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Unit 1 Topic 1

see sb. doing sth. 看见某人正在做某事

be/feel sorry for 为?..感到难过

have / has been to 去过某地

have /has gone to 去某地了

take photos 照相

tell stories 讲故事

learn (sth.) from sb.向某人学习

have / live a happy/ hard / normal life 过着幸福/艰苦的/正常的生活

in detail 详细地

have sth to do 有什么要做

in order to do sth. 为了做?

help support families 帮助养家糊口

give support to sb. / give sb. Support


get a good education 受到良好的教育

search sw. for sb./ sth.. 在某处搜查,寻找

search ?for sth. ?搜查,寻找

go abroad 出国,

at home and abroad 在国外

with the development of ?.


have a balanced diet 有均衡饮食

what’s more. 而且

in the past 在过去

at present 现在

see sth. oneself 亲眼所见

in the 1960s 在二十世纪六十年代

enjoy leisure activities享受闲暇的活动

keep in touch with与..?.保持联系

since 1978 自从1978以来

many sorts of =many kinds of 许多种类的

not only ?but also?不但?../.而且

make progress取得进步,取得进展

happen to sb. /sth. 发生在??身上

make preparations for 为做准备

draw up 拟定,起草

thanks to幸亏,由于


get lost 迷路,走失

each other 互相

at least至少

at that time 那时

take place 发生

Great changes have taken place in China . 中国发生了巨大的变化.

because of 因为,由于

one-child policy 独生子女政策

be strict with sb. 对某人严格要求 be strict in / about sth. 对某事严格要求

any other + 单数名词

increase by +倍数或百分数 “增加了??倍或百分之??”

in developing countries在发展中国家

in developed countries 在发达国家

So it is. 的确是, 确实如此

carry out 实行,执行

one fifth 五分之一

less living space 较少的生活空间

be short of 短缺

so far 到目前为止

take measures to do sth.采取措施做某事

less than 不到,少于

a couple of 一些,几个

be famous as ?作为而出名

work well in (doing ) sth. 在某方面起作用

25 percent of 百分之25的

offer sb. sth. 提供某人某物

keep up with 赶上,跟上

Topic 3

the homeless 无家可归的人

in need 在困难时, 在贫困之中

once conj. 一旦?就?,adv. 一次, 从前

it is+ adj. +for sb to do sth.

对某人来说做? 是

decide on+n.\v-ing = decide to do sth 决定要做某事

provide sb.with sth. =offer sb. sth.


be sucessful in doing sth=succeed in doing sth 成功完成某事

feel good 感到愉快或有信心

break out 爆发

be/get used to(doing) sth. 习惯(做)某事

come for a visit 来参观

ride a skateboard 玩滑板

go to an amusement park 去游乐场

see a film in the open air 看露天电影

jump rope 跳绳

play tug of war 拔河

play hide-and-seek 捉谜藏

return to a normal life


obey /disobey the rules遵守\违反规则

take drugs 吸毒

in the past+时间 在过去的??里

in the past sixteen years在过去的16年里

the people at home and abroad


be used for sth\ doing sth 被用来做某事

With the money用这些钱

hear of 听说

hear from=receive/get a letter from


仁爱九年级上册词组Unit 2

Unit 2 Topic 1

There be+sth./sb.+doing sth.


since +点时间 (自从??以来),



be harmful to=do harm to 对?有害

produce terrible gas 排放难闻的气体

make sb.do sth. 使某人做某事

too much noise 太多噪音

too many problems 太多问题

manage to do sth.设法做某事

cause hearing loss.=lose hearing


the look of ? ??的外表

not all?不是所有的都?

become deaf 变耳聋

quite a few/a lot/ bit 许多,大量

no better than “同?(几乎)一样”, 和?(几乎)一样坏

during the classroom break 在课间


air /water /soil /light /noise /litter/traffic /factory/ plants /animals pollution

producer and user of coal


Topic 2

as a result 结果

The government has done something useful to protect the environment.


None of us likes pollution.


