talking.


21.Kangkang meets Jane and Helen the school gate.

A. at B. in C. on

22. -- do you usually come to school?

-- I usually come to school by subway.

A. How B. What C. Where

23. It’s 8:10. It’s time class.

A. go to B. going to C. for

24. Excuse me, may I some English workbooks?

A. borrow B. play C. have

25. -- How long can I keep them? -- .

A. Two cats B. Two weeks C. Two girls

26. You must return them time.

A. on B. at C. for

27. -- Why do you like Wednesday? -- .

A. It’s my favorite day B. It’s my favorite class

C. Because we have a music class on Wednesday

28. -- Listen! What class are they having?

-- They an English class.

A. have B. is having C. are having

29. -- does the next class begin? -- At ten fifty.

A. What B. What time C. What day

30. I’m reading English book.

A. an B. a C. they

31. I like history because it’s very interesting.

A. at all B. a little C. very much


32. Maria is playing soccer the playground.

A. in B. on C. at 33. He is new here so he has friends.

A. a few B. a little C. few 34. -- Does Jerry like Chinese? -- Yes, and he likes math, .

A. also, too B. too, too C. also, also 35. -- Oh, your new bike looks very nice! -- .

A. You’re welcome B. That’s right C. Thank you

三.完型填空 (10分)

Hi! I’m Hu Bin, a student of 36 . At school, my teachers and classmates are very kind 37 me. My school life is very 38 .I like it very much. Classes begin 39 8:00 a.m. I have four classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. I 40 Chinese, English, math and some other 41 . English is my favorite subject, and I often speak English 42 my classmates. I 43 like P.E. and music. But I don’t like math. I think it’s 44 difficult and 45 .What do you think?

36. A. class 1, grade 7 B. Class 1, grade 7 C. Class 1, Grade 7

37. A. to B. at C. of

38. A. difficult B. boring C. interesting

39. A. on B. at C. in

40. A. speak B. play C. study

41. A. subjects B. subject C. a subject

42. A. with B. from C. at

43. A. don’t B. doesn’t C. isn’t

44. A. a little B. little C. few

45. A. interesting B. boring C. easy

四.阅读理解 (40分)


My name is Jack. I’m in Grade 7. I get up at about six o’clock every morning. I usually have milk, bread and bananas for breakfast. My home is far from my school and I often go to school by bike. Sometimes I take my father’s car.

Classes begin at 8:00 in the morning. We have four classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. I often have lunch at school. School is over at 4:30 in the afternoon. I usually play basketball with my classmates after school. But on Mondays, I go to the library to read books.

When I get home from school, I always do my homework first and then I watch news(新闻) on TV. After dinner, I usually help my mother or listen to some English songs. Then I go to bed.

That’s my school day. What about yours?

46. Jack doesn’t have for breakfast.

A. apples B. bread C. bananas


47. Jack sometimes goes to school .

A. by car B. by bike C. by bus 48. How many classes does Jack have a day?

A. Five. B. Six. C. Seven. 49. Jack always first when he gets home.

A. does his homework B. listens to music C. reads books 50. From the passage, we know .

A. Jack often has lunch at home B. Jack’s school is next to his home

C. Jack goes to the library every week.


Maria usually gets up at half past six in the morning. After breakfast, she goes to school by subway. Every morning she has three classes. She often has lunch at school at about 12 o’clock. After school, she often plays basketball with her friends. It’s her favorite. In her free time, she likes to listen to music. She goes swimming with her mother once a week.


51. Maria goes to school by subway.

52. Maria has four classes in the morning.

53. Basketball is Maria’s favorite.

54. Maria likes to listen to music in her free time.

55. Maria goes swimming with her mother every day.

C Jane 56.u gets up at twenty past six. At seven o’clock, she 57. 吃早餐 with her parents. She goes to school by bus at half past seven. Classes begin at eight. She has four classes in the morning.

She has lunch at school at twelve ten. She has two classes in the afternoon. After school, she often plays soccer with her class mates. At a quarter past five, 58.she takes the subway home.

She gets home at five thirty and has dinner at seven o’clock. After dinner, she often does her homework and then watches TV 59.for a short time. She goes to bed at about a quarter to ten.

56. 根据首字母提示写出该处所缺单词 57. 请将该处中文翻译成英文

58. 请将该处划线部分的句子写成以下形式,句意不变。 she goes home .

59. 请将该处划线部分翻译成中文 60. Jane has (数量) classes every day.


Dear Sir,

I’m a student in Grade Seven. I like our school newspaper, School Times, very much. I like reading it with my friends. I think My Favorite Music and Science Today are interesting. Science Today is my favorite. I can learn a lot from it. I think our school newspaper is wonderful.


Thank you for your hard work!

Yours, Li Mei

61.What does Li Mei do?

62. What’s in the school newspaper?

63. Why does she like Science Today best?

64. How does Li Mei like the school newspaper?

65. Who is the letter from?

五.补全对话 (5分)

66. Are they having breakfast now?

67. Do you have a science class on Thursday?

68. What lesson are they having?

69. What time is the class over?

70. Is it Wednesday today?

A. No, we don’t.

B. Yes, it is.

C. A music lesson.

D. Yes, they are.

E. At half past four.


71. Jerry goes to the library twice a week. (就划线部分提问 ) does Jerry go to the library?

72. Today is Monday. (就划线部分提问)

is it today?

73. I’m doing my homework .(改成一般疑问句,并作否定答复)

you doing homework?

No, .

74. We usually walk to the park. (改成同义句)

We usually go to the park .

七.书面表达 (10分)

周末,人们在公园里玩耍。请根据下面的表格提示,谈谈人们的活动。 要求:1.60词左右

2. 使用现在进行时(be + v.ing)
































































































-----2013年上学期七年级第一次月考英语答卷 (考生注意:本卷满分120分,考试时间90min,) 记分____________________ 二.单项选择(15分) 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 6

五.补全对话 (5分)


71. 72.



七.书面表达 (10分)


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