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初中英语语法讲解 动词的时态(2)-3

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[00:18.34]A.will meet ,seeB.will meet,will seeC.meet,will see[01:13.42]16.Sharon (B)Francetwice but she stillwants to go there .[01:37.59]A.has gone toB.has been toC.was going[01:46.85]17.When she ___herhusband__(B)A.was reading , was falling asleep[02:20.27]B.was reading , fell asleepC.read , was falling asleep[02:28.12]18.__Did you tellthe teacher whereMary__?[02:36.43]___Yes,An I alsotold him she __backuntil the next month.[03:18.96]A.has gone , won't comeB.had gone , wouldn't come[03:20.69]19.__Hi.I___you__inChina .How long have you been here ?___About a year.[04:08.55]A.don't know .areB.didn't know ,areC.didn't know ,were[04:19.22]20.___How is Li Nan?__She ___for threeyears.(A)[04:57.66]A.has been deadB.has diedC.died[05:02.84]21.___Can I drive acar ,Mom?__You can when you ____a bit older.(A)[05:26.85]A.areB.will beC.are going to be[05:31.56]22.I used to drinkcoke when I __in theStates,but thesedays I ___tea.(B)[05:54.79]A.was ,preferringB. was ,preferC.am,prefer[06:00.59]23.__Where's theteacher?__She ___with Tonyin the office.(B)[06:16.44]A.was talingB.is talkingC.talks[06:17.70]24..(C)for Germany ?..Yes.And I willcome back next month .[06:37.94]A.Do you leaveB.have you leftC.Are you leaving[06:46.10]25.look,here (C)the bus Let's hurry.[07:05.09]A.is comingB.will comeC.comes[07:16.38]26.When he called me this morning . I(A)the bed .[07:35.22]A.was makingB.have madeC.made[07:38.20]27.He___me waitingfor two houreyesterday afternoon.[07:44.63]I___very angry withhim.[07:56.87]A.kept.wasB.keeps ,amC.had kept,am[08:09.89]28..Where ___Tom and Tony?[08:14.60]..Sorry.I don't knowThey___here tenminutes ago.[08:35.32]A.are ,wereB.were,areC.have been , have been[08:40.02]29.We don't knowwhat's wrong withhim He(B)somesilly questions.[09:07.80]A.always askedB.is always askingC.has always asked[09:11.57]30.Once she (C) todo something,no onecan stop her .

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