What should we do as students?


leave rubbish here and there 随处扔垃圾

step on the grass 踩踏草坪

spit in public 在公共场所吐痰

Nothing is difficult if you set your mind to it. 世上无难事,只怕有心人

pay attention to doing sth 注意做某事

wash away 冲走

blow strongly 吹得猛烈

die out 灭绝

cut down 砍伐

A lot of rich land has changed into desert, leaving only sand.


stop/prevent/keep from doing sth 阻止做

run away 流走、跑走

cut off its water supply 切断水供应

Some things we’ve done are good, while some are not good for the earth.我们所做的一些事对地球很好,也有些不好

be in bad health 身体不好

be in danger of doing sth


plenty of 许多

come to realize 开始逐步认识

Beach Clean-up Day 海滩清洁日

either?or 要么?要么

Since there will be a lot of hard work to do tomorrow, make sure you go to bed early tonight


make rules 制定规则

keep the rules 保持规则

follow /obey the rules 遵守规则

day by day 日复一日

My face hurt.=There is something wrong with my face.我的脸痛

The Great Green Wall绿色长城

too many trees 太多树

too much money 太多钱

at the same time 同时

deal with 处理

Topic 3

interview sb about sth 采访某人有关某事

protect the environment 保护环境

spread the message 宣传信息

reduce the waste we produce


use both sides of paper 使用纸的两面

plastic bags 塑料袋

rather than 而不

not only ? but also 不但,而且

throw?away 扔掉

collect waste paper and soft drink cans


so that 以便

It’s kind of you to do sth


should = ought to = be supposed to do sth .应该

a greener person 一名绿色使者

instead of 代替

travel a short distance短途旅行

save money and energy 省钱,省能量

Easier said than done.说比做容易

Actions speak louder than words.行大于言

deal with 对付,处理

nuclear energy核能

acid rain酸雨

the Maglev Train 磁悬浮列车


May I have your attention, please ? 请(大家)注意啦

I have sth. important to tell you.我有重要的事要告诉大家

Please be on time.请准时

That’s all.我要说的就这些

produce power/ electricity 发电

It’s a pity that+句子 遗憾的是

be used for doing sth 被用于做

仁爱九年级上册Unit 3

Unit 3 Topic 1

米老鼠和唐老鸭的海报 a poster of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

贴在墙上 stick sth on the wall

卡通人物 cartoon characters

为??做准备 be ready for sth

准备做某事 be ready to do sth

迫不及待做某事 can’t wait to do sth=can’t help doing sth.

有机会做某事 have a chance to do sth

练习做某事 practice doing sth

能够做某事 be able to do sth

从现在起,开始 from now on

设法做某事 try one’s best to do sth

以后更加努力work much harder later on

和某人交流 communicate with sb

和?相似 be similar to= be the same as

把?翻译成 translate?into

整理包pack one’s bag

出差 on business

作为母语 as mother tongue

第二语言 second language

外语 foreign language

官方语言 the official language

(毫不)费力做某事 have (no) trouble/ difficulties (in)doing sth

进行(一次)长谈 have a long conversation, have long conversations

与??相似 be the same as

如果必要的话 If necessary

向?求助 ask ?for help

把翻译成 translate ?into?

偶尔 once in a while

总的来说,通常 in general =usually

随身带上某人/某物 take sth with sb.

最新研究表明 recent studies show

??的总数/ 数量the number of??

许多 a number of

被广泛使用 be widely used


take part in an international conference

上游泳课 take a swimming course

这是事实 It’s true that+

随着世界的发展with the development of the world

自从19世纪50年代以来 since the 1950s

在二十世纪八十年代 in the 1980s

处于领先地位 take the leading position

鼓励某人做某事 encourage sb to do sth

在十九世纪 in the nineteenth century

号召call for

中国制造 made in China

把??看作,把?认为regard? as?.

也as well as

Unit 3 Topic 2

我听不懂你的话 I can’t follow you.


Can you speak more slowly, please?


Is Australian English the same as British English?

不确切,不完全 Not exactly

做得好 Good on ya, mate =Well done

我明天要飞往迪斯尼乐园 I’m flying to Disneyland tomorrow.

祝你旅行愉快 Have a good trip!

玩得开心 Enjoy yourself!

一直,总是 all the time

当然不 Of course not


depend on (doing sth)

与?不同 be different from

与?相同 be the same as


have differences between ?and?

成功做某事 succeed in doing sth.

使别人理解你 make sb. understood

(使动用法 make sb. done )

进行下一次的考试 take the next exam


What does this word mean?=What do you mean by this word?=What’s the meaning of this word?

去飞机场的路上 on the way to the airport

送别 see sb off

伸出 put out

怎么了?What’s up?

想搭车 ask for a ride

我要动身去?? I’m leaving for ?.

我要走了 I’m leaving

打电话给某人 call sb


My uncle is meeting us tomorrow.


When are you leaving for Disneyland?


I hope I won’t have any difficulty.

无论何时你需要帮忙,发电子邮件或打电话给我e-mail or call me.

我不明白 I’m puzzled.

我只是开玩笑 I’m just kidding.

至于某人/某物 as for sb/sth


generally speaking =in general =generally

起居室 a sitting room =a living room

填表格 fill in a form =fill out a form


take the subway= take the underground

喜欢做某事 enjoy doing sth.

亲自做某事 do sth in person

喜欢做某事 be fond of doing sth.

靠近 be close to sth =be near to sth Whenever you need help, send me an

众所周知 as we know

发生 come about (强调原因)=

happen (强调偶然性)

被迫做某事 be forced to do sth

在开始时 in the beginning

渐渐地 little by little

总之 in a word

你好吗? How are you doing?

写信给某人 write to sb.

写回信给某人 write back to sb.

更糟糕的是 even worse


Best wishes to sb.

Unit 3 Topic 3

使别人理解你 make yourself understood

陷入困境 , 很尴尬 get into trouble

和某人会谈 have conversations with sb

努力工作 work hard

在??努力,致力于 work hard at?.

同意某人的看法 agree with sb.

英语口语 oral/spoken English

公开地, 公然地 ,在公共场合 in public

犯困 feel sleepy

担心期末考 be afraid of the final test


at times = sometimes = once in a while


ask sb for help = turn to sb for help

想要做某事 feel like doing sth=want to do sth.=would like to do sth.

放弃 give up

写日记 keep a diary

请再说一遍 I beg your pardon.


give sb some advice

建议某人做某事 advise sb to do sth

在??方面很差/弱 be weak in

不敢回答问题 dare not answer questions

担心做 be afraid of doing sth.

担心犯错 be afraid of making mistakes


get the main idea of the article

深呼吸 take a deep breath

正确发音 get the pronunciation right


My difficulty in learning English is how to get the pronunciation right

做听力训练 do some listening practice

做??最佳时间 the best time to do sth.

开班会 hold a class meeting

和某人分享?share sth. with sb.


share our group’s opinions with you

回答reply to


reply to the teacher’s questions


Thank you for(your)listening.

做某事感到荣幸 It’s an honor to do sth.

尽可能经常 as often as possible

就这些 That’s all.

记住去做某事 remember to do sth.

记住做过某事 remember doing sth.


insist on doing sth / keep on doing sth.

起初 at first

笑某人 laugh at sb.


make (complete) sentences


in order to do sth./ in order that +句子

写日记 keep a diary

最后,但同样重要的 Last but not least

仁爱九年级上册Unit 4

Unit 4 Topic 1

载人飞船 a manned spaceship

成功着陆 land successfully

很高心见到你 Pleased to meet you.

做某事是我的荣幸 It’s an honor to do sth.


How are you feeling now?

总得来说 In general

好好休息 take good care of

在飞行期间 during the flight

做了体检 have physical examinations

健康状况良好 in good health

制作录象 make a video

用录象机录下我们的活动经历 make a video of our experiences

禁不住做某事 can’t help doing sth

反复地,再三地 again and again

轮流做某事 take turns to do sth

看到一个光明的未来 see a bright future


make progress in doing sth.

为感到自豪 be proud of (doing)sth.=be the pride of (doing)sth.

为?感动be moved by

请你告诉我一些关于Could you tell me something about ?..

劝某人做某事advice sb. to do sth.

使(叫)某人做某事 make sb. do sth.


?advice you to study harder to make computer serve our lives better

期望某人做某事 expect sb. to do sth.


Computers have become very important in many areas of work and play.

毋庸质疑 there is no doubt that?


in technology and business

在?的帮助下 with the help of?/ with one’s help

使心脏正常跳 keep hearts beating well

下定单或取消定单 place and cancel orders


Computers have made the workplaces safer and better.

出现,产生 come into being

多亏,由于 Thanks to?.

做生意do business

玩游戏 play games

看电影 watch movies

购物 do shopping

在线聊天 chat on line

例如 such as /for example /for instance

头痛 get headaches

眼睛发炎 get sore eyes

正确使用 use sth. properly

发送,接收邮件 send and receive an mail

连接起来 join together

按照下面的指示做 follow these directions

打开turn on

把??和?..连接connet ?to / with?

连上英特网connect to the Internet

点击 click on

输入type in

在屏幕上on the screen

一组信息的目录 a list of messages

做完某事 finish doing sth

做实验 do experiments

期待(做)某事 look forward to (doing) sth

日出日落 the sunrise and sunset /

The sun rises and sets.(句子)

祝贺你 congratulations to you

Unit 4 Topic 2 When was it developed?

被允许做某事be allowed to do sth

对??有害 be bad for

把??给某人看 show sth.to sb.

由??制成be made of / from / in

用来发射卫星或宇宙飞船 It’s used for launching satellites or spaceships

被用来做?..be used for doing sth.


It’s used for writing on.

许多信息a lot of information


How do you say this in English?=

What’s this in English?

由?开发/ 发明/研制

be developed by / be invented by

在日常生活里in one’s daily life

在某人一生期间 during one’s life

据说/据报道 It’s said /reported that +

克隆羊 the cloned sheep

到目前为止,至今为止so far

如你所知 as you know:

人类 human beings:

生物 living things:

和?相似 be similar to

和?一样the same as:

确切知道 know for certain


be part of our lives

作为?而出名 be known as:

对?感到惊异 be surprised at sth

独立思考 think for themselves

警告某人某事warn sb of/about sth

警告某人不要做某事warn sb not to do

不再 no longer=not?any longer

把??看着/视为 treast?.as?

为?做巨大贡献make a great contribution to (doing) sth

在医学领域in the medical field


have some( bad) effects on?

发现 find out

对某人有用 be useful to sb

发挥很好的作用 work well in

只要 as long as

实现 come true

大约5点钟 around / about at 5 o’clock


in our everyday life


more than one thousand inventions

在其余时间里 during the rest of the time

迷路lost one’s way=get lost = be lost

在森林中迷路 lost one’s way in a forest


be known as a great invention

总而言之 in short = in a word

Unit 4

Topic 3 We will live in space one day.

太好了 /太令人兴奋

Sounds great!/ That sounds exciting.

乘宇宙飞船 by spaceship

有关太空生活 about life in space

多么有趣What fun!

我恐怕不(会)。我希望如此(不)I’m afraid not./ I’m afraid so./ I hope so./ I hope not.


in order to learn about human’s culture

I don’t think aliens can be found in space, can they?


see?with one’s own eyes= see sth.oneself

科学研究 scientific research


take part in the space flight to Mars

羡慕宇航员admire the astronauts

发现新东西 discover something new

长大 grow up

掌握一些基本技能master some basic skills

在未来 in the future

进展顺利 /不顺 go well / wrong

登上火星 land on Mars

在旅途期间 during the journey

更糟糕的是 what’s worse

水供给water supplies

限制用水 limit the use of water

值100元钱 be worth 100 yuan

值得做某事be worth doing sth

绕地球go around the earth

相隔 at a distance of

在表面上 on the surface


one third as strong as


be a quarter as big as the earth

离?近 be close to


look at the stars through telescopes

在太阳系之外 beyond the solar system

把?送入? send?into?

发射卫星 send up satellites

了解某事 learn about sth

最令某人高兴的是 To one’s joy


在户外in the open air

与某人聊天 chat with

互相 each other =with one another

与某人相聚 have a get-together with

很快,马上 (at)any minute now

及时 in time

匆忙in a hurry

动身,出发 set off

朝回走 head back

朝回家的路走 head back home

有一个美好的未来 have a great future

期望做某事 look forward to doing sth.

给某人一个拥抱 give a hug to sb.

旅途平安 Have a safe flight!

出去散步 go out for a walk

九年级下册词组Unit 5

Unit 5 Learning about China

Topic 1 Could you tell me something about the places that you visited?


about 5000 years of history

吸引了许多游客 attract many tourists

数以百万 millions of

许多 a (great) number of

第一、二、三长河 the longest river/the second longest river/the third longest river


the birthplaces of Chinese culture

还有一些别的吗? Anything else?

给某人取某物 fetch sth for sb=fetch sb. sth.


I can fetch you Guide to China.

详细介绍??introduce?in detail


lie in(范围内) lie to(范围外) lie on(接壤)

穿过 ,流经 run through

汇入渤海 join the Bohai Sea

淡水湖 the fresh water lake


the second largest fresh water lake


be in the southwest of China

青藏高原 the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

很值得做某事 be well worth doing sth

海拔 above sea level

多么令人惊奇啊 What a surprise!

最奇妙的地方 the most fantastic place

听说过 hear of

实现 come true

国内外 home and abroad


be surrounded on three sides by mountains

陶醉于?,全神贯注于?, 沉浸于?? lose oneself in?

因为 because of sth.

?之乡 the home of

龙井茶 the Dragon Well

龙井茶之乡 the home of Dragon Well Tea


look for a chance to do sth.

与某人分享??share sth. with sb.


不但??而且not only?but also?

被认为是, 作为??而著名 be known as?

把?看作/认为 regard ?as ?

be regarded as=be considered as ?

东方明珠 the Oriental Pearl

购物天堂 Shopping Heaven

想起,考虑,认为 think of


enjoy various delicious fruits

来某处旅游 come to sw. for a visit

作为??服务的桥梁serve as a bridge be known for?. 因??而著名

损坏,抛锚,变得恶劣 break down

驾驶执照the driving license

拿走 take away

有不同的特点 have different feasures

与?截然不同 be quite different from

南北有很大的不同 There are many differences between the north and the south.

零度以上/以下 stay below / above zero

雪下得很大 snow heavily

雨下得很大 rain heavily

风刮得很大 blow strongly

被?覆盖 be covered with

做户外运动 do outdoor activities

堆雪人 make snowmen

仍雪球 throw snow balls

滑冰 go skating

温暖潮湿 mild and wet

享受明媚的阳光 enjoy the bright sunshine

在海滩上 on the beach

人们的生活方式 people’s way of life


be used to eating food made with flour

面食 food made with flour

生活在北方平原live on the northern plains

通过陆路来往 come and go by land

走陆路/走水路 travel by land / by water

Topic 2 Confucius, a pioneer in the field of education.

在教育领域in the field of education.


a pioneer in the field of education.


a great ancient philosopher

真知灼见 wise ideas and thoughts

人类行为 human behavior

主要思想 main ideas

礼貌 good manners

至理名言 wise sayings

从?学会 learn sth. from

在?多岁时 at the age of ?

在他三十多岁时 in his thirties


Learn the new while reviewing the old

为...感到骄傲be proud of =be the pride of

航海 ocean journeys

死于疾病 die of illness

总共in total

积极参加take an active part in

受?欢迎 be popular with

成立 set up

推翻 bring down


break down from?

成功做某事 succeed in doing sth

去世pass away

演讲 give a speech

讲学 give a lecture

发明杂交水稻develop hybrid rice


win the Nobel Prize for Physics

消灭 wipe out

到安全地点 to safety=to the safe place

一份新长征计划 a new Long March

Topic 3

带某人参观某地 show sb. around sw.

给某人看?show sb. to sw.

王权的象征 a symbol of imperial power


real dragons and the sons of heaven


a symbol of the Chinese nation


play a/an?part in?=

play a/an ??role?


play an important part in Chinese festival

龙年the year of the dragon

鼓励某人做某事 encourage sb. to do sth.

承诺做某事 promise to do sth.


promise to follow the suggestions

要么..要么 either?or?

围挤在?周围crowd around?

下象棋 play Chinese chess

?和?都?, 两者都?Both ?and ?

两者都都不?Neither ?nor ?

为了?in order to ?

为反对?而斗争 ,与?战斗fight against

为了纪念某人/某事 in memory of

爆发break out

依靠,依赖,取决于 depend on


with one’s help=with the help of sb.


one of the +形容词最高级+名词复数

在三世纪 in the 3 rd century

在?末梢 at the end of?.

传开, 传播,蔓延 spread to /through

仁爱九年级下册 Unit 6

Unit 6 Entertainment and Friendship

Topic 1 I wouldrather watch TV plays than sports shows

在某人业余时间里 in one’s spare time

智力游戏 quiz shows

同意某人 agree with sb.

讨厌 be tired of


would rather do sth.than do sth.

宁愿不做?would rather not do sth.

电视剧 TV plays

儿童节目 children’s programs

新闻节目 news reports

体育节目 sports shows

教育节目educational programs

娱乐节目 entertainment shows

相爱 fall in love

星座 star sihns

乐于做某事 be ready to do sth.

保守秘密 keep secrets

注意细节 pay attention to details

从前 once upon a time

对某人生气 be angry at sth.

对某事生气 be angry with sb.


give sb.a sudden attack on sth.


a powerful person full of energy

注意 pay attention to sth.

含有贬义 have negative meanings

正面行为 positive behavior

不时,时时 at times

另一方面 on the other hand

也 as well

代表 stand for


in positive and negative ways

幸运52 Lucky 52

足球之夜 Soccer Night

新闻联播 CCTV News

动物世界 Animal World

动画城 Cartoon City

同一首歌 The Same Song

对?有作用/影响 have an influence on

了解 learn about

Topic 2 He is my favorite character in Chinese literature.

遗憾的是 It’s a pity that?

在某方面努力工作 work hard at?

决定, 下决心 make up one’s mind

依照,根据 according to sth.

表达强烈的感情 express strong feelings

在远处 in the distance

宁愿做某事 prefer to do sth.

事实上 in fact

争论 have an argument

打某人耳光 stap sb.in the face

继续做某事 keep on doing sth.

洗澡 take a bath

挽救某人的生命 save one’s life

与某人对抗 fight against

考虑 think about

禁不住做某事 can’t help doing sth.

Topic 3 I will remember our friendship forever.

时光似箭 How time flies!

毕业于 graduate from

一个毕业典礼 a graduation ceremony

为?做准备 prepare for = be ready for

首先first of all = above all

通过期末考试 pass the final examination

小菜一蝶 It’s a piece of cake.

做演讲give a speech /give speeches

回想起 think back to


Where ther is a will, there is a way.

制定计划 make plans

为某人送行 see sb. off

常言道As the saying goes:

去野营go camping

推移 go by

与某人相处很好 get along/on well with

最令某人高兴的是 To one’s joy


在户外in the open air

与某人聊天 chat with

互相 each other =with one another

与某人相聚 have a get-together with

很快,马上 (at)any minute now

及时 in time

匆忙in a hurry

动身,出发 set off

朝回走 head back

朝回家的路走 head back home

有一个美好的未来 have a great future

期望做某事 look forward to doing sth.

给某人一个拥抱 give a hug to sb.

旅途平安 Have a safe flight!

出去散步 go out for a walk

